The Adverse Effects of Birth Control on the Female Anatomy

Deneen Signator D.S. Wentworth
6950 S. Sangamon
Chicago, Illinois


For Grade levels 9 -12

At the end of this mini teach students will be able to explain the adverse
effects of birth control on the female anatomy. Students will also know the
correct terminology of the female anatomy and the various functions of each

Materials Needed:

A model of the female anatomy, a detailed chart of the female anatomy, current
birth control methods available on the market today, pamphlets Choice or
Chance, HCG Pregnancy Tests, balloons.


Students will define the various parts of the female anatomy.

Students will label the parts of the female anatomy on the model and play birth
control trivia.

Students will write down the most effective and ineffective birth control
methods available today.

Students will be given four random samples of urine in which to perform the HCG
Pregnancy Test. There will be one positive sample, one artificial sample, one
control sample, and a negative sample.

Students who receive a positive result will be pregnant for the day.


The purpose of this mini teach is for the students to learn the correct
terminology of the female anatomy and its functions. Students will also learn
the pros and cons of birth control.


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