Biology -- Chemistry

Learning About Matter And Energy

Marjorie Fields Ella Flag Young

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Students will learn and understand physical properties of matter and energy. Students will discover that some things float, some things dissolve in water. They will be able to discuss that energy can be changed from one form to another.

Materials Needed:

Large container of water Wooden Tooth Picks Marbles
Corks Balloons Boat
Wood Nails Small rock
Aluminum Pan Paper Clips Eraser


Activity I:

Place an aluminum pan in some water. The students will take turns pushing the aluminum pan up and down on the water. The students will discuss and make a list of the varied reactions.

Activity II:

To show that air is inside of objects that float. Students will take a small object (a toy) and place it in water. Students will observe and record which object will float and which will not.

Activity III:

Place a marble in some water and observe what happens. Remove the marble from the water and have a child place it inside a balloon. The students will inflate the balloon and place it in the water. Point out that the air inside of the balloon helps the marble float.

Performance Assessment:

The teacher will assess student's performance based on the following:


Different types of matter affect the sinking and floating of objects.