Modes in Hard Walled Rooms

The following plots show the first five modes for several room shapes.  First shown is a simple rectangular room with a 10 m x 6m profile.  The second set of plots shows the same room with one wall splayed.   The third and fourth sets of plots shows the room with two splayed walls.  A fifth set of plots shows a room of approximately the same size but of a completely amorphous shape.

One of the important things to note is that splaying the walls has little effect on the modal structure of the room.  The resonance frequencies and mode shapes change little when the walls are angled to eliminate parallel surfaces. Modes are not eliminated, they are just harder to compute.

Hopefully these plots will help reinforce the idea that all rooms have modes and that those modal shapes and frequencies are dominated by the general dimensions of the room.

Click the Mode Shape Below to see a larger plot or click the button on the left to see the COMSOL report for that room shape.

Room Shape Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4 Mode 5

17.2 Hz

28.6 Hz

33.3 Hz

34.3 Hz

44.6 Hz

17.1 Hz

28.3 Hz

33.4 Hz

34.6 Hz

44.7 Hz

17.1 Hz

28.1 Hz

33.4 Hz

34.5 Hz


17.2 Hz

27.4 Hz

34.3 Hz

45.1 Hz

51.3 Hz

14.6 Hz

20.3 Hz

27.5 Hz

30.3 Hz

38.0 Hz

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