Biology Trivia Questions

Carol Giles Collins High School
1313 S. sacramento Blvd.
Chgo, IL 60623

Please note that students are to use their Internet
resources to find the answers to these questions.

1. Are all invertebrates cold blooded?
2. What is the difference between a toad and frog?
3. How many heart chambers does a crocodile have?
4. Is the toad becoming more reptilian?
5. How many eyelids does a camel have?
6. Is the sun getting larger or smaller?
7. The fire ant has many enemies (true or false).
8. All insects live inside a hard skeleton (true or false)?
9. The name "Amphibians" comes from the Greek word which means what?
10. What organ needs the most energy, the heart or the brain?
ll. A Cuban Land Crab can outrun a horse (true or false)?
12. Is a rabbit a rodent?
l3. How many kinds of insects die after stinging only once?
14. Is a Giant Panda a bear?
l5. Why would you want to change an organism's DNA?
l6. Why are we in the primordial ooze?
17. Name the nut that is used in the manufacturing of dynamite.
18. Name the most popular green vegetable in the world.
19. Name the only food that lasts and does not spoil.
20. Primitive man used butter as what?
21. Name the largest tree on earth.
22. What is the difference between a physical change and a chemical change?
23. Which cells have DNA, white blood cells or red blood cells?
24. Define genetic engineering.
25. What is the significance of Morton's salt slogan "When it rains it pours?"
26. Is a Mandrill a baboon?
27. What is the purpose of a Punnett square?
28. Do all animals with two chambered hearts live in the water?
29. How many chambers does a fish's heart have?
30. Why does one become thirsty after eating salty foods?
31. Explain the story of Typhoid Mary.
32. Which is older, a bacterium or a virus?
33. This age is the age of electricity. What will the next age be named?
34. List three traits of a bird.
35. List three organisms that belong to the Arthropod Phylum.
36. Name the phylum of organisms that have spiny skin.
37. All fungi are producers (true or false)?
38. Digestion starts in the ___________?
39. Why do the left and right sides of the heart seem backwards in
drawings of the heart?
40. Seaweed is used to make many products - name five.
41. White cells increase in number during an infection (true or false).
42. Nasal sprays contain a drug that _______ the capillaries in the Nose?
43. If your nervous system is slowed you become ____________?
44. In what ways are plants sexy?
45. Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
46. Name a plant leaf which, when placed in soil or water, grows into a
new plant.
47. Name three plants that can reproduce asexually by their stem.
48. Elephants develop for almost two years before they are born (true or false).
49. Name two sex cells.
50. Name the disease where blood cells do not carry enough oxygen.
51. Which type of behavior can be changed, innate or learned?
52. Armadillos are reptiles. (True or false)
53. Name the phylum of animals that have baggy bodies.
54. List some medicinal uses of cocaine.
55. Who is "Typhoid Mary"?
56. Jean Harlow, an actress, died as a result of what?
57. How many stomachs does a cow have?
58. Why do women menstruate?
59. Do porcupines shoot their quills?
60. Julius Caesar and Napolean Bonaparte were born with ________?
61. Name the largest creature on earth.
62. What type of bird is one likely to find in one's backyard?
63. Which bird has two toes in the front and two in the back?
64. Distinguish between a jungle and a forest.
65. How does one distinguish a baby Parakeet from an adult?
66. Are mealworms "true" worms?
67. Name the largest muscle.
68. How are ticks related to crayfish?
69. What is the order of succession in a forest?
70. If you were walking through a canyon, which plants would you expect
to evolve first?
71. What are the functions of the following laboratory equipment:
a beaker, a funnel, a watch glass, a wire gauze, a ring stand and
an evaporating dish.
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