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Morgan Park MustangsI received my BS in Physics from Illinois Tech (IIT) in 1964 and my MS in Physics from DePaul University in 1974.  In January of 1965 I started teaching physics at Morgan Park High School.  I retired from Morgan Park in 2006.  I have taught introductory Physics part time at St. Xavier University, IIT and Trinity Christian College. In addition, I was a part time lab leader in the CS department at Illinois Tech and the computer trainer for the SMILE and SMART programs at Illinois Tech.  I also manage the SMILE, SMART, Chicago Rallye Central and Retired Teachers' Association of Chicago websites.  As a recreational activity I enjoy Road Rallyes and good puzzles. I have won numerous awards for activities both in and out of the classroom and have authored many articles and road rallies. For more information on any of these, please click on the links shown below.

Road Rallyeing
Road Rallye
Awards and Honors
Things I Did to Create Havoc or Annoy the Faculty or Students
Turned off Gravity
Bugged the Faculty Washroom Doors Brought a flock of Turkeys into the Building Created a Science & Math Week
Copyrighted Exams and Got a Letter of Reprimand 
Other Programs and websites

The Retired Teachers' Association
of Chicago


SMILE program home page
and information.


SMART program home page
and information.

The Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair

Mae Jemison
Mae Jemison
(My most Famous Student)

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