Dinosaurs---Read All About Them!  

Roberta Fried Douglass Math and Science Academy
543 N. Waller
Chicago IL 60644


The main objective of the Mini-teach is to introduce students to library
research as an integral part of scientific research.

Materials Needed:

reference materials dinosaur stencils
identification sheets puzzles
construction paper scissors
glue, tape, fasteners hole punch


Station I: Using reference books provided, complete worksheets on
identification of dinosaurs, their skeletal parts and

Station II: Solve rebus, addition and footprint puzzles.

Station III: Select patterns of body parts from various dinosaurs.
Assemble the parts to create a new animal designed to survive
better than its prehistoric ancestors. Be prepared to defend
your "improvements".

Performance Assessment:

1. Self-check folders are provided at Stations I and II.
2. Paper models of dinosaurs will lead students into discussions of
dinosaur forms and functions.


Students will improve skills in locating and using reference materials to
initiate and support scientific investigation and to locate the answers to
specific questions.
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