Blonzella Campbell             Chicago Vocational High School
                               2100 East 87th
                               Chicago, IL 60617

Objectives:  1.  The student should gain an appreciation of the complexity
                 or the seed.

             2.  The student should be able to recognize and differentiate 
                 between the male and female reproductive organs of a 

             3.  The student should be able to differentiate between a  
                 monocot and a dicot seed.
             4.  The student should be able to associate germination time
                 with the growth of the young plant.

Materials:  Corn seeds, corn stalk, gladiolas (flower), soaked corn seeds,
            soaked bean seeds, single edge razor blade, magnifying lenses,
            glass jars (showing germinating bean and corn seeds).

Strategies: The student walks into the classroom and finds on their desks a 
            large corn stalk and a tiny corn seed.  The students begin to 
            examine the two.  The teacher observes them for a few minutes.
            The teacher begins to question them concerning what they are 

            Suggested questions:

            1.  What are you observing?
            2.  What is the relationship between the seed and the stalk?
            3.  Which one of the life processes has to have taken place to   
                get the stalk from the seed?
            4.  What kind of reproduction has taken place?
            5.  What is the first step in sexual reproduction?

            GLADIOLAS (Flowers):

            6.  What are the names of the male and female reproductive 
            7.  Which organ will put their gametes into the other?
            8.  Why is the stigma sticky?

            GLASS JARS (Containing germinating seed and plants)
            The teacher will then give each group of students a set of 
            germinating seeds and plants which has been started at 
            different intervals.  The seeds were soaked over night and 
            placed in glass jars between the glass jars and the paper 
            towels.  The students  moisten the seeds daily and watch for
            the germination of the plant.

Materials:   Corn seeds; Corn stalk; Germinating beans and corn seeds; 
             tobacco flower
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