Give Me A Hand, I'm "Thumb-body" Special

Ranada L. Johnson Horace Mann Elementary
8050 S. Chappel
Chicago IL 60617
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This lesson is designed for students grades 4-8. The students will be able
to: label the bones in the hand; create a model of the hand; compile a set of
fingerprints; and realize the importance of the thumb.

Materials Needed:

Note book paper
Index cards (1 for each student)
Scotch tape
Masking tape
Blank paper
Wax paper


Activity number 1 The students will begin by discussing the most used part of the body, the hands. The students will make a short list of activities that they can do with their hands. Then they will make a list of activities that can be done without the use of the hands. All answers will be discussed. Activity number 2 The teacher will have the students toss a ball around the classroom using their hands. The teacher will ask the students what they just did. Then they will write down how they threw the ball. The class will discuss the needed hand movements. Then the students will pass a small ball by using any part of the body other than the hands. Activity number 3 The students will place their fingers together at the second knuckles with the pinkies up and touching. They will try to move them without sliding them sideways. The students will try this with each finger to determine which fingers are immobile. Activity number 4 The students will tape down their thumbs and try to complete a number of exercises, such as writing, catching a ball, buttoning clothes, etc. Activity number 5 The students will use a mixture of flour, salt, and water to create dough. They will flatten it out and press their hand into it to create a handprint. A partner will use a plastic knife to cut the excess dough from between the fingers. The students will then place the bone structure cut out in the appropriate parts of the hand. The dough will be left to dry for several days. Activity number 6 The students will trace their hand on a blank sheet of paper. They will make fingerprints by using a pencil to make graphite shavings. Then they will rub their finger across the graphite. The partner will place a one inch piece of clear tape across the darkened part of the finger. This piece of tape will be applied to the matching finger on the traced hand. This is continued until all fingers are done. Performance Assessment:

Students will be assessed on participation and following directions. They
will also be assessed on identifying and labeling the bones in the hand.


At the conclusion of this lesson the students will be able to identify the
anatomy of the hand including the fingerprints. They will also know the
importance of the hand and its many uses.
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