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On the left is a NCR Bomarc flown on an F62 motor at the Park Forest Rocket Launch. The rocket on the right is a scale model of an HV Arcas, being flown with a G64W motor at a CIA launch at Rantoul, Illinois. It was built from an Aerotech kit.

[rocket plane pic] And here is an original design R/C rocket plane, "Ladyhawk". It takes two rocket motors, one for launch and the other is ignited in the air by radio control. Its top speed is 220mph (going straight up) with an F39T motor (it would go faster with both motors fired simultaneously, about 330mph, but the covering would not stay attached to the wings). The acceleration is about 15G, so it's difficult to photograph. This shot was taken about 1/10 second after ignition of an E18W motor. The article on the design of this plane was published in R/C Modeler magazine, Oct. 1993 issue.

Ladyhawk on its launch pad.

Video clip of HPR launch at Danville98
How a missile guidance system works

R/C Aerotech Phoenix launching on F23 motor
(Photos by John Boren, Florence Zinkel and Russ Durkee)

Picture of Phoenix on its launch pad

Miss Universe 2999 on pad and in flight

NCR Bomarc with F62 motor. Bomarc on pad

Remember, these are professionals.
Don't try this at home!

of Matt K's Bailout] [Picture of Pete K's own design]

Model rocketry is a great hobby for young people - it combines science with constructive, hands-on activity in an exciting way.

Pictures of the Me163 Komet at Duxford, UK

The Me163 was the world's first and only rocket powered fighter (although the Ba 349 Natter "disposable" interceptor was also ready, in a manner of speaking, it never saw real service). The 163 was the fastest aircraft of World War II. This one is being refurbished at Duxford, and affords a rare opportunity to see the "works".

Nice shot of the Shuttle ATLANTIS landing at Edwards AFB

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