Jennifer Wesley Scammon Elementary School
4201 W. Henderson
Chicago, Il 60601


Grade level 6

Students will understand that certain physical traits are inherited from their
parents through the genes.

Materials needed:

posters, chalkboard, collage, and activity handout


Review with the students Mendel's experiments with the pea plant.

Bring in posters of animals and their offspring. Students will recognize their
likenesses and differences.

Students will turn toward their partners and observe their physical traits such
as eyes, hair, cheekbones etc.

Demonstrate to the students the Punnet Square with the use of the chalkboard.

Discuss the game the "Happy Gologg".

Students will complete the activity sheet using the mirrors in which they will
check their own physical traits for their own recessive and dominant traits.


This lesson will conclude the unit on determining traits in an organism.


Science: Teacher's Edition - 6, published by Addison-Wesley, 1989, source
for the game "Happy Gologg"

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