Using Your Senses

Daniels, Elizabeth A. Collins High School

Objectives To use your senses in identifying unknown substances. Apparatus and Materials 1. Nutmeg 8. Spinach 2. Cloves 9. Corn Meal 3. Cardimis 10. Lime Gelatin 5. Grits 11. Banana Nectar 6. Baking Soda 12. Parsley Flakes 7. Carrot Juice 13. Light Corn Syrup 14. Vinegar 15. Fennel Supplies Santa Hat Blackboard and Chalk Lab. Sheet Petri Dishes Cotton Swabs Substances other than the ones listed may be substituted. Recommended Strategy (Phenomenological Approach) 1. Review the following terms: Observation, Identifying characteristics, Categorized. 2. Discuss the meaning of the word Observation using a "gimmick" which will help lead into discussion on methods used in "Observing things". Students responded positively to the use of a Santa Claus Hat worn by the teacher. The teacher may use any object that will help initiate the "Observation Process." 3. Senses identified and used by students during class discussion and Lab Experiment are the following: (a) Seeing (b) Hearing (c) Tasting (d) Smelling (e) Feeling 4. Students worked in groups of 3's in observing substances listed under Apparatus Materials using the senses listed above.

5. Each group of students will receive eight substances to observe. Students will
record results on a prepared Lab-Sheet.

Lab-Sheet: Things you should Observe and Record: Number of substance used Color Odor Taste Texture Name of substance? Class Evaluation: Students will discuss "Observations" and "Substance Identification" after the experiment has been completed.
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