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The J-Renee Balloon World Flight Comm Center at 3:00a.m.

[tahoe pic] This is my plane (3910N) at Lake Tahoe airport in California. The plane is a Mooney M20G Statesman, a four seater with retractable landing gear. It cruises at 165mph at 7,500 ft.

   Pictures of the 1998 and 1999 Mooney Caravans to Oshkosh

More Mooney pictures

[c130 pic] In May 1996 The USAF invited me to fly on a KC135 that performed the record altitude in-flight-refueling of a C130. This is a shot of the C130 from the boom operator's window during that flight, at 20,000ft over Arizona. The C130 is actually an MC130 special operations model, equipped with terrain-following radar for low altitude flight. Much thanks to the US Air Force for the opportunity to go along.

This is the nuclear powered carrier USS Carl Vinson. In September 1998 the US Navy invited me to spend 2 days at sea on this ship. Thanks to the US Navy Public Affairs Office for arranging this trip. Pictures of flight operations from the flight deck and "Vultures' Row"

Visit the Carl Vinson web site.

[tiger pic] I also had a chance to fly G-ACDC (the oldest flying Tiger Moth), at the Tiger Club, Headcorn Airport in Kent (UK).

[Another picture of G-ACDC] [ Tiger Moth being hand-propped] [Tiger Moth details ]

Pictures of the Me163 Komet at Duxford (UK).

The rocket powered Komet was the fastest aircraft of World War II. In stripped-down form it was the first aircraft to exceed 1000km/hr. Although said to be nice to fly, the pilot sat between the fuel tanks. One fuel component dissolved flesh, the other would set flesh on fire on contact!

Beautiful animations of airflow around a wing that dispel some common myths.

Insights into FAA rulemaking

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