Internal Anatomy: A Fun Look At The Digestive System

Ann Fultz Charles Holden Elementary
1104 West 31st Street
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Objectives: To introduce, identify, and explain the functioning of some body parts. To construct a "living doll" composed of the body parts discussed. Materials: Plastic tubing Baggies Yarn Sponges Fabric Place Mats Paper plates Strategy: Using student bodies, students will stand, breathe in and out. Point out the movement of their chest area moving in and out and let them know that their lungs are performing this action. Repeat for primary students. Students will jog in place. When given oral command, students will run in place. After this activity, students are directed to feel their hearts. Instructor, using food items and/or "fun" materials, will construct a doll and introduce, identify, and, explain function of body parts. For example: yellow squash is shaped like the stomach; bananas will represent lungs; pasta shells will be small intestines, and so on with food items that approximate shape of inside body organs. Students will construct their own doll using fabrics, sponges, and place mats to make up the body parts. This will be a permanent reminder of how some of their inside body parts are placed inside of them to perform the activity they are responsible for doing. Performance Assessment: Students have made their own toy. They have a workable machine. They can see and feel the different textures of materials used for the body parts. Those different feelings will aid them in the placement of the body organs. Evaluation: 1. Students were able to place body parts on doll. 2. Students were able to identify body parts. 3. Students were able to discern that it takes the working together of all parts to make our bodies run.
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