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To identify and describe the main nutrients in our diets that are needed by the
body as a source of energy.

Materials Needed:

Grocery Store Ads, Overhead Projector, Chalkboard, Scissors, Markers, Graph
paper, Pictorial Examples of Food, Food from actual stores.


1. Review vocabulary terms: cell, nutrient, food, diet.

2. Name (through the brainstorming process) some foods eaten the previous day.
Predict how they can be grouped: Meats, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, Milk

3. Observe chart of food groups from overhead transparency.

4. Classify foods into groups from grocery store ads. Students work in groups
of four. Place foods on individual charts.

5. Play "Nutrition Bingo". One student holds up a picture or object of food.
The other students place markers on cards until a few bingos have been won.

6. Construct a chart of what they ate for their last two meals. Work in groups
of two.

7. Graph a class chart of one meal eaten as a composite of each group of two
according to food groups.

8. Examine food labels from four or more different foods. Chart information
regarding the content. Categories are: Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates (sugar
and starch), Vitamins and Minerals.

9. Compare and contrast results collectively during a "share time" discussion.


Students will be aware of the necessity to eat a well balanced diet.
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