Biology Trivia                 

Carol Giles Collins High School
1313 S. Sacramento Blvd.
Chgo, Il 60623


(Grades 2-10) To determine if you can answer the following questions.
l. Name the smallest bones in the body.
2. How many muscles are in the body?
3. The word hormone is derived from a greek verb meaning?
4. Is there a difference between a hare and a rabbit?
5. What is the purpose of a formula?
6. Distinguish between an autotroph and a heterotroph?
7. Name six types of sponges.
8 Who is Dr. R.E. Grant?
9. Write the plural for of the following words: Genus, taxon, paramecium,
fungus, bacterium, thallus, phylum, octopus, apparatus.
l0. Name the uses of carbon dioxide.
ll. If you blow into a test tube of bromothymol, what happens?
12 How many types of sharks are there?
13. Most sharks are dangerous to people? True or false?
l4. How many rows of teeth does the shark have?
15. Does the shark always have a supply of teeth?
16. Do sharks have bones?
l7. If sharks stop swimming, what will happen?
l8. If a shark is in still water, what will happen?
19. What are the pores on the shark's snout for?
20. A baby shark is called?
21. What is a feeding frenzy?
22. What is so unusual about the Thrasher Shark?
23. Name the Shark's only enemy.
24. Name the predator that has no natural enemy.
25. Why do fish give off a glow, especially in the very deep waters.
26. Name the animal with the largest teeth in the world.
27. How does the elephant help man?
28. Which are older, the sharks or the dinosaurs?
29. How can one protect themselves from a shark?
30. Name the shark that regularly eats dolphins, sea lions, whales and people.
31. Are planktons solely tiny plants?
32. If one boils a maple leaf for an hour, what colors will one see?
33. Does an acid solution have an excess of hydrogen ions?
34. As one grows older, what happens to one's bones?
35. Most people have at least 25 moles. True or false?
36. White Sharks never get sick. True or false?
37. Do all types of dogs belong to the same species?
38. Whose skin is thicker a man's or a woman's?
39. How come you gain weight when the temperature drops?
40. Which snakes are larger, male or female?
41. Do toads have teeth?
42. How does one determine the weight of one's skin?
43. What is a "Dactylogram"?
44. The word "autopsy" comes from the Greek word meaning to?
45. What is the word toad an acronym for?
46. What weighs more your skin or your brain?
47. What "killed off" the DoDo Bird?
48. Do deaf people get seasick?
49. Male canaries sing. True or false?
50 Name the oldest living thing.
51. How comes nobody gets a headache and a toothache at the same time?
52. Do kangaroos live in trees?
53. Ron is undergoing a "rhytidectomy". Explain.
54. What's the longest street in Chicago?
55. Can whales roll their eyes?
56. What is a group of turtles called?
57. What is a gnathologist?
58. Female Aphids aren't born pregnant. True or false?
59 What fish has no brains?
60. What is the purpose of a baleen?
6l. Is a whale eyesight good or bad?
62. Name some plants and animal plankton.
63. What is a manatee?
64. Why is a food chain important?
65. What is a scaffold?
66. How many days does a human pregnancy consist of?
67. What fish has no brains?
68. What is the purpose of a microscope?
69. List the characteristics of a mammal.
70. Is DDT harmful to all living things?
71. Name the oldest living thing.
72 List several biodegradeable products.
73. How many stomaches does a cow have?
74. Why do some farmers make their cows swallow magnets?
75. What is a trait?
76. Why study science?
77. Draw a water flea?
78. Who is Gregor Mendel?
79. List fifty organisms.
80. What is the purpose of punnett square?
81. Name the tallest animal in the world.
82. Where does rubber come from?
83. List twenty examples of matter.
84. List the ten body systems.
85. What do water, ice, and snow have in common?
86. List several materials that are often recycled.
87. What is an immune system?
88. List twenty-five insects.
89. How do fungi reproduce?
90. Name the five kingdoms.
91. What is the purpose of ozone?
92. What is a petri dish?
93. What is a semiconductor?
94. Who was the first person to write about ecological phenomena and to
introduce concepts to scientific literature?
95. What is the difference between a globe and a map?
96. A dried grape is called what?
97. List the uses of flowers.
98. Is a bee warm-blooded?
99. Name two types of reproduction.
100. If both parents have brown eyes, can an offspring have blue eyes? Explain.

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