For Safety's Sake: Introduction to Laboratory Safety in Science

Gaddis, Linda Walter H. Dyett

Objectives: 1. To supply students with a list of safety precautions and guidelines as they apply to the science laboratory. 2. To associate the correct laboratory safety rule for the work being done by the students. 3. To identify the type of safety precautions being observed through the use of safety symbols. 4. To practice safety in and out of the science laboratory. Apparatus Needed: pictures of safety hazards safety guideline ditto safety symbol charts student safety contract extension chord safety goggles seat belt apron fire extinguisher step stool safety test plastic gloves first aid kit safety blanket Strategy: 1. Pictures of safety hazards placed around the room with the following questions attached to each: a) What is happening in this picture? b) How could this accident have been avoided? 2. Students will move about the room and formulate answers to the questions posed. Answers will be discussed after students have been seated. 3. A display containing the following items: fire extinguisher, step stool, extension chord, seat belt. 4. Several students will be asked to pick up an item and stand in front of the picture of the accident that this piece of equipment could have been used to prevent, and then give their reason for making this decision. 5. The students will be given a ditto explaining the guidelines for laboratory safety which they will review with their teacher. 6. A student will be chosen to assist in the proper use of safety clothing and safety equipment. 7. Safety symbol charts will be viewed at this time. Students will be asked to form groups of three (or four depending on class size) in order to match up the correct symbol(s) with the safety guidelines that were discussed on the ditto sheet earlier. 8. Approximately fifteen minutes before the class is dismissed, the teacher will administer a quiz on laboratory safety. Assignment: Students will be required to: 1. design their own first aid kit. 2. prepare a list of ten safety hazards not mentioned in class. 3. have their parents' co-sign their student safety contract and return it to class.
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