Extra Sensory Perception

Heflin, Marie Walter Dyett M.S.

Objectives 1) Class will cooperatively define E.S.P. 2) Class will cooperatively identify the relationship of E.S.P. to man's five senses. 3) Class will classify experiences of examples into respective categories. Equipment and Materials Oak tag strips with ESP terminology. Chalkboard and chalk. Overhead projector and diagram of mind. Excerpts from listed bibliography mounted on construction paper. Pro and Con packet for further discussion. Bibliography Science Good, Bad And Bogus Martin Gardner
Mysteries of the Unknown Time Life ESP Christopher Milbourne

Recommended Strategies Review five senses and their respective functions. Develop concept of extrasensory perception. Elicit from students some characteristics which determine some ESP phenomena. Exhibit illustrations and distribute to students some excerpts from Mysteries of the Unknown. Have student place each excerpt
under respective category.

Assign debating team Pro and Con side, each with supporting material in the take home

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