Coke Soda, Hot VS. Cold

Mayfield, Mattie Thomas Chalmers School

Objectives Students will learn a physical chemical reaction in two bottled coke soda, hot vs. cold pop. Students will measure the beginning and the ending of bubbles. Setting This exercise is for a 1st grade class. The students are to be divided into four equal groups. Materials 4-4 ounce bottles of coke pop hot 4-4 ounce bottles of coke pop ice cold 8-6 ounce clear plastic cups 2 cups for each group 4 red crayons 4 tin plates. 1 tin plate for each group. Recommended Strategies We know that a bottle of pop contains a gas, because it often foams when it is hot. In this exercise we will be measuring bubbles at the beginning and the end. Students will be given a hot pop and a cold pop to find out which one bubbles more and which one bubbles less. Students will measure where the bubbles begin and where the bubbles end. Students will count the hot pop data and the cold data to see which one bubbles the most. Questions 1. Why is one pop hot and why is one cold? 2. What happens when one is hot and one is cold? 3. What does it give off? 4. What do we observe?
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