Marine Life: Anatomy of a Humpback

Carolyn Hawkins Adam Clayton Powell Elementary School
7530 South Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60649


Grade 3

To prepare students to visit Shedd Aquarium.
Students will assemble a picture of a Humpback whale on a grid.

Materials Needed:

Humpback whale puzzle
Humpback whale grid
chalkboard--colored chalk
posters of whales

Recommended Strategies:

1. Outline the Humpback whale on chalkboard.
2. List the anatomical parts(to be read by students).
3. Have volunteers label and outline each part in different colors.
4. Distribute jigsaw puzzle and grid.
5. Children will cut out the puzzle pieces, match the letter/number key of the
pieces with the letter/number coordinates of the grid, assemble whale pieces
onto the grid and glue the pieces down to complete the picture.
6. Optional: Color the whale.
Have students label parts on their whale.


Shedd Aquarium gift shop has an excellent selection of books and posters on
A drawing of a Humpback whale can be traced onto a transparency. Using the
overhead, project this image onto the chalkboard. The image of the whale can be
enlarged to desired size by moving the overhead either forward or backward. You
can then outline the enlarged image onto the board.
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