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Exotic Hobbies
Helen's Rocketry Page
Jerry Garcia Rocket Club (really!)
CIA (Central Illinois Aerospace)
LIARS Rocket Club
Blue Flame rocket car

North Cape R/C Club in northern Norway
Shuttle R/C helicopter pages
Toine Martens' R/C page from the Netherlands
Luminet Hobby Connection
Tower Hobbies RC page
Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago

Design your own airfoil at UIUC
National Air & Space Museum
Experimental Aircraft Association
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn.
All about the F117A Stealth Fighter
Skydive Chicago at Ottowa, IL

ROBOTWAR: a computer simulation game; you write the control program for a battle robot. Challenging!
Pathfinder Mars Mission
Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future
Harmonious Blacksmith
Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
MG Car Owners Worldwide
Photos of the mineral collection at the Ecole des Mines in Paris
Mr. Boffo
The Postcard Shop (send your friends picture postcards)
Bartlett's Quotations at Columbia University
Tony Kallend's page
Alex Kallend's page
Matt Kallend's page
Pete Kallend's page

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