How Long Do Batteries Last?  


John Scavo

This lesson was created as a part of the SMART website and is hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology



Hypothesis:  Batteries that weigh the most last the longest.

Hypothesis:  Batteries that cost the most last the longest.




1 – Balance

1 – Clock

3 – Flashlights (all similar)

3 – Different brands or types of batteries



  1. Weigh each pair of batteries, and write down the weight of each pair.

  2. Write down the cost of each pair of batteries.

  3. Place each matching pair of batteries into a flashlight and ready them.

  4. Turn on all of the flashlights at the same approximate time.

  5. Mark the time that the experiment begins.

  6. Mark the time as the batteries begin to fail.

  7. Graph your results.  Time vs. mass, and time vs. price.



 Battery name:                          Cost:                            Weight:                Time:

 ___________                      ________                       ______              ______            

 ___________                      ________                       _______             ______

 ___________                      ________                       _______             ______

 ___________                      ________                       _______            _______


Which battery lasted the longest?  _______________________________ 

Which battery proved the best value?  ____________________________