Biology Trivia

Giles, Carol Collins High School 1313 S. Sacramento Blvd. Chicago, IL 60623 l. Are all invertebrates cold-blooded? 2. Name the organism that has teeth as strong as steel, has no natural enemies & will never catch cancer? 3. Do fish have eyelids? 4. What is the difference between a crocodile & an alligator? 5. Name the largest animal on earth? 6. Do snails breathe? 7. Does a fungus have a stomach? 8. What animals besides birds lay shell covered eggs? 9. Name the largest organ in the human body. 10. Name the largest muscle in the human body. 11. Can a person whose stomach has been removed digest food? 12. How does carbon monoxide affect the body? l3. How does the body rid itself of hormones? l5. Are all humans born with 206 bones? Verify your answer. 16. Which is larger a centimeter or a millimeter? 17. What is a cloud called at ground level? l8. Where does rubber come from? l9. A dried grape is called? 20. What is Cannabis sativa? 21. Do birds have teeth? 22. What is rigor mortis? 23. The numerous amount of joints are located(on the human body)? 24. Is a spider an insect? Verify your answer. 25. Are armadillos reptiles? 26. The tallest animal is? 27. Why do some farmers make cows swallow magnets? 28. The study of plants is called______________? 29. Which is smaller an atom or a quark? 30. How could you quickly tell whether a cell was a prokaryote or a euckaryote? 31. State the difference between osmosis & diffusion. 32. Why is ATP important? 33. What is a hermaphrodite? 34. Name the dog that has a black tongue. 35. What is the symmetry of an ameba. 36. State the difference between a habitat and a niche. 37. Name the slowest bear. 38. What is a goiter? 39. Digestion begins in the ______________? 40. True or false: corn is a flower? 41. True or false: all flowers have 4 parts? 42. Name an animal knights used to pad their armor. 43. Why do dogs dig up bones? 44. Is the frog becoming more reptilian? 45. Why do toads bury themselves in mud? 46. If you saw a single organism in the water, how could you tell if it was a frog or a toad? 47. True or false: the human digestive system is about 90 feet long. 48. True or false: there are more bones in the neck of any bird than in the neck of a giraffe. 49. The study of birds is called? 50. What is the purpose of a crop (in birds & worms)? 51. What is a life span of a fly? 52. True or false: there are 500 different kinds of fleas alone. 53. Describe carbon dioxide as a solid. 54. Name the smallest bird. 55. Can an entomologist, with his expertise, determine how long an individual has been dead? 56. List three ways frogs breathe. 57. If frogs have lungs, how can they remain under water for long periods of time? 58. Why was the bison very valuable to the Indian? 59. What advantages do multicellular organisms have over single celled organisms? 60. What are lichens? 61. Why is the mitochondria referred to as the"power house"of the cell? 62. A person's arm is lacerated. How does one know whether an artery or a vein has been severed? 63. Can all animals with eyes see colors? 64. Is hair alive? 65. How many legs does an arachnid have? 66. Before injecting xylocaine into a patient's jaw, the doctor hides the needle. Is this an example of positive or negative reinforcement? 67. What is tetany? 68. What is meant by "survival of the fittest"? 69. Why should a mountain climber be concerned about a "build up" of lactic acid? 70. True or false: all organic substance contain carbon. 71. Differentiate clearly between breathing and respiration. 72. Why is the sea blue? 73. Why aren't there sharks in Lake Michigan? 74. True or false: the weasel and the ermine are the same animal? 75. True or false: there are 10 different kinds of rice. 76. Distinguish between a dwarf and a midget. 77. True or false: many species of butterflies, like birds, fly South for the winter. 78. How many hearts does the average earthworm have? 79. Mary drew a picture of a fly with one pair of glasses on. Her brother said,"Mary one pair of glasses won't be enough." Why did her brother say this? 80. True or false: only female mosquitoes bite. 81. Name the animal with the largest brain in proportion to its body. 82. True or false: bees can see ultraviolet light. 83. Where are the cicadas' hearing organs located? 84. What is ichthyosis? 85. Why are the human lips reddish in color? 86. The cheapest pet is probably a______________. 87. Pintos, Mavericks and Mustangs are names of _______________. 88. Why doesn't the water in the ocean freeze? 89. The fastest land animal is the ______________ 90. List three animals that weigh over a ton. 91. Who is Mr. Bunsen? 92. What is scoliosis? 93. You're eating a ham sandwich with mayonnaise. Point out the protein, the fat & the CHO. 94. Are brown eyes dominant over blues? 95. Name the bacteria that forms colonies shaped like a bunch of grapes and will manifest themselves when food is left too long. 96. Name the function of the outer ear. 97. The embryonic human hand begins as a solid stump. What enzyme selectively destroys tissue to form fingers? 98 List ten phenotypes. 99. Name the animal that was sacred in Egypt and also killed Queen Cleopatra. 100. Why is the Dead Sea so named? 101. What is one year in a cat's life equivalent to in human years?
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