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To determine if students have mastered the following skills:

1. Comparison
2. Observation
3. Identification
4. Data Gathering


1. Various mounted photos from magazines of plants, animals, insects and
fish that relate to the questions provided by teacher.
2. Lab equipment such as:
a) beaker
b) graduated cylinder
c) slide
d) cover slip
e) microscope
f) thermometer
g) hand lens
3. Graph paper
4. M & M's
5. Timer


Collect an assortment of photos from wildlife and science magazines. Mount the
photographs on construction paper. Display the photographs around the
classroom. Place a question pertaining to the photos beneath each of the
pictures. Questions related to science experiences and students prior knowledge
will also be displayed on walls and bulletin boards in the classroom. Provide
an answer sheet that is numbered to correspond with visual displays and
questions. Students will be allowed to observe photographs and questions for 2
minutes (teacher will use a timer) at each station. Students will be encouraged
to move on after 2 minutes in order to allow everyone an opportunity to view
and read each question and visual display. (Please note that no talking should
be allowed.) Provide questions that may touch on the vocabulary as follows:

1. Knowledge - recalling previously learned information

2. Comprehension - understanding/translating

3. Application - applying knowledge

4. Analysis - relating elements of what's observed

5. Evaluation - making judgements on definite criteria
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