Physical and Chemical Changes In Matter

Wilcox, Azzie Edward Hartigan

Objectives: The student will be able to distinguish between a chemical and physical change in matter. The student will also be able to recognize the difference, upon sight, when and why one of the changes occurred, and verbally explain what they have seen in their own words. Apparatus needed: -Table setting for 3 -kitchen set-up for baking bread -Outside Barbecue Grill with any good cookbook -hot dogs & bagels Recommended strategy 1. Inform students of their background and the rewarding enrichment class that they may partake in if they receive an 80% accuracy grade on a test, which will be given after the demonstration and lecture. 2. Present the phenomena on chemical and physical changes in matter. 3. Distribute Vocabulary Terms and Explanation sheet. Discuss each. 4. Review the phenomena and depict the chemical, physical, or both change that occurred in each situation. 5. Present pre-test on chemical and physical changes. Orally grade test and discuss correct answers. 6. Present final test. 7. After final test has been graded; inform those students who mastered 80% or higher when they will be taking the enrichment class. 8. Present a totally new lesson from a lower viewpoint to those students who did not master 80%. Also, allow more time in each strategy for understanding and oral discussion.
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