A Taste of Our Classroom

Carisa R. Bryant W. K. Sullivan Specialty Elementary School
8255 South Houston
Chicago IL 60617
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This lesson is geared toward 3rd thru 6th grades. Students will learn:

1) To list the four tastes that the tongue can detect.

2) To map the individual areas of taste on the tongue.

3) To demonstrate the ability to identify objects through
the use of taste.

Materials Needed:

blank paper
drawing paper
construction paper
students in groups five or six
food items for each of the regions of the tongue:
1) sweet (example: cookies or candy)
2) sour (example: pickles or lemons)
3) bitter (example: tonic water)
4) salty (example: pretzels or salted peanuts)


Activity A (Who am I Game?) Twenty five slips of paper will be in a paper bag. Each student will select one slip of paper. Each individual slip of paper will have a description of a different food item on it. Every student will take a turn reading the description of their food item orally to the class. After the student has read their description orally, the rest of the class will try to identify the food item. Activity B (Brain Storming) All students will be divided equally into four groups. There will be a group for each one of the four taste areas (sweet, sour, bitter and salty). Each group will be required to list as many foods as they can for their category. After each group completes their food list, they will draw a picture of a tongue, and label each region. Afterward the students will color and identify the region of the tongue that their list represents. Activity C (A Taste of Classroom) Every student will select a food item from the "Taste" buffet. The "Taste buffet will contain items that are sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Afterward, the students will identify on their tongue map what category the food item came from. Also, have the students list the food ingredient which made the food taste sweet, sour, bitter or salty. Activity D (Making the Tongue Map) Students will make a model of the tongue and identify each region. Performance Assessment:

Students that complete activities B thru D will receive a letter grade of A.


At the conclusion of this mini-teach, the students will be able to identify the
four major taste buds: bitter, salty, sour and sweet.
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