Natural and Synthetic Fiber

Grant, Erskine Washington High School

Objectives: To identify wool, cotton, linen, and silk with the aid of a microscope. To identity several natural and synthetic materials placed on a table. Apparatus needed: microscope, table, cotton fiber, linen fiber, silk fiber, wool fiber, leather belt, styrofoam cup, polyester bottle, rayon blouse, vinyl clothes bag, wood plank, nylon stockings, polyester and cotton shirt. Recommended strategy: The students were given a list of vocabulary terms to define prior to this assignment. Arrange the terms written on the board in two categories. "Natural and Synthetic Fibers." Student will be given a description of the four natural fibers placed under the microscopes as well as the natural and synthetic fibers placed on a table. Identify the types of fibers placed on the slides under the four microscopes as well as the items placed on the table.
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