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I build and fly radio controlled (R/C) model airplanes and helicopters; here are some of them:

This is a Piper Cub R/C floatplane [image of floatplane] powered with an OS91 FS engine.

[image of gyro]

This is an all-wood pattern (precision aerobatic) plane called Boxer [boxer]

R/C Helicopters take a lot of time to set up.

  This one is a Sceadu Evolution.  

And this is a whisper, electric powered heli
(Yes, the floats ARE water bottles)

For some time I have experimented with

Rocket powered R/C

30 year member of Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago
Leader Member and Distinguished Contest Director of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the national governing body for model aviation in the USA.

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Beautiful animations of airflow around a wing (click on the picture) that dispel some common myths. In particular, notice that the air going over the top of the (lifting) wing arrives at the trailing edge (TE) sooner (much sooner) than the air going underneath. Many so-called explanations of lift by sources that should know better suggest that the airflows over the top and bottom surfaces have to arrive at the TE at the same time. This badly underestimates the difference in air velocity, and hence in dynamic pressures, over the surfaces, and therefore underestimates the lift. This leads to the erroneous conclusion that Bernoulli's theorem is invalid as an explanation of lift.

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