Chinese New Year Worksheet 

Use the information you gather from the web sites in the table to answer the questions below.  Also, perform the actions that are asked of you

 Customs and Superstitions

What does the lunar New Year signify?

Why do families clean before the New Year and not on New Year's Day?

Why must all debts be paid before the New Year?

Why are fire crackers used?

What is a hong bao or red envelope?

What is special about the color red?

What three fruits can represent sweetness and/or luck?

Why is impressing and pleasing the Kitchen God important?

Choose two flowers and tell what they represent.


What animal year were you born in?

What are characteristics of the animal you were born under?

Are you similar to the animal character? Why or Why not?

Food / Customs

Design a menu of foods you would serve for Chinese New Year. (Include pictures)

What are some of the foods with auspicious names? (can be found in customs)

What is the cake of the new year? (can be found in customs)

What does the cake of the new year represent? (can be found in customs)


What year is it according to the Chinese calendar?

Go to the history link and find out how to write the Chinese character for luck.  Write it here.

The Chinese years are represented by animals, what animal year is it this year?

Give one idea of how Chinese New Year's day is determined.

Coloring book

Print one of the pictures and color it to help decorate the classroom.

New Year Card

Send your teacher a card for the new year.

Extension activities

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