Gas Laws

Millet-Rivera, Concepcion Sklodowski, William Zuger, Nancy Objectives To see effects of temperature and pressure on volume of gases. Equipment and Materials 2 hot plates tea kettle sponge vacuum pump plastic pop bottle large marshmallows rubber stopper ice Erlenmeyer flask 2 large beakers 2 balloons dropper water Recommended Strategies Set on front long desk 5 different stations. Station #1- put a sponge Station #2- have a vacuum pump with marshmallows Station #3- have a tea kettle with boiling water Station #4- put a bottle filled with water and a dropper inside (Cartesian diver) Station #5- have one balloon in ice and one balloon in hot boiling water Form 4 groups of 3 students and assign them to a station. Wait 5 mins. then rotate the group of students to the next station. Every group will get a turn to work with the materials on each station. Have students answer questions from handout while on each station. Discuss results. Additional Strategy For Primary Students Children will participate in a pantomime dealing with the effects of temperature on a flask sealed with a balloon. Teacher will place the flask on ice, after one minute it will be removed. Using pantomime, presenter will call a student up to the front of the room and have the child put their hands on the flask. Presenter will then guide the class in a non-verbal discussion about what is noted about the flask and the balloon.
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