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Opened on June 2, 1997
Akito Ito Ministry of Education
Very useful to see American lessons. Thank you for the opportunity. I will make great use of them.
Tue Jun 3 03:14:49 1997

Jennifer D. Martin. Secondary/Special ed student at Rhode Island College.
One assignment for my special ed class was to prepare a lesson plan with four other people for grade 10. We chose living and non living materials. Your lesson plans gave us a direction to go in.
Fri Jun 6 11:38:40 1997

J. Mitchell, Chemistry Teacher, High School

Fri Jun 6 21:33:29 1997

Janet Golder Chino CA Elementary District
The lessons are fabulous. It is the best collection in one place that I have seen. They would be somewhat easier to use, however, if they were also indexed by target grade. I will be back for more.
Thu Jun 12 18:39:04 1997

Frederick G. Kitzrow, Lawton High School, Lawton, OK 73507

Thu Jun 12 22:43:00 1997

glenn cassidy from auckland college of education new zealand

Tue Jun 17 02:18:44 1997

MJ Otwabe - Kingston central district Jamaca
Wonder full collection. Great resource.
Tue Jun 17 16:15:26 1997

Patricia Strawbridge (

Thu Jun 19 16:48:41 1997

D. Jeniene Hall, University of Toledo, senior in the College of Ed.
Excellent lesson plans, I love so many of them! Wonderful job!
Fri Jun 20 08:57:43 1997

Mary Irene Covington -

Sat Jun 21 18:50:43 1997

Maria Giannone Central Michigan University

Mon Jun 23 12:12:56 1997

Dr Allison Cook, self-employed tutor, researcher & trainee teacher
excellent stuff!
Thu Jun 26 06:31:28 1997

Katrina L. Davis

Mon Jun 30 11:02:36 1997

Ben Stark, IIT
Roy, I really like the animation! Ben
Tue Jul 1 09:23:46 1997

Harvey Kramer, preservice teacher at QUT,Australia

Thu Jul 3 22:35:19 1997

eileen field, Chem teacher, West hatch High School,Essex, UK
Thanks! Found some great ideas! Am looking for some uk A'level projects for my students, about 3 wks lab investigation, as part of their exam . my emal
Fri Jul 4 16:12:18 1997

Ben Aban - Bethni school TelAviv
Many are very useful. The organization of each lesson makes it easy for even a first year teacher or a trainee to use them. Thank you for making these lessons available. Your program sounds ideal as a teacher training ground.
Fri Jul 4 17:50:56 1997

T. Hirsch, Hillcrest High School
Very good site, useful materials!
Fri Jul 11 18:27:13 1997

Marva Solomon Teacher Austin Independent School District, Texas

Fri Jul 11 18:41:57 1997

dan stevens/cedarcrest junior high/spanaway washington
Sun Jul 13 23:06:55 1997

Raychelle A. Jones

Mon Jul 14 12:14:56 1997

Nikki Burnett

Mon Jul 14 19:48:27 1997

Pete Insley Columbia College

Wed Jul 16 09:48:01 1997

Suzzanne O'Quinn

Wed Jul 16 11:05:36 1997

Gannon Dooley / Loreauville High School/ Loreauville, LA

Wed Jul 16 11:09:10 1997

Debbie Wargo Franconia Elementary School

Thu Jul 17 13:53:00 1997

Jennifer Knowles, Student; Indiana University of Pa
Thanks for having all sorts of ideas in one place, organized and everything. I'll be sure to visit again.
Sat Jul 19 13:54:24 1997

karen Jennings --College Student and Teacher Assistant Elem. School
Thank You for this site. I am currently doing a technology portfolio for a Mathematics course and I have seen some very excellent sources. Thank You again! Sincerely, K. Jennings
Sat Jul 19 16:21:40 1997

Edwina R. Justice Gunsaulus Academy
Great Job, Roy! :-)
Mon Jul 21 08:33:11 1997

Jennifer from Suburban Journals

Thu Jul 24 23:04:36 1997

M Sivy - teacher at Harding High, Charlotte, N.C.
These lessons are going to valuable to me - thanks for having them available.
Fri Jul 25 08:45:38 1997

Arno Driessens, science teacher, Netherlands

Sun Jul 27 09:30:48 1997

Margaret Milch, Teacher of Mathematics, Oceanside H.S.

Tue Jul 29 12:52:55 1997

Evelyn Zera Alief ISD

Tue Jul 29 12:53:05 1997

Deborah A. Sita - Graduate Student Early Childhood Education- George Mason Universdity - Fairfax, VA
Would like to see lesson plans for Science in Esarly Childhood Education. The early childhood math plans available are great. Would like to see more for Kindergarten-thrid grade Was not avle to log onto math.html,science.html or puzzles
Tue Jul 29 16:39:08 1997

Dr. Robert S. Menchel, National Technical Institute for the Deaf/RIT
I am seeking material and information about summer math and science programs for high school students to encourge them to continue with these subjects in HS. I am developing a program for deaf high school students.
Wed Aug 6 19:51:29 1997

Ruth D. Mestas
2309 Burton Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Sat Aug 9 10:02:08 1997

Tim Mekkes, teacher, Allendale Public Schools, Allendale, Michigan

Sat Aug 9 15:00:42 1997

Starla Barker

Sun Aug 10 18:17:25 1997

Ken Dawes Whitebridge High School (Newcastle) Ausralia

Tue Aug 12 16:36:31 1997

Kenneth E> Karschnick : ITT Educational Services, Inc
Thu Aug 14 17:57:24 1997

Carol Kunz, 4th grade teacher

Sun Aug 17 10:50:23 1997

Chandra Perkins, Port Allen High School

Sun Aug 17 19:41:29 1997

Al Davis Physics Teacher, Burns H. S. Lawndale, N.C.
This seems to be an excellent resource for teachers. Keep up the good work.
Tue Aug 19 16:31:54 1997

Sharon Reynolds, Math Teacher, Lee H.S., Montgomery, AL
Thanks for your hard work...SMILE. A fantastic resource of info!
Wed Aug 20 01:04:51 1997

Darlene Ridenour Grace Baptist Academy, Angola, IN USA

Thu Aug 21 21:25:08 1997

Cynthia Eller w/Northside ISD, Taft HS

Sat Aug 23 10:32:08 1997

Mahalia Asanaenyi ( High School for Engineering Professions
Hi, I was looking at the Physics smile homepage and found a lot of the information interesting. A lot of the concepts that I was viewing concerned things that I was currently learning in school or have already learned. I am a senior in high school and we have to work on four year projects. My project concerns sound waves and frequency. I was, in essence, attempting to build a model of a 'better hearing aid'. The problem is that I really don't know where to start. Can anyone help? Please email me at the address above! Thankyou, mahalia
Sat Aug 23 15:26:27 1997

Mary Mignano- HS phyics/chemistry instuctor

Tue Aug 26 11:19:41 1997

Jim Vorland Teacher Preston High School Preston IA.

Wed Aug 27 10:30:22 1997

David Lauter, Burton High School, SF, CA
I have plenty of labs and activities for our science students. What I have a hard time finding is good reading material to supplement activities.
Mon Sep 1 13:38:55 1997

Jim Willmore Emmeteburg Middle School Emmetsburg Iowa Eighth Earth Science Insructor
Plan to use some of you materia for my class. Thanks for the web site.
Tue Sep 2 19:51:16 1997

Micheal Jackson, Career Opportunity Center K.C. Ks.

Tue Sep 2 22:55:15 1997

Yvonne Villareal
This website is cool!!!
Wed Sep 3 14:36:17 1997

William D. Allen; Physics/IPS teacher; Glencliff High; Nashville, TN
My address:
Sat Sep 6 13:47:13 1997

Christi "Hawk" Hart/ MAT student / Secondary Ed./ University Of Louisville
This page is a Womderful resource! I will use it often in my math and Biology classes! Thanks!
Sat Sep 6 15:10:03 1997

Mary Ellen Hutchind, Culpeper County Middle School, 7th grade math

Sat Sep 6 15:33:51 1997

Cory Aitken, high school science and math teacher at Fort Nelson Secondary School, in Fort Nelson, BC

Sat Sep 6 20:30:29 1997

sara zembrzuski, tommy too

Sun Sep 7 20:04:24 1997

Deborah Glynn - Pinellas County School System Pinellas County Florida

Sun Sep 7 21:21:54 1997

Paul N. Christensen

Sun Sep 7 22:42:47 1997

Ryan Collay Oregon State University SMILE Program
This is a great site. We are Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences. We are a collage recruiting program to increase the number of under-represented minority students in math and science programs at colleges. Ryan Collay
Tue Sep 9 12:23:00 1997

Cin Sattler 4th grade teacher

Tue Sep 9 16:35:23 1997

Pam Heimann, attending U. of Maryland, College Park- Elem Ed Program

Tue Sep 9 18:58:31 1997

Juan Carrillo

Wed Sep 10 10:05:38 1997

Ted Kleiser Weisenborn JH, Huber Heights Ohio
Wed Sep 10 18:03:12 1997

Wendy Connell School District 68

Thu Sep 11 10:43:57 1997

brenetta williams teacher

Thu Sep 11 19:54:27 1997

Cynthia V. Cavazos

Sat Sep 13 15:47:43 1997

Suzanne Shultz Milton High School, Milton, WI

Tue Sep 16 08:11:26 1997

Kara Bakes Student Teacher Milton Hershey High School, Hershey PA
Tue Sep 16 09:20:03 1997

Lee Nelson Blue Valley Middle School SHARE volunteer
I saw nothing about decimals
Tue Sep 16 16:29:11 1997

Darby Whitehill
Nice work. Thank you for your efforts.
Wed Sep 17 09:52:50 1997

Chris Toppe, Ph.D., AT&T
Excellent concept and well done. I have marked your page for my 7th grade daughter to use. Thank you.
Thu Sep 18 20:03:43 1997

Mathina R. Carkci, graduate student in elementary education, Gaithersburg, MD.

Sat Sep 20 18:10:15 1997

tom mcdonough special education teacher
looking for math lessons we can use in middle school
Sun Sep 21 20:59:42 1997

michelle stampley

Mon Sep 22 11:22:00 1997

Jennifer Ebbing- Indiana University Elementary Education Major

Mon Sep 22 11:52:40 1997

Ken Dawes Chemistry Teacher Whitebridge High School (Aust)

Mon Sep 22 16:54:48 1997

Melissa Lane

Mon Sep 22 18:40:26 1997

Vernice Veranga-Mulcahy, Strath Haven H.S. Wallingford, PA

Sat Sep 27 15:13:15 1997

Marveen J. McCready, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Mon Sep 29 13:38:22 1997

Erin I. Sylves

Mon Sep 29 18:50:19 1997

Audrey Kittredge, Student-Wells College, Aurora, NY

Tue Sep 30 14:58:29 1997

Amy Ahrens-Future teacher entering student teaching
This program was very helpful and had a lot to offer. I will look forward to using this more often.
Tue Sep 30 15:20:13 1997

Brian Thornton South Peace Secondary in Dawson Creek B.C.

Thu Oct 2 12:38:05 1997

Keelin McCarthy-Sanger/M.A.T. Student at Pacific University, Oregon

Fri Oct 3 12:00:41 1997

Lea Ann Turner 6th grade Math Teacher, Hico, Texas

Fri Oct 3 22:10:03 1997

Tracy Posoukh

Sat Oct 4 10:33:24 1997

Gary Evans, Snohomish Freshman Campus, Snohomish, WA

Sun Oct 5 10:06:16 1997

Ann D. Bingham, Ph.D., Homeschool Parent

Sun Oct 5 12:24:31 1997

Cherye Pace
I am an elementary (4th grade) teacher as well as an adjunct faculty member of Flagler College. I am enjoying your web site and have my college students using it for ideas in teaching. The course I'm teaching is Elementary Math Methode Pre K - K Thanks!!!
Sun Oct 5 12:48:14 1997

Dr. Mona Daniels
Mon Oct 6 15:11:24 1997

Don Simmons, Fort Bend Independent School District, Sugar Land, Texas

Thu Oct 9 18:44:50 1997

Auntie Wilma from Tonapah!!!

Fri Oct 10 00:19:21 1997

Donna Ouzts science teacher laing middle school mt. pleasant,sc

Fri Oct 10 18:29:35 1997

Deborah Dilbeck Teacher Education major at Clayton College and State University

Sat Oct 11 21:54:31 1997

patrick rooks at

Sun Oct 12 02:27:16 1997

jill sanders
you need a how to do chemical equations section
Tue Oct 14 18:32:06 1997

Jerry Harris Burns high, Lawndale, N.C.

Wed Oct 15 06:54:28 1997

Slava Vosmak
HI!NIce program
Wed Oct 15 13:32:28 1997

Tucker Brooks Science Fair Project

Thu Oct 16 17:04:56 1997

Nina Pipalia
Thu Oct 16 19:10:56 1997

lena istanboulian university of western ontario faculty of education

Sat Oct 18 13:10:13 1997

Louise Henderson, Teacher Lincoln School, Springfield, Il
Great resource
Sat Oct 18 19:58:34 1997

Lynn O'Malley, Rhode Island College

Sat Oct 18 20:06:35 1997

Jim Moulton; Community of Learners Network
A great site, with materials that will be of use to the average bear.... No bells and whistles, but a wonderful place to begin. Real Science & Mathematics.
Mon Oct 20 07:06:31 1997

Irvin Samson
I thought this website address was just incredible. It's full of resources, ideas, and strategies which I could incorporate in my own classroom. As a student teacher at the University of Victoria (Victoria, B.C.) I found this site very helpful. Tha nks for everything. :0)
Mon Oct 20 18:19:43 1997

Mr Ola Gunnarsson Hasslarodsskolan Osby Sweden
Thanks for a good site of tips for teacher. It's becoming well-known in Sweden too.
Tue Oct 21 04:50:11 1997

MD Lyberg, Physics, Univ of Vaxjo, Sweden

Wed Oct 22 09:50:49 1997

Pierre Pichet Head Chemistry dept Université du Québec à Montréal
Very good work !!!
Wed Oct 22 14:47:14 1997

Eva Reyes, Mother

Wed Oct 22 18:51:26 1997

Robert C. Jensen Marathon Independent School District, Marathon, Texas
Dear fellow classmates, and allumni of Morgan Park, I am teaching at Marathon, Texas. As part of my classes assignment, I had one of my students locate Morgan Park.
Thu Oct 23 09:27:53 1997

Shirley R. Reese, Teacher Cooperstown Elementary School, COoperstown, New York
I am a multi-age (first and second graaders) teacher. Thanks for ll the GREAT lesson plans and ideas!
Thu Oct 23 20:45:18 1997

Thomas Adoue, Jefferson Parish, LA. Dept. of Juvenile Services, Juvenile Probation Supervisor
I stumbled upon this site while assisting my high school age daughter. The teachers with whom I work in our detention center will love this.
Thu Oct 23 23:28:37 1997

Rona Cole, Teacher, Washington Irving Middle School, Los Angeles, California
I just recently discovered SMILE and have been sharing some of the great lessons I've discovered with my colleagues. Thanks for the lessons and ideas!
Thu Oct 23 23:41:15 1997

Betsy O'Brien - Cooperstown Elementary School - Cooperstown, NY

Fri Oct 24 13:04:24 1997

Diana Trim - Teacher, Katy H.S., Katy, Texas
Sat Oct 25 23:11:34 1997

RosalynD & Peaceman
Thanks a whole bunch ya'll good folks. Wish ya'd ritten da ansars 2 da tings do.
Sun Oct 26 15:10:21 1997

Becky Babcock, Physics major at Union University
Actual Physics calculations would be considerably helpful.
Sun Oct 26 21:55:26 1997

Kalisa Hintze - Student in Seattle University's Master in Teaching program

Wed Oct 29 00:33:44 1997

Wed Oct 29 17:23:50 1997

This is a great site. I am studying to be a teacher and there are lots of great ideas for me to use in the classroom Thank You. Sues albag@ride.ri net
Wed Oct 29 20:29:45 1997

Brenda S. Doblinger
I was initially looking for assistance in helping my 6th and 9th graders with their Algebra homework--if you know of any such site please contact me at I will pass your site onto all my kids teachers.
Thu Oct 30 12:15:53 1997

Julie Dauphinais- Université du Québec à Montréal
Hi! Greats ideas for futures sciences teatchers!
Thu Oct 30 21:03:09 1997

Beth Burnham /Student Teacher

Thu Oct 30 22:12:51 1997

Michelle S. Ferguson, Grand Valley State University
This is a great website, thanks for all of the information.
Sat Nov 1 10:48:31 1997

Marcie Brady, Student Teacher at California State University-Chico

Sun Nov 2 16:50:23 1997

Starr Dillender

Tue Nov 4 17:10:12 1997

Georgie Tait and Roxanne Tolmie
Need more info on actual machines
Tue Nov 4 17:19:38 1997

Amy Pasciak, Student Teacher, Towson Univ. Towson, MD
I loved this WEB page. I searched for over an hour for a lesson dealing with photosynthesis. The ones I fpund here were great. E-mail Address
Tue Nov 4 17:32:54 1997

Susan Myers, consulting teacher, Auburn, ME

Wed Nov 5 15:49:03 1997

Barron-Ford family-2 homelearning students +mom say thanks!

Wed Nov 5 22:36:18 1997


Thu Nov 6 01:54:31 1997

John Hassett Bradley-Bourbonnais Comm. High School
Thanks for sending info on updates!
Thu Nov 6 02:00:23 1997

Vickie Owens, student - Kennesaw State University - Georgia

Fri Nov 7 18:48:59 1997

Jan McKinley, Upson-Lee High School

Sat Nov 8 09:42:06 1997

Jack W. Richens, Jr. Christian Fellowship School
Very nice resource!
Sat Nov 8 11:54:20 1997

Paul M. Branham, 8th grade Science, PRJH, Priest River, Idaho
We have recently acquired access to the INternet. I just discovered your site and I am excited about the possibilities.
Sat Nov 8 18:08:40 1997

Karen--4th grade teacher
VERY nicely done!!
Sun Nov 9 16:15:22 1997

Saroja Kuruganty, Central HIgh Scool GRand Forks, ND
SastryK @
Mon Nov 10 17:03:30 1997

Mary Benzie

Mon Nov 10 17:24:16 1997

Erin Ramsey, Middle/High School Math, Corbett, OR

Mon Nov 10 19:41:37 1997

Chng Kwang Hwee (Singapore)
have more indexes on more topics on other areas of science have revelant articles attached.
Tue Nov 11 08:46:23 1997

do you have anything on what kind of wood burns the fastest?
Wed Nov 12 08:22:46 1997

Susan Matteson - McDowell High School

Wed Nov 12 09:46:06 1997

Joe Lound-Keast, Rawlett School, Tamworth, England

Thu Nov 13 10:37:21 1997

Danna wezinberry

Thu Nov 13 20:27:30 1997

Jeremy Weddle Student preparing for college I would like to see more information on mold and other fungi
Fri Nov 14 08:58:00 1997

Yuri Holochuk of Kiev, Ukraine school of teachers
This is good. Very good lessons. Is your person knowing a Mr. Coleman teacher at Morgan park higher school? He taught my daughter Alla and make her very much like science. Many of these physics lessons seem to be his. He is good to her and make her work. She is advanced study in Clifornia and working to degree in engineering. He also taught her good english and must be good joker. She tell me many of his jokes but I think I need to know english better to understand. Please post this to him. Yuri father of Alla
Fri Nov 14 21:05:22 1997

Damaris Mahiques - Student of pre-pharmacy at University of PR
Who may concern: Congratulation for this homepage...! You can reachme at Damaris
Sat Nov 15 11:13:48 1997

Dr. Larry Short, Teacher, King Estates Middle School, Oakland, CA (510) 879-2160,
Thank you for your website, resources, and information!!!!
Sat Nov 15 13:09:53 1997

Donna Gavin, Univ of WI Platteville Computer Science Dept
Nice envelope .gif; alot of new stuff on this page. Need some lesson plans on HS Astronomy, though!
Mon Nov 17 10:36:13 1997

Jamie Perfect, Science Teacher, Testwood School, Southampton, England

Mon Nov 17 11:34:08 1997

Beverley Yeomans
Please find a page where i can find a diagram of the human skeleton (detailed) and e-mail it to me!! My e-mail address:
Tue Nov 18 04:30:48 1997

Ben Raymond Teacher, Dundee Crown H.S,

Tue Nov 18 16:57:05 1997

Julie A. Olson Moorhead State University, Moorhead Mn

Wed Nov 19 08:58:01 1997

DON @ lindenwood university

Thu Nov 20 13:26:47 1997

Mr. Larry Gaudreault, Jefferson H.S. for Scienc & Technology

Fri Nov 21 15:36:32 1997


Fri Nov 21 17:13:34 1997

Bill Rutter, Executive director: ExceL Science Museum

Fri Nov 21 22:49:53 1997

Dr. Goddard, CSP-Corcoran
Accidently found you and glad that I did.
Sat Nov 22 15:46:49 1997

brad house

Sat Nov 22 22:08:49 1997

Ezana Emmanuel BTMS

Sun Nov 23 01:03:20 1997

Lori Hernandez, student teacher

Sun Nov 23 16:19:41 1997

Lillie Hirsch/ Math Ed. Student Univ. Central FL
I came to your site to find an activity on M&M's and percentages. I did not find one with percentages.
Sun Nov 23 17:23:25 1997

Harry G. Voll, Jr. Cincinnati Public Schools

Mon Nov 24 13:20:59 1997

Randal S. Baker Physics teaching student at Florida Atlantic university
This is a great web site for a beginning teacher. I have used many lesson lesson plans , modified them and used them in my practicum placement in a middle school.
Tue Nov 25 18:46:11 1997

John R. Grant, Curious about ameoba

Mon Dec 1 09:20:35 1997

Karen Slevinsky
It would be nice if you had a 'search' feature at your site. Excellent site! Karen
Mon Dec 1 13:33:35 1997

Randal Harrington, University of Maine
Director of the Laboratory for Research in Physics Education
Tue Dec 2 08:42:23 1997

Scott Jones
Wed Dec 3 18:57:26 1997

Jim Follis teacher - mathematics Dryden High School

Fri Dec 5 15:45:04 1997

Jim Follis teacher - mathematics Dryden High School
Fri Dec 5 15:46:08 1997

Stephanie Saunders, ISU Undergraduate Student

Sun Dec 7 16:06:22 1997

Cathy -- -- of the US of A
Awesome page! I used some of the science project ideas in my own researching ... well keep up this page! it's great!
Mon Dec 8 21:45:17 1997

LEE ANNE GROGAN, 5TH GD TEACHER Would like more info grade appropriate
Tue Dec 9 10:59:34 1997

Barbara Cruce, 8th grade science teacher , Pembroke Middle School, Pembroke, NC

Tue Dec 9 15:03:47 1997

Carol J. Smith...Chalybeate School Science Teacher
I enjoy looking at different ways of "getting the message across".
Tue Dec 9 20:23:48 1997

M. Dawn Hahn - Pacific High School

Thu Dec 11 18:42:44 1997

Sheron Snyder, Outreach Coordinator, Mich State Univ PA dept
I think I will spend some time here.
Thu Dec 11 20:20:47 1997

Gabrielle Peers-Dent, Worle School, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England

Fri Dec 12 05:55:00 1997

i love you pages
Sat Dec 13 20:22:59 1997


Mon Dec 15 19:45:50 1997

Arnold Ellison Hauser H.S. Hope, In. Agriculture teacher

Tue Dec 16 08:27:20 1997

Dr. Wan Zainuddin Haji Awang
Good.. I'll be your good supporter.
Tue Dec 16 20:43:56 1997

Doug Wilton Teacher at E.J Sand P.S.

Wed Dec 17 09:04:06 1997


Thu Dec 18 12:26:54 1997

J. Zadik Sheldon Community Unit #5

Wed Dec 24 19:50:29 1997

Jennifer Blaszak - St. Francis High School (physics teacher)

Fri Dec 26 12:53:17 1997

Mihaela Ganj

Sun Dec 28 07:19:46 1997

Daniel Malloy Nipmuc Middle/High School Mendon/Upton MA
This is a great site. It's one of the best ones I've seen. I printed out quite a few ideas from the physical science section today and I plan to spend a lot of time here over the next few days. I teach fifth grade. I do the science for two class es and I'm always looking for new ideas-- especially in math and science.
Sun Dec 28 21:39:46 1997

Joan Landon Edmunds Middle School Math Teacher 7th & 8th Burlington, Vermont
Tue Dec 30 20:41:20 1997

Kay Davis, Ed.D. Pepperdine University/GSEP
A great idea and wonderful effort. Thank you.
Tue Dec 30 23:05:44 1997

Kenneth Corley/Brown & Root Services/Pioneer

Wed Dec 31 09:19:35 1997

Leonardo V. Alvarez Teacher Corpus Christi ISD

Sat Jan 3 15:24:19 1998

Carolyn Ridley

Wed Jan 7 11:41:03 1998

Claire Crocker

Wed Jan 7 14:15:34 1998
Teacher of Title 1 math, K-3, inclusion. Interested in basic math lessons to enhance learning for remedial students.
Fri Jan 9 09:08:27 1998

Kathleen Heikkila, Napavine Christian School
I just found your site. It looks like a wonderful resource. Thanks. Napavine, Washington
Mon Jan 12 11:49:09 1998

tony case fifth grader

Mon Jan 12 20:05:55 1998

Barbara Woolston Homeschool teacher

Tue Jan 13 18:54:52 1998

Sheila MacFarlane - student at Cal Poly ,SLO Center for Teacher Education
There are some wonderful ideas among these web pages!!!! Thank you!!!!
Thu Jan 15 15:58:05 1998

Kristen Jeffrey -- Cario American College Cairo, EGYPT
Very useful homepage. Enjoyed it! :-)
Sat Jan 17 10:30:33 1998

Miriam Kalmewicki Student from Eastern Michigan University
I love smile! I am studying to be an elementary teacher (my major is math, and my minor is english). I think Smile is cute.
Sat Jan 17 23:24:50 1998

Wesley Van Keuren
Nice projects scorce.
Sun Jan 18 09:39:21 1998

Steve Cooper. Grade 5 Teacher, Adelaide, Australia.
Excellent resource! Thankyou for your help, I'll be back, often.
Mon Jan 19 05:43:43 1998

Ajam Sahim Formal School, Bopol India
Good to see Americans doing what we are trying to teach. I will use many of the lessons as examples. Tankyou.
Tue Jan 20 20:48:39 1998

Danny McInerny Punahou School
Thu Jan 22 16:21:02 1998

Angela Tunnell; Pontotoc County Schools; Pontotoc, MS 38863

Fri Jan 23 10:46:24 1998

Laurie Call
Sun Jan 25 16:17:34 1998

Meigan Blunt, Willows Elementary School

Sun Jan 25 17:03:12 1998

Jeff Rolan; Bonneville Junior High, Salt Lake City UT (
I wish I had more time to read all of these great ideas... perhaps before next year!
Mon Jan 26 12:13:09 1998

John S. Fink, Physics Teacher
Loved the site ! Found some good ideas for my lessons on waves.
Tue Jan 27 16:07:52 1998

Tang Yew Seng (Singapore)
This page makes learning more enjoyable. Thank you.
Tue Jan 27 21:02:30 1998

Mary Robins
very interesting!
Thu Jan 29 19:01:39 1998
I volunteer at a local elementary school. Recently, I judged a science fair. The first place winner needed assistance improving his display. Luckily, I stumbled across the SMILE homepage. Fantastic info!
Fri Jan 30 07:49:45 1998

Mendy Brown, North Oldham Middle School, Goshen, KY

Sun Feb 1 12:20:47 1998

P Coleman Will visit again !!!!! Any schemes of work ????
Mon Feb 2 14:35:15 1998

Denise Bichara
Mon Feb 2 18:35:22 1998

Stephanie Blakeman
Great Web Page....I got lots of Ideas for my science fair project! Thanks a million!!!
Mon Feb 2 22:36:08 1998

Victoria States, senior secondary ed-Biology major @ Clarion U of PA

Tue Feb 3 12:33:25 1998

Karen Jacobs - student teacher from University of North Alabama
This is an extremely helpful site for someone who is just beginning as a teacher. It makes it easier to develope ideas by seeing what others have done. Thanks
Tue Feb 3 16:54:15 1998

Don Orlando Schoharie Alternative School NY

Thu Feb 5 13:19:15 1998

Doug Cruikshank, Professor of Education, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon
I've enjoyed looking through the many math activities that you have presented. Keep up the good work.
Thu Feb 5 18:17:16 1998

Erica Browning

Sat Feb 7 18:56:01 1998

Erica Browning
I was doing a science fair project and needed help. Thanks to you I got the information I needed and hope to do well on my project. Thank You Erica Browning
Sat Feb 7 19:20:59 1998

Mark R. Wison Student teacher, Carson City M.S., NV.
Thanks for the help.
Sun Feb 8 14:44:04 1998

James Chiu
The information I got was not compete
Sun Feb 8 17:11:07 1998

Cammie Ralston--West Texas A&M University student(Canyon,Tx)
Need alot more stuff for kindergarteners!
Sun Feb 8 19:24:11 1998

D.Maz Sixth Grade GuilfordCentral School ,Brattleboro, VT
Nice lessons- How's the success level with the program?
Sun Feb 8 20:29:19 1998

June Reid- Walhalla High School

Mon Feb 9 13:25:16 1998

Julia M. Juett, Student at Bellarmine College
E-mail addresses:
Mon Feb 9 14:28:26 1998

Keith Smedberg West Lake JH
Wow - great site and information. I was looking for an Ice Cream lab I found one plus a whole lot more.
Mon Feb 9 19:17:23 1998

Dr. Jay Kessinger - Phelps County Health & Wellness Diag.Centre
I hope to recall where you are for my kids sake
Tue Feb 10 17:04:12 1998

Supree Smithynunta
Wed Feb 11 12:19:46 1998

Adam Wolfe, student (9th grade)
Thanks a lot, I have a paper due on a science project and I have searched for over 3 hrs to find something like this!
Wed Feb 11 15:43:09 1998

J. Lacey, Physical Science faculty Grant Co. High School USA Kentucky

Wed Feb 11 17:12:22 1998

Barbara E. White, MCPS

Fri Feb 13 11:34:54 1998

Monica Colson - parent

Sat Feb 14 18:26:10 1998

tim tanguay : ubc

Sun Feb 15 13:08:13 1998

Kristen Parrish

Sun Feb 15 22:07:13 1998

Ernest Franklin Mathematics instructional specialist & teacher& trainer
I am interested in finding any information that will assist me with the training of teachers in math/science instructional strategies. Thanks
Mon Feb 16 14:35:10 1998

Beth Stasik: IUP Physics student
More momemtum experiments and examples E-mail:
Mon Feb 16 18:15:02 1998

Sasha Hinton 6th grade student

Mon Feb 16 18:53:28 1998

Travis Bracht student teacher at Hickman HS Columbia, MO
This is a really great site, hopefully someday I may have something to contribute to it. Keep up the good work.
Thu Feb 19 16:21:07 1998

David Gonzalez
Fri Feb 20 08:49:11 1998

Jim McMonegal- teacher Council Rock School District, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Fri Feb 20 11:52:03 1998

Ed Jacob
i am very impressed by the excellent learn by practise methods outlined on this site. bye for now.
Sat Feb 21 15:42:20 1998

L. A. Evans: Elementary teacher in Ohio
Thank you-I have enjoyed browsing through the lessons and plan to utilixe this source in my classroom.
Sun Feb 22 15:05:05 1998

Sarah Quayle Brett-student

Sun Feb 22 15:39:30 1998

Maya C.sahajwalla, M.D Parent
would love more detailed conclusions and explanations, for parents to work with clidren on homework projects.
Sun Feb 22 21:15:15 1998

Sharanjeet Shan-Randhawa

Wed Feb 25 13:09:29 1998

Cynthia Yzaguirre Collier County Public Schools
Fri Feb 27 21:32:01 1998
I like your resources As a teacher of biology I am always on the lookout for ideas.
Sun Mar 1 09:12:06 1998

Jessica Howard
This site is very good and is helpful when you do not understand a topic. This is because it gives you activitues that you can do so that you can understand it better.
Mon Mar 2 14:28:41 1998

Sharon Orcutt/Science Teacher Manor Middle School
Thank you for a most excellent site and the freedom to use it. It was a breath of fresh air to my labs!
Mon Mar 2 23:13:59 1998

Nikki Ramos-Heller
Very good and informative!
Tue Mar 3 11:06:16 1998

Herman Wood, Teacher HHS, Kennesaw, GA
Great work! Thank you for posting the great stuff.
Thu Mar 5 16:33:46 1998

carie hucks--northeast middle, Charlotte, N.C.
I am a first year math teacher, and I don't have much to fall back on other than the text. My librarian gave me the address a couple days ago and said I should look into the site. Wow! There are so many helpful ideas in these lessons. This is a great help to me, and I am very thankful! Sincerely, Carie Hucks :)
Thu Mar 5 20:02:38 1998

James Jaeckel - Wayne Valley HS Wayne NJ
Please pass on my thanks to Maureen Kall at Hillcrest HS for her lesson on the scientific method. I will use it tomorrow with my 9th grade World History students. We are studying the Age of Discovery and the contributions of the scientists of that time. Thanks again.
Thu Mar 5 21:39:46 1998

Awdrey Balm, pre-service teacher at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA.
I stumbled across your site in my search for elementary lessons dealing with simple machines. I've bookmarked it & look forward to using it again often!!
Thu Mar 5 23:17:39 1998

Rosa Lumpkin-Roberts, Mathematics Teacher

Fri Mar 6 08:14:14 1998

Gloria W. Roberts, Mathematics Teacher

Fri Mar 6 08:15:17 1998

Nicole Perrone elementary ed major science is my worst subject to teach. Your lessons were fantastic!
Fri Mar 6 11:21:23 1998

Daryl Taylor, Willingboro HS, Willingboro, NJ
Great Site!
Sat Mar 7 17:04:34 1998


Sun Mar 8 21:08:37 1998

Marion Gould, teacher - H. Brand Hebrew Academy, Overland, Pk , KS
Thanks! I'll be back.
Sun Mar 8 21:25:54 1998

shunder simmons/savannah state university (graduating senior)
The simplicity of the experiments gave me knowledge of ways to perform college-level experiments. But it was a great help and it seemed as if the teachers had a lot of fun.
Mon Mar 9 11:43:51 1998

Jessica LaRock

Mon Mar 9 13:03:06 1998

Helen Cole, Liberty County High School

Mon Mar 9 19:15:26 1998


Tue Mar 10 13:37:09 1998

G.R. Fry Olle Middle School Science Teacher Alief ISD Houston ,TX
Thank you.
Tue Mar 10 15:15:45 1998

Beverly Payne Preservice Teacher
Your Site is very helpful. I am currently in a Math Methods Course at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma and your site has been a life saver.
Wed Mar 11 11:16:06 1998

Michelle Tran

Wed Mar 11 19:22:19 1998

Michelle Tran
I think this is a great and wonderful site!!! I've been looking all over to find something like this and I guess this is my luck day!!! I'm a student at SJSU and I'm looking for some good resources...and I guess I found it!!! Thanks a lot and good luck to you all.
Wed Mar 11 19:24:14 1998

Devon Sandrock-Millville, CA 8th grade student
I really enjoyed this websites. It was really informative. I will jot down the online address and give it to my science teacher. Thank you Devon
Fri Mar 13 22:27:59 1998

Jenny Lipu

Sat Mar 14 03:56:44 1998

Char Winkler

Sat Mar 14 15:11:16 1998

Melissa Ruck- Chinquapin Middle School Baltimore, Md.

Sat Mar 14 16:36:13 1998

Veronika Pantuso Northern Hills Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas
Loved your sight. Collected help for our workshop on earthworms. Thankyou.
Sun Mar 15 11:37:58 1998

M. Vlasak

Sun Mar 15 14:18:02 1998

Girod Walker, Administrator Central Service Center Chicago Public Schools
Great technology. The Home pages of staff and students are wonderful
Sun Mar 15 17:43:57 1998

jackie woods
needs to be more user friendly
Sun Mar 15 20:43:49 1998

Lee McLaurin
Visiting the page to get more info, and happened to see the lesson plan database.
Sun Mar 15 23:57:51 1998

Dan Obenchain University High School Spokane, WA

Mon Mar 16 00:40:52 1998

p venter

Mon Mar 16 11:12:35 1998


Tue Mar 17 07:28:21 1998

Wed Mar 18 13:33:22 1998

Josée St-Onge
I really love this site. I got a lot of good ideas for teaching chemistry and mathematics. I'm studying to be a teacher. I have a suggestion for improving the site. It would be easier for us if we could see in the index for what grade the lessons sholud be applied.
Thu Mar 19 09:44:10 1998

Kathy Kriston
I would like to hear more about next fall's SMILE program - dates, times,costs,etc. I am at
Mon Mar 23 22:09:55 1998

LeAndrea Sanderfur student at Middle Tennessee State University, studying to become a middle school math teacher

Wed Mar 25 11:26:06 1998

Kay Estes, 4th grade instructor, Morgan Elementary, Hamilton OH
What a wonderfully inclusive Math web site!!! Thank You!!!
Thu Mar 26 10:19:58 1998

Lori Brown High School teacher- Truro, N.S.

Fri Mar 27 07:14:13 1998

Lisa Winter, shop teacher,Steinerskolen, Askim, Norway
This is a great site! Thanks for your generous contribution to teaching.
Fri Mar 27 08:15:43 1998

Rosa Perez, NAU in Yuma

Fri Mar 27 09:33:35 1998

Julie Eastman Home Educator
Wow! I wish I'd found you months ago!
Fri Mar 27 09:54:39 1998

Fri Mar 27 18:49:41 1998

Vickie Yarholar/Monroney Jr. High e-mail

Fri Mar 27 22:22:12 1998

Tony Stapleton (Research Biologist & husband of science teacher)
We found some of your practicals very interesting, very much in line with our way of teaching, which is to make science fun and interesting rather than chalk&talk. We have found turned-off students (11 to 18 year olds) turn themselves back on to learning with this approach. Thank you for your help.
Sun Mar 29 04:25:18 1998

Andrew Wahl
Thank you for the excellent resources!
Sun Mar 29 19:21:28 1998


Mon Mar 30 21:01:24 1998

Debra Carr College junior - Elementary Education Major
This is one of the best I have seen! I will visit often.
Wed Apr 1 09:23:01 1998

Jeanie Green , Technology Coordinator, Richland Parish Schools
My child is looking at your site for an experiment. Thanks for the help.
Wed Apr 1 19:45:56 1998

Robert DeAngelo Three Oaks Elementary School

Wed Apr 1 22:00:04 1998

Rob Ryan Middlesex University (BA. Primary Education QTS.Hons.)

Thu Apr 2 07:17:26 1998

Alyson Smith Middlesex university enfield London England

Thu Apr 2 07:17:29 1998


Fri Apr 3 10:54:56 1998

knj hello
your program is really cool. it is very helpfulfor finding stuff. thanx

Fri Apr 3 10:58:41 1998


Fri Apr 3 13:54:31 1998

karen colby, 2nd grade teacher

Fri Apr 3 21:51:52 1998

Todd Huebner

Sat Apr 4 10:30:41 1998

Cool place! However I was looking for extra-sensory perception topics for a project I'm working on. I'll be back...
Sat Apr 4 19:44:55 1998

randi luxon

Sat Apr 4 19:49:36 1998

jocelyn lam
this is really a cool site!!!! :O) im trying to look for some info for my chem assingment..and hey..i come across this website!!! very interesting...and i dont have to go search and browse like mad..:O) thank you.. email>
Sun Apr 5 03:19:35 1998

Phyllis L. Wooten-J. H. Rose High School, Greenville, NC

Sun Apr 5 18:56:13 1998

Lisa Choate, Cannon County High School, Woodbury, TN
Thank you for having this page. I have found lots of great ideas!!
Sun Apr 5 20:48:37 1998

Constance P. Stoklosa
Mon Apr 6 16:34:28 1998


Mon Apr 6 21:19:43 1998
I am not a teacher by definition but certainly challenge my children (ages 10-16) to exercise their minds. In so doing I enjoyed the tour and found some interesting and useful ideas. For example, the older boys (twins are 16 yrs old) are currently learning Newton's Laws of motion. I challenged them to provide me with the weights of three objects using only a box (a metal saw blade welded to each side), a watch and a ruler. It was in teresting to note whether they could integrate the different Laws of Motion to provide the required answers. It is this type of thing that I use to try and get the children to understand a systems approach to life - see the big picture, be able to break it down to its different parts but most importantly to understand the interactions between the parts!!
Tue Apr 7 10:27:26 1998

Del Martin tutor/study assistant

Tue Apr 7 20:15:31 1998

Mike Aubry - Parent
This is a great site for science experiments for grade schoolers. I'm impressed.
Tue Apr 7 20:28:16 1998

Smilyteach - Fourth Grade Teacher
Tue Apr 7 21:26:42 1998

Christina M. Nugent
This is great! I teach elementary math methods and this is a super resource for my students.
Wed Apr 8 18:51:17 1998

Jeanne A. Cotrone, RN
Excellant information! Thanks
Thu Apr 9 10:55:35 1998

Theresa Willich - Blue Valley Northwest HS, Overland Park, KS

Fri Apr 10 10:46:03 1998

deborah truchon exeter-west greenwich high school

Fri Apr 10 18:51:19 1998

Lisa Knuth-Educator, Random Lake Middle School, (R.L., WI)

Sun Apr 12 09:34:19 1998

I am doing a science project on friction and I can't seem to find any information about it. If you have any information about information please contact me by e-mailing me
Sun Apr 12 14:45:12 1998

Darlene Kleist, Emporia State University Student
I am currently an undergraduate student at Emporia State University Majoring in Secondary Education Mathematics. I find this web site is very usefull to me trying to get some ideas as to how to increase the joy of learning into my lesson plans. Any comments you think will be helpful to me please feel free to write me back at
Sun Apr 12 21:12:19 1998

Renee Ritchey Engineer SCS - I tutor math and science at a city shcool
THANKS for the unending ideas. The students and teachers have learned a fun side to math and become more at ease. Please keep this site up and running.
Tue Apr 14 11:08:08 1998

Karen Huskey. Graduate student enrolled in credential program.

Wed Apr 15 09:09:27 1998

Alfanso Pennycooke, Teacher in private school.

Thu Apr 16 10:12:17 1998

Mr. Coo

Sun Apr 19 14:57:14 1998

An'juli and Rachel-students

Mon Apr 20 12:20:34 1998

Vickie Owens - Undergraduate @ Kennesaw State University (Georgia)
The SMILE site has been tremendously helpful to me in preparing activities for my undergraduate work. I am a senior studying Middle Grades Education with a Math and Science concentration.
Tue Apr 21 10:16:43 1998

Elissa the Tortoise
I want to see more taters!!
Tue Apr 21 14:17:11 1998

Michele McNett, student teacher, school: Pacific Lutheran University

Tue Apr 21 20:48:39 1998

Megan Bachteler of University of Tampa

Wed Apr 22 17:46:19 1998

Teresa Rumph

Thu Apr 23 13:32:14 1998

Donna Jernigan, Shawnee High School, Louisville, KY

Sat Apr 25 13:16:20 1998

ron storfer teacher at Franklin Middle School

Sun Apr 26 11:16:14 1998

Belinda, Student studying Science and Maths Education
Very interesting and helpful. Thank you
Sun Apr 26 12:03:29 1998

Libby Masters middle school algebra/geometry teacher Fulton County Schools, GA

Sun Apr 26 14:40:05 1998

Mon Apr 27 23:20:55 1998

Tenesha Barnes A.K.A NeeNee

Tue Apr 28 12:26:50 1998

Barbara E.Allen , Science teacher (8th grade)

Wed Apr 29 22:33:36 1998

D.J. Malloy / Michigan Indian Child Welfare Agency
What a wonderful resource for math and science projects that provide students with hands on learning, teaches the scientific process and makes learning fun.
Fri May 1 09:01:41 1998

Carrie Schreck 8th grd math teacher Medina, OH

Sun May 3 15:58:06 1998

Trevor K. Metcalfe, Seneca Unity Public School, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

Mon May 4 07:15:21 1998

Dianne Forman Newtown Friends School Newtown PA 18940

Sun May 10 08:54:14 1998

Jan Gibbs- Home teaching mom
Thank you. We have been looking for a science lesson site a long time this is PERFECT!
Mon May 11 01:08:21 1998

danny kelly , science fair project

Tue May 12 20:45:59 1998

krissy (student @ Antioch Community High School in Illinois)
really cool and informative. a good idea and helpful in research projects! I would like to get pictures of omnivore, herbivore, and carnivore teeth for a presentation i am going to be doing within the next 2 weeks. could you send me pictures at Wank thankyou!
Wed May 13 12:48:19 1998

Sun May 17 10:52:22 1998

Leonard Griffin -Science teacher
This site is extremely informative and great for giving concepts that are hard to teach the kid s are really involved in the ideas.
Mon May 18 16:58:40 1998

Katie Creason, 6th grade math and science teacher

Tue May 19 17:24:14 1998

Patricia Paris (Paris Ceramics)

Sat May 23 00:41:47 1998

Geneva Fry Olle Middle School (Alief ISD) Science teacher
I love your site and have e-mailed it to all my science teacher friends. I hope that some time in the future I will be able to contribute and buy your books! Thanks.
Sun May 24 15:58:29 1998

Matthew Huffine (Hesperia Unified School District)
Sun May 24 21:45:37 1998

Sophia Hubbard: Fourth Grade Teacher, Ypsilanti, MI
I desperately wanted the words to the song "Cells are us" but did not know how to go about finding them.
Mon May 25 18:47:02 1998

Yew Jun Kee (From Singapore)
This is a site full of educational infomation. I have benefitted from this site and hope that this site will continue to supply useful infomation.
Tue May 26 04:50:46 1998

Emma Bailey
My mum found this page very useful to get lessons from, however I would have found it a bit better if there had been notes on each subject.
Fri May 29 01:05:18 1998

Nur Azrin Bte Mahadi
Can you please give more info about chemical energy?
Fri May 29 09:17:39 1998

Donnette Estes Elementary Teacher, Belen, NM
This is wonderful! I will share with co-workers and others around the district. Thank you very much!
Tue Jun 2 22:55:53 1998

Bashab Banerjee - Science teacher/Physical Education teacher
I have accidentally come across this site. This site is well developed and organized. Very easy to surf. Thank you very much for making it so user friendly.
Wed Jun 3 17:02:42 1998

John Enger, Northwest College; Powell, WY

Wed Jun 3 18:28:06 1998

Tony Hermanek - Merrill Senior High School

Thu Jun 4 23:18:28 1998

Ron Banville Math Instructor, Osceola High School, Kissemmee, FL

Fri Jun 5 07:53:41 1998

mrs.peruggia loredana, English teacher in Italy (Rome)
I will soon get in touch with you to propose a cultural exchange between Italian students and American ones. My e-mail is My best regards Loredana
Fri Jun 5 15:11:46 1998

Mike Ruby Rockwood Summit High School

Mon Jun 8 15:49:24 1998

Jennifer Clark Eureka! Science Program in Kamloops, BC, Canada.
Wow. This has been the one of the best sites that I have found for activities for teaching scince to kids. Well done everyone.
Tue Jun 9 18:26:11 1998

Dan Rawlyk, Grade 8 Math and Science Teacher

Wed Jun 10 10:20:23 1998

Mary E. Sanchez CPS teacher, wife of PO Alex Sanchez@ Morgan Park
Very impressed with your Home Page and its links.I thought your Physics Dept did a great job "flying". I am glad you explained "how" for us non-physic people. Morgan Park looks like a great place to learn
Thu Jun 11 08:11:23 1998

debbie scales, student of elem. education, Capital University, Cols., Ohio

Thu Jun 11 08:47:46 1998

Robert Mentillo, Satellite High School Teacher
Just browsing but I like this site. I am working on using the net to give my stronger, and weaker, students things that will make the class more interesting.
Mon Jun 15 10:41:46 1998

LeaAnn Crager, Primary Teacher, Kentucky

Mon Jun 15 13:36:13 1998

karen martin teacher
Mon Jun 15 20:45:58 1998 Lockhart Intermediate School, Texas

Mon Jun 15 23:32:48 1998

angela gates, ocean springs high school, ocean springs mississippi

Tue Jun 16 11:38:43 1998

Yohannes Gebrenegus
Interested in microbial particle size systems
Thu Jun 18 07:46:17 1998

Karen S. Arnett Chesapeake, VA Public Schools
I am currently working on a committee to correlate the new VA Standards of Learning with the current Chesapeake Standards. I have found many of your Math lesson plans fit nicely as activities to include in the correlation.
Sat Jun 20 13:48:46 1998

Michael Brokus (AG Teacher AUSTRALIA)
GiDay Great site Keep up the good work
Mon Jun 22 00:07:53 1998

Michael Brokus (AG Teacher AUSTRALIA)
GiDay Great site Keep up the good work
Mon Jun 22 00:09:05 1998

Ben Woolnough of the University of South Australia
An excellent resource for someone just starting in the profession of teaching. I will be using it regularly.
Mon Jun 22 00:09:50 1998

julia owings home education
was looking for math lessons to catch up child severaal grades behind in math
Mon Jun 22 06:38:22 1998

Cobb-inprisoned(in a library) by Greenburgh Eleven U.F.S.D. School District, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
Dubious task of generating 3 lesson plans a day for a district whose only lot in life is to make me look bad: I have very limited knowledge about trigonometry. I've worked with emotionally disabled/learning disabled boys mainly in remediation skills.
Tue Jun 23 10:11:09 1998

Hilke Meyer-Reumann
My e-mail addresses are "" or "" I would like to recieve more information please concerning higher education, as i am doing my a-levels in both chemistry and in biology. Thank you very much.
Wed Jun 24 06:10:16 1998

Bettyann Howson, Chemistry teacher, Chatham HS, Chatham, NJ
Excellent site and SMILE looks like an exciting and wonderful program. I found it about 3 weeks ago when I was looking for activities on electrochemistry to do with my chem classes. I was very impressed with the scope and quality of the experiments listed. Some of the activities needed more 'teacher notes' included. Keep up the great work!
Thu Jun 25 10:33:38 1998

karen martin teacher

Sun Jun 28 19:54:59 1998

Marsha West -Sabin Middle School
Wow! This is an extraordinary site with excellent ideas! I appreciate all of your hard work!
Thu Jul 9 02:05:25 1998

PAm Metivier Sub Teacher

Thu Jul 9 14:55:37 1998

pete insley

Thu Jul 9 15:28:58 1998

Jean Lee CSUF

Thu Jul 9 15:51:47 1998

Ashley Milne
A very informative and useful web page, thanx.
Thu Jul 9 22:29:12 1998

Maria Elena Farrell Oakview Elementary School

Fri Jul 10 09:37:02 1998


Sun Jul 12 23:17:38 1998

Bobby H Smith , Samuel Clemens High School,Schertz,TX 78154

Mon Jul 13 15:13:36 1998

Miriam L. Clark, Elementary Teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools
I just clicked on the site and hope to return to find new ideas for next year. Thank you!
Wed Jul 15 17:35:22 1998

K. Vedros, Technology Education Teacher,
Great site!! I am interested in doing physical science but using the computers in my classroom. Any suggestions?
Wed Jul 15 18:25:45 1998

C. David Hemp DDS Inc.
Congratulations on a great web site! I am going to link to you from our Dental & Bad Chariots Site's Cool Links Room. We deal with a lot of racing & are now presently building a large Steam Locomotive = 2 adults can sit inside the cab. I needed to brush up on some basic equations for engineering the exact track layout to built elsewhere & moved in piece by piece, lots of trees, 40' radius curves, etc. everything has to fit perfect. Again, Great site! Math is always necc. for a life time! Dave (doc) & Becky Hemp
Fri Jul 17 23:07:41 1998

Albert S. Tarendash The Frisch (High)

Tue Jul 21 08:47:54 1998

Yvette T, Aguilar

Tue Jul 21 16:25:05 1998

Salwa Yaacob

Fri Jul 24 21:28:09 1998

Diane Micallef - De La Salle College (Malta)

Sat Jul 25 04:47:49 1998

Danny Nieuwland Student teacher
I was just looking at all the teaching aids and resouces on the web and visited your site.
Sat Jul 25 09:17:52 1998

Cathi Smith

Mon Jul 27 13:16:58 1998

Mon Jul 27 21:47:30 1998

Peggy A. Laster /Rialto Unified School District/Rialto, CA

Tue Jul 28 21:28:17 1998
Great resource for my Math Class.
Wed Jul 29 14:13:20 1998


Sun Aug 2 18:32:17 1998

Sun Aug 2 22:27:39 1998

kurt ulmer toy designer Trendmasters, Inc.

Tue Aug 4 08:09:21 1998

Deana Bowman

Tue Aug 4 08:43:28 1998


Wed Aug 5 08:43:06 1998

Joseph Cox Meadowcreek High School Norcross, Ga.

Wed Aug 5 13:54:39 1998

suzanne gutierrez -science teacher

Wed Aug 5 17:08:13 1998

Marianne Shimkus Brentano Math and Science Academy

Fri Aug 7 11:38:22 1998

Turon Ivy-Teacher Burnham/Anthony Inclusive Academy

Fri Aug 7 12:20:59 1998

Tracy Hollis K-12 Science Director, Grand Prairie ISD, Grand Prarie TX

Fri Aug 7 18:09:40 1998

Timothy D Wert, Central York SD, PA, Physics Teacher

Sat Aug 8 22:45:14 1998

A. Mahoney Mansfield, Ohio City Schools

Sat Aug 15 07:29:53 1998

Jill McLean, Centennial HS, Champaign, IL
What a great site!
Sat Aug 15 11:59:15 1998

Sun Aug 16 21:11:54 1998

Chris Raymond

Mon Aug 17 10:17:24 1998

Stephanie Littel (teacher in Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada) Excellent lesson plans. I'll be back more often.
Wed Aug 19 11:58:39 1998

I developed extrasensory perception with a Sega Genesis.
Wed Aug 19 15:16:08 1998

Beth White- math teacher-sumter high-sumter,S.C.
Enjoyed browsing through!!! You have some great things
Wed Aug 19 21:55:06 1998

Denise Orr - Teacher - Waverly City Schools

Thu Aug 20 18:36:59 1998


Fri Aug 21 00:43:35 1998

Leigh Bartosh Seventh Form Student From Roxburgh Area School NEW ZEALAND
Great page with heaps of really good ideas and practical applications of experiments.A really excellent range of science and maths subjects
Mon Aug 24 21:44:17 1998

Sheri Andersen, 6th grade Science teacher, Flood Middle School
Thank you for the wonderful lessons. The hands on activities in Biology are wonderful. Thanks again. Sheri Andersen,
Sun Aug 30 21:24:16 1998

Dr. Maribeth Montgomery Kasik, EMPEHI, Class of 1969 and Chairperson of the Division of Education at Governors State University
Never had the opportunity to take Physics with you when I was at EMPEHI... Wish I had because I excelled at it in college & still love the subject today. I plan on sharing your links with my science and math faculty at Governors State.... We are at
Mon Aug 31 05:02:28 1998

Angela Heitmann, Science Teacher, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, MN

Mon Aug 31 11:10:53 1998

Margie Clark-Kevan- Conant HS

Tue Sep 1 20:21:28 1998

sally miller
Sat Sep 5 14:12:26 1998

Doug Grieves Maths Teacher Lacashire UK

Mon Sep 7 13:52:42 1998


Tue Sep 8 13:49:35 1998

John C. Aldinger Jr.
The Tech Museum of Innovation 145 W. San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95113
Wed Sep 9 14:10:44 1998

Sandy West Brunswick High School
You program was not helpful at all !!!!! I could not find what i was looking for and got extremely angry and irritated. I was looking for Science Fair project ideas and could not find it!!!
Wed Sep 9 18:26:26 1998

Dave St. Jean Grade Six Teacher Durham District Catholic School Board, Ontario, Cananda
Wow!!!! I will tell every teacher I know about this site. Great work! I look forward to contributing also!!!!
Wed Sep 9 21:05:19 1998

Gloria Miller
e-mail address I had a wonderful time on your web site! Thanks so much!
Thu Sep 10 17:22:09 1998

Lynda Yotter: SIUE student

Thu Sep 10 18:38:32 1998

Nora Doerder C. F. Brush High School, South Euclid, OH
Thanks for a great web-site! I will share your url with other teachers
Sat Sep 12 19:09:49 1998

Mercedes Cacho
This smile web site is cool.
Tue Sep 15 09:27:07 1998

Miriam Clark, Elementary teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools

Tue Sep 15 20:08:52 1998

Mrs. Luron Singer, Center High School
Just found you and plan on visiting again.
Wed Sep 16 09:08:14 1998

Ann Martin, Sutterville Elementary School, sacramento, CA
Wed Sep 16 22:33:34 1998

James Dean, School District of Palm Beach Count
Thank you for some great ideas for lesson plans. However, not familiar with phenomenological awareness and would like more information on that subject. Thank you again, James Dean
Sun Sep 20 20:01:45 1998

Pat Williams, Teacher Partner with Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative
Your site looks interesting I am planning to investigate it more.
Tue Sep 22 09:23:03 1998

Sherry A. Reber - Homeschooling 10th grader in Mohnton, PA

Wed Sep 23 13:13:03 1998


Wed Sep 23 17:17:41 1998

Robin Brashear, Primary Teacher, Viper, Kentucky

Thu Sep 24 13:09:58 1998

s barnes
excellent site.. would be easier to navigate if categorized by grades.
Fri Sep 25 20:14:51 1998

Barbara Treacy, Technology INtegration Project, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
I am working to help an urban high school integrate technology into their curriculum, and these lesson plan suggestions provide a stimulating set of ideas.Great work.
Sat Sep 26 10:52:00 1998

Matthew Zaucha, St. Joseph H.S. Westchester
I really enjoyed your page and would like any more that you could inform me of.
Sat Sep 26 13:03:40 1998

Ash Vince -- Student, Faculty of Education, U British Columbia
Wow... I must say, you have an incredible resource database. Great ideas and information.
Sat Sep 26 14:49:31 1998

Dr. Diane C. Lorenzo, Springfield College, Springfield, MA 01109

Sun Sep 27 14:09:45 1998

V. A. Wordeman, Elementary Teacher, Kenton County, KY
You've got a wonderful site here. I'm passing the address on to my fellow teachers! Finding seriously practical lesson plans on the net is exciting to me!
Sun Sep 27 20:02:12 1998

Brenda Burke Mohonasen Middle School Schenectady, NY
Excellent site!!
Mon Sep 28 14:45:45 1998

Sheila M. Jackson, Havana Middle School teacher, Havana, FL
loved your site!
Mon Sep 28 22:09:55 1998

Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler Ursula Franklin Academy

Thu Oct 1 09:34:48 1998

Kristi Peltoma-- Student teacher at Texas Tech University
I really love your web site and it was very helpful to me.
Sat Oct 3 19:43:59 1998

Alice Pittman, Principal at Windsor Elementary School, 104 Cooper Hill Road, Windsor, NC 27983
A friend of mine found your site and informed me by e-mail. I am very excited about using some of the lessons at Windsor Elementary School.
Sun Oct 4 18:43:24 1998

Heather Lee
Great site!! It is very educational and informative.
Wed Oct 7 07:43:21 1998

Travis R. Knight from Covenant College atop Lookout Mountain
This is a better sight than the one from Rock City!
Thu Oct 8 12:35:29 1998

Thomas S. Straub, La Salle University

Thu Oct 8 13:35:23 1998

Dr. Norma Inabinette, CSU Fullerton
Wonderful resource for teachers. Thank you
Fri Oct 9 10:40:45 1998

Tina Tribone - Elementary Education Major @ Geneva College

Fri Oct 9 21:43:52 1998

Elviera A. Grzyb, LEA representative/EC case manager

Sat Oct 10 09:13:27 1998

Vicki Thompson- Buford Middle School, Buford, Georgia

Sun Oct 11 14:22:11 1998

Cecil Hylton

Sun Oct 11 18:01:43 1998


Sun Oct 11 18:09:08 1998

Ben Abban - TelAviv Teacher training unit
NICE - good to get American examples and will make this required reading Thanks
Mon Oct 12 08:59:21 1998

margaret keppler(mom on the net)
daughter attends highland ele. would she be going to clearcreek in '99 ? we live in alpine ridge just off stark e-mail me at :
Wed Oct 14 11:48:46 1998

Pat Bordell, chemistry teacher at Penn Hills High School
This is a really great site. I'll have to spend much more time viewing all your information and then I'll comment. Great work
Wed Oct 14 17:44:00 1998

Fri Oct 16 18:20:15 1998

Heather Nichol-Hogan - Hogan Learning Academy Headmistress

Sat Oct 17 15:54:55 1998

Clydena Neathery/Bryant Middle School

Sat Oct 17 19:30:25 1998

Carmella (Math/science components middle school ed -- Morehead State University
Thanks for compiling the lessons on the internet. There are many valuable instructional strategies and topic ideas! I am sure to use this web-sight when planning my lessons in the future.
Mon Oct 19 12:29:03 1998

liz and tracy
where are all the pictures of toys?
Tue Oct 20 06:11:10 1998

Beth Anne

Tue Oct 20 16:19:53 1998

Ilene Freeman, Cub Scout Den Leader, Moorpark , CA
I was really pleased to see such a large selection of math and science information. I am helping the boys to earn a model rocket patch and needed to learn how to teach them about the basics of why and how a model rocket works. I pulled some informatio n on Bernoulli's Principle. If you have any other information that might be helpful to me , please send it to my e-mail at Thank You!
Wed Oct 21 19:06:58 1998

Pat Ruhl Substitute Teacher NBISD
This is a great site not only for ideas in the class room, but also for helping my children at home. Thank you.
Wed Oct 21 22:07:57 1998

Jennifer Chung
Great page! I think something like this really helps in building the communication between teachers and other educators that we are not used to seeing in the schools.
Thu Oct 22 21:12:07 1998

Dorinia Long/ Home SchoolTeacher

Thu Oct 22 21:56:37 1998

Lucia Barborek student at Southeast Missouri State University

Fri Oct 23 09:46:09 1998

David R. Hilker, New York State Health Dept.; Wadsworth Center
I am a research chemist in the Wadsworth Center, the public health laboratories for the State of New York located within the New York State Health Dept. My laboratory is physically located in Albany, NY. I was made aware of your site through participation in a workshop for scientists called "Making Science Fun". This workshop is conducted by Charles and Priscilla Scaife of Union College in Schenectady. Your site appears to contain many good experiments for interesting young people in science.
Fri Oct 23 12:24:01 1998

Diane Bonnette--6th. grade teacher

Fri Oct 23 18:15:20 1998 of Gifted K-5 in Fayetteville, GA

Sun Oct 25 19:50:27 1998

Robin Morgan- 9th. grade math teacher Urbana City School I really like the information that I received from this sight. I work with students who are low level achievers and they need a lot different ways of receiving certain information. I got a lot of ideas to use in my class. Thanks
Thu Oct 29 08:59:49 1998

Matthew Rozsa, student, Shawnee Intermediate School, Easton, PA

Thu Oct 29 16:46:52 1998

Anne Mahoney Mansfield City Schools
This web-site has been a great resource for my fifth grade math lessons. Thank you.
Fri Oct 30 21:19:07 1998

Sara Miller Teacher at Chinle Unified Schools, Chinle, Az.
Thanks! Wonderful fraction activities that I will try with my visual-spatial gifted 3rd graders.
Sun Nov 1 12:35:59 1998

Sylacauga High School

Tue Nov 3 09:00:52 1998


Tue Nov 3 14:20:32 1998

valerie piana

Wed Nov 4 17:47:54 1998

Jonathan Newchurch, Student very good setup for people to browse
Mon Nov 9 04:16:09 1998

Tina Petty Clinton County High School Albany, KY

Mon Nov 9 10:05:42 1998

Patsy little/ Albany Elementary School
A very interesting sight
Mon Nov 9 13:02:54 1998

Aronda R. Bryant

Mon Nov 9 22:47:59 1998

Richard Dickason, Bradford College England

Wed Nov 11 14:33:42 1998

Adam Zigg
This place rules Man!!!!!!!!!!§
Thu Nov 12 18:37:02 1998

Stephanie Terrell / Mathematics Teacher @Colquitt County High School, Moultrie, GA

Thu Nov 12 20:13:05 1998

Trisha Gibson - Cascade Middle School, Aubur, Washington

Fri Nov 13 13:17:56 1998

R. Soileau, teacher of gifted elementary students
Super source!!!
Mon Nov 16 14:37:28 1998

J.D. kaehler student teacher
brill !!!!!
Wed Nov 18 07:00:24 1998


Wed Nov 18 16:11:51 1998


Wed Nov 18 16:13:19 1998

P. Dancy Montclair Kimberley Academy

Fri Nov 20 10:09:42 1998

Arcelia Grissom,8-Sci, Sanchez Middle School, El Paso,TX

Sat Nov 21 11:50:45 1998

K Brennan, N.T, Austrtalia

Sat Nov 21 20:09:40 1998

Nicholas Auriti

Sun Nov 22 10:14:58 1998

Sun Nov 22 16:27:12 1998

fatima alves
Thanks for your works, i liked,
Thu Nov 26 04:53:39 1998

Mucahit Ozgur
A nice work I want cooparate with other mathematics teacher My adress is
Sat Nov 28 01:53:31 1998

Joanne G. White/WS/FC Schools Winston-Salem North Carolina

Sat Nov 28 05:25:41 1998

azad khan --University of Guyana

Sat Nov 28 18:33:46 1998

stephen Maggiore Teacher

Sun Nov 29 08:31:51 1998

Patricia Ikin Nowra East Public School NSW Australia
Just looking. heard something about thew SMILE program. Will take some time to learn more about it over the next few weeks.
Sun Nov 29 17:48:07 1998

ken schug
trying out my new prodigy web access on home computer
Sun Nov 29 23:01:45 1998

As a parent of a severely learning disabled child, I found your site very useful and informative. Thanks
Mon Nov 30 12:38:42 1998

Mark S. Fujishige
Mon Nov 30 19:27:11 1998

Mrs. Hauenstein
This looks like a very interesting website that I will visit again.
Wed Dec 2 10:58:53 1998

Molly Ayers - (Mandeville High School)
This was a cool site, I had to get information for a school science project maybe I will visit the site later. Later, Molly 9th grader
Wed Dec 2 21:11:41 1998

Hector M. Velez Civil Engineer

Thu Dec 3 05:26:22 1998

Elizabeth Shaw, student teaching in January at Coventry High School, Coventry, RI
please send me e-mail concerning updates about SMILE. thank you
Thu Dec 3 15:35:40 1998

Kyle Rankin Bannockburn High School
This was good, make more pages like this !!!
Fri Dec 4 09:23:47 1998

A. Dunlap Student Teacher
Great ideas and lots of variety! Keep it up!
Sun Dec 6 11:24:40 1998


Mon Dec 7 11:00:34 1998

Jolene Tinker
Great site, very helpful for a first year teacher.
Mon Dec 7 18:36:40 1998

khairi hasan ms/physics

Mon Dec 7 20:52:01 1998

Lynn W. Lyles - Lunenburg Middle School, Victoria VA

Tue Dec 8 10:17:25 1998

Marilyn A. Macri - elementary school teacher

Thu Dec 10 10:07:32 1998

Larry Holder Math teacher grade 6

Sat Dec 12 20:59:27 1998

Robert G. Kiessling -Bishop Eustace Prep School - Pennsauken, NJ 08109
My e-mail
Sun Dec 13 16:43:59 1998

liz navarra

Wed Dec 16 19:01:34 1998

Veronica Mortier, Tara High School, Baton Rouge, LA
Thank you for this resource!
Thu Dec 17 13:27:37 1998

Judith Rinsky, BSI teacher, Millburn High School, Millburn, New Jersey
I am looking for teaching material for my students in math, reading and writing to help prepare them for the HSPT exam. e-mail: Thanks
Fri Dec 18 07:12:58 1998


Mon Dec 21 11:04:46 1998

jean hayes, wenatchee, wa school district
Great plans and ideas! I'm looking for material in Spanish. Thank you.
Sun Dec 27 18:52:11 1998

Ruben Ackerman - Father of son doing project
I liked the info. you have for kids. My son is in the 4th grade and is doing his first project on earthworms and light.
Sat Jan 2 21:56:08 1999

Anne M. Coulson 6-8 Mathematics Teacher/Curriculum writer
Interesting site and a great way for teachers to get published.
Mon Jan 4 10:09:35 1999

Cathy Walker/Teacher Bio and Anatomy/Phys/ and Botany/Zoology at RIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand
A fun, informative resource
Wed Jan 6 08:20:39 1999

nicole vasak - center street elementary

Wed Jan 6 16:49:46 1999

Ramona Francis, Educational Outputs and Strategies, South Africa Thank you for the great ideas on teaching various aspects of mathematics
Sat Jan 9 09:06:09 1999

Victoria W. Raymond Perry Harrison School Pittsboro, NC 27312
What a terrific resource!!
Sun Jan 10 12:52:39 1999

Earl Zwicker IIT
Just checking. I do this often. Fun to see what others think.
Wed Jan 13 13:54:54 1999
Just looking!
Fri Jan 15 19:20:48 1999

Augustine J Frkuska Urban Systemic Initiative Collier Elementary H.I.S.D. San Antonio, Tx.
Gathering info. for using the Zome Kit in the classroom. Thank
Sat Jan 16 01:48:13 1999

K.Spratley-Middle School Science Teacher
Mon Jan 18 08:26:50 1999

Rosalie Roy sixth grade teacher

Thu Jan 21 08:15:53 1999

Peter Gierut /St Patricks Middle School/Cedar Rapids, Ia

Thu Jan 21 20:51:51 1999

tibor linger

Fri Jan 22 20:28:44 1999

Diane Burns
AWESOME web page. Being a first year teacher, I struggle to get ideas. This will be a GREAT help!
Sat Jan 23 21:53:05 1999

M.Bukwich Fairfield Middle School Winnsboro, SC 29180

Sun Jan 24 13:49:07 1999


Wed Jan 27 15:02:04 1999

dawn kemerer s.p.j.c.
i really enjoy your website.
Thu Jan 28 13:45:19 1999

Gwen Lawson algebra teacher @ Lebanon Middle School

Thu Jan 28 18:49:42 1999

Lisa Edwards Frederick County Public schools, MD

Sat Jan 30 09:55:03 1999

Sat Jan 30 10:05:26 1999

Kimberly Henriquez/Varying Exceptionalities FUSE teacher
I saw this address in a text I am using in a Elementary Science Education course at USF. The text is: Science Stories: Teachers and Children as Science Learners by Janice Koch. It's a wonderful book.
Sat Jan 30 17:40:57 1999

Kimberly Henriquez/Varying Exceptionalities FUSE Teacher
This is great! Lots of ideas! Thank you.
Sat Jan 30 18:53:10 1999

Elise Jackson, PreDoctoral Fellow, Chemical Carcinogenesis, CIIT, RTP, NC
Great site! A colleague and myself are preparing to participate in the "Expanding Your Horizons" project here in NC; this program is geared to entice more young women into science careers. We were looking for easy but informative experiments to use and we found everything we needed here. Thanks!
Sun Jan 31 14:44:17 1999

Scott MacPhee (university student)

Sun Jan 31 15:13:45 1999

Amy - a student at Bowling Green State University studying education
I love this website - very helpful and informative!!
Mon Feb 1 16:37:55 1999

Jackie Watson, Student, University of Central Florida

Mon Feb 1 23:06:00 1999

Jackie Watson, Student, University of Central Florida
I think these lesson plans are great. Thanks for the help.
Mon Feb 1 23:13:02 1999

Judy Spicer, Math Abstractor, Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

Tue Feb 2 07:20:20 1999

Thorsteinson, Johanna

Thu Feb 4 03:52:42 1999

Cathy Solida, Biology teacher, DuBois Area High School, DuBois,PA
Great site to visit!!
Thu Feb 4 19:05:33 1999

Steve Truby 6th grade math instructor, Madrid, Iowa
Liked what I saw, would be easier if organized into smaller sub topics. Fractions, Whole Number, Decimals. Really great resource.
Sun Feb 7 20:25:16 1999

M. Wong - Student Martingrove Collegiate Institute, Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to say that this site is absolutely amazing. Were it not for this program and the many experiments it offered, I would be in serious trouble for my independent study unit. Thank you very much.
Wed Feb 10 20:17:46 1999

Brendsha A. Roby

Thu Feb 11 10:17:58 1999

LeslieWilliams (Florida Atlantic University Student: Elem. Ed. Maj)

Sun Feb 14 02:43:05 1999

LeslieWilliams (Florida Atlantic University Student: Elem. Ed. Maj)
Sun Feb 14 02:43:25 1999

Aquinas College Menai, Australia
Good work guys
Sun Feb 14 17:10:04 1999

Jackie McQueen student

Tue Feb 16 10:51:27 1999

Shawn Embry, Thornwood H.S., South Holland, IL
Some good ideas can be found here. I've bookmarked this page for my future reference
Wed Feb 17 15:12:10 1999

suzanne O'Brien, teacher, NYC
Some useful things for my 7th graders!
Fri Feb 19 06:27:44 1999

I am doing a experiment on mold. I need info about its growth. If you know any helpful links on the info I need you can contact me at
Sat Feb 20 12:32:31 1999

Scott MacPhee Bachelor of Education Student
love the site, i expect to interact with it quite a bit when i start to teach full time
Sat Feb 20 14:11:45 1999

Neil Brosnan/ Easthampton High School, NY

Sun Feb 21 13:12:28 1999

aa from uk
It is nice to see your sight being so well written and presented, specially the homepage. I have to read the detail and then I will get back to you to comment about the contents of your work, otherwise excellent work so far. Congratulations!
Sun Feb 21 15:25:43 1999

Julie third grade/looping Gorrie Elem Tampa Fl

Mon Feb 22 18:08:27 1999

Julie third grade/looping Gorrie Elem Tampa Fl

Mon Feb 22 18:08:34 1999

Gina Townsend, elementary education
Fantistic resource. Thank you so much!!!
Wed Feb 24 11:27:03 1999

Louise Burkholder, Chapin High School, Chapin, SC
What a nice web page----I'm passing it on to my colleagues...
Wed Feb 24 16:45:07 1999

Neva Jack Caffey Milano I.S.D. Kindergarten Teacher
Please add more suggestions for K-1. So much emphasis is placed on the first years in school now---preparing the children for failure free reading.
Thu Feb 25 08:30:35 1999

Katie Sullivan, student teacher Creighton University

Thu Feb 25 14:17:48 1999

Katie Sullivan, student teacher Creighton University
This is an extremely helpful collection of lesson plans. Thank you so much.
Thu Feb 25 14:19:12 1999

Jim Randle - trainee secondary teacher
Excellent resource - thanks
Thu Feb 25 15:27:36 1999

Mike Lovett, Headteacher, Bedmond Village Primary School, U.K.
Great site, with some very useful stuff! You may find a visit to NRICH useful -
Sat Feb 27 09:56:51 1999

Bob&Pookie Behm

Sun Feb 28 17:58:36 1999

Bob&Pookie Behm
Neat & Interesting,We'll be back!!
Sun Feb 28 18:00:33 1999

William Carlyle Koelsch - La Canada and Pasadena Schools, CA
Neat ideas
Sun Feb 28 20:41:24 1999

Madan Lal ( Manufacturing Engineer)
Tue Mar 2 14:23:50 1999

Faye Neathery, Southwestern OK State University

Wed Mar 3 10:30:06 1999

Mike Murphy - Principal, Badger MS, West Bend WI

Wed Mar 3 20:01:51 1999

Caset Rankin
hey I was just wondering if i could go to a website that has my 8th grade algebra 1 book? if you know of a website i would be thankful!
Thu Mar 4 16:39:40 1999

Ruth Melendez, UTEP student
Keep up the good work and the great ideas!
Thu Mar 4 23:23:39 1999

Kevin Rickard - Indiana University Southeast student
Great site
Sun Mar 7 11:19:09 1999

Jeff Schierer

Sun Mar 7 11:27:48 1999

Jeff Schierer - Student teacher through Rockford College at Winnebago MS

Sun Mar 7 11:29:01 1999

Joel Hutchinson

Sun Mar 7 11:46:57 1999

I't great for projects
Sun Mar 7 13:13:51 1999

Graham Taylor, West Kent Hospital School Service, England
A very useful source of practical and investigative work
Sun Mar 7 17:15:46 1999

R. Denise Old, Student working toward teaching degree.
I had an assignment of looking up 25 internet addresses about math. I came across this site via a link from another site. I found this site to contain lessons that could be very useful to me when I have my own classroom.
Tue Mar 9 23:39:39 1999

John Rogerson
I hope this is OK. I have a friend doing volutary work in Nepal. She is doing teacher training for secondary school teachers. To help her I have copied the materials from some of the smile classes onto an old laptop which I am donating to the educat ion institute she is working for. There is no Internet access from the town she is working in and so she cannot browse the materials herself. Thanks for the help.
Thu Mar 11 14:43:32 1999

kelcie student teacher
there is so much great stuff here! I will be back! Thank you.
Thu Mar 11 14:52:04 1999

your smile box is very useful/thank you very much/I am searching for the subject * water waves * in high school' curriculum to present in the class/ I will be a physics teacher after three months i am taking practice teaching course /in the course we are presenting one of the subjects and water waves is my subject.if it is possible I would like more information like in the physics box/my e-mail is Iam waiting your mail.thank you very much.
Fri Mar 12 15:05:47 1999

A. Sampson/ Flagstaff Unified School District, ESL Resource Teacher
Sun Mar 14 09:46:55 1999

Katie M. Gray, Oregon City, OR - Substitute Teacher/Tutor

Sun Mar 14 19:36:07 1999

Linda Crosby
Wow. This is a great place for information and lesson plans. I am a first year science teacher, always looking for interesting things to do or try with my students. Thank you. My e-mail is
Sun Mar 14 21:37:40 1999

Lisa Bell EMU student and guest teacher for south lyon schools

Tue Mar 16 12:46:29 1999

Victor Lehenkyi, Ph.D., Ukraine,
Thank you.
Wed Mar 17 10:22:33 1999

Michelle Gallagher, Douglas County High School

Fri Mar 19 11:19:19 1999

Tammy Crowder Mt. Washington Middle School

Sun Mar 21 14:49:23 1999

Jenny Anne Swanson Oakland University Senior

Mon Mar 22 10:23:51 1999

Martin Kaplan, Portland Community College
Just looking for the first time. Haven't had a chance to evaluate the site yet. I'll let you know.
Mon Mar 22 18:45:48 1999

Doug Wright
I am a student teacher in Sacramento. Your site has been very helpful for research and new ideas. Thank you.
Tue Mar 23 00:55:56 1999

Emmy Lilholt Substitute teacher/working on Bachelors

Thu Mar 25 10:31:09 1999

Jennifer Yee - Science Teacher at Bloom Trail H.S.

Thu Mar 25 22:37:58 1999

Charles David Spence
This is an interesting site with useful information. I am looking for a site that one can obtain physical and chemical properties of elements and compounds, specifically density.
Sat Mar 27 09:00:16 1999

e-mail : I'm portuguese and teatcher of fisic and chemistry, and I like very much your site .
Sat Mar 27 15:32:11 1999

Susan Ingram, student, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama

Fri Apr 2 14:18:17 1999

Brenda Partridge Teacher-Librarian
A wonderful site - have highly recommended it to the staff of our elementary school to use to prepare units for our new provincial curriculum.
Fri Apr 2 17:24:47 1999

Andrea Feuer- Teacher

Fri Apr 2 21:11:36 1999

Scott Jacobson, Lake City High School
I've been teaching Physics for 9 years and have always struggled to offer high tech lab experiences to my students with my allocated budget. Mostly it has been lot's of grant wrirting and keeping what little I have repaired. After a recent Partners In Science research experience (the last 2 summers) I discovered and developed an EXTREMELY inexpensive way to turn old computers (e.g. XT's & 286's) into high tech lab stations for under $50 per station using the standard gameport. I'm presently in the process of creating a website ( to make this information available (should be fully online within 2 weeks with weekly additions). It will include free programs, probe consruction plans, parts lists, lesson plans, kits. This will be a valuable resource to all science teachers. Any promotional help you might have to offer would be greatly appreciated!
Sat Apr 3 02:11:44 1999

ang yiwei
good work but can you please send me more experiment on micro organisms
Mon Apr 5 10:47:07 1999

Debra Estes, Jefferson Elementary, Wichita, Kansas

Mon Apr 5 18:28:12 1999

Bernadette Wiggin - student Secondary Ed - Math

Tue Apr 6 08:17:33 1999

Jonet Ford - Ozzigami - Adelaide - Australia

Tue Apr 6 18:01:37 1999

A.Alexander Math Teacher Secondary/Jr. High 7/8th grade
Tue Apr 6 19:30:26 1999

Dorothy Stewart / Baltimore County Public Schools MD
Wed Apr 7 21:09:13 1999

KAye Robinson
This web site has often given me ideas that I can use for my lessons when I am stuck for ideas. Thank you
Fri Apr 9 16:24:24 1999

Mary Pica, Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science Teacher, Valley Stream H.S., Valley Stream, NY
Sat Apr 10 18:39:31 1999

margarida matias pinto, escola secundaria gama barros, cacem, portugal
It was a pleasure to browse into the mathematic lessons, getting tips and ideas. I just want to ask if it is possible to join the grades with the title of the lesson thank you margarida
Sun Apr 11 14:34:43 1999

Mary Regan, Glenbard West High School

Sun Apr 11 17:51:07 1999

Buddy Albro, Krueger Elementary, Marion, Tx

Mon Apr 12 09:23:25 1999
This is a great sight. I have been using the math section for an elementary Math class in college it has given me some great ideas for my presentations. Thanks a bunch =) Amanda
Mon Apr 12 12:13:23 1999

Becca Borden
I would give this site to any one looking for a science project.
Thu Apr 15 18:54:50 1999

Shea McDonough

Sat Apr 17 13:12:12 1999

Anna Walker

Sat Apr 17 13:12:40 1999

Brandon Birdsill

Sat Apr 17 13:13:03 1999

Jessie Horkan

Sat Apr 17 13:13:30 1999

Samantha Hanel

Sat Apr 17 13:14:04 1999

Brittany Hizel

Sat Apr 17 13:14:36 1999

Jared Park

Sat Apr 17 13:15:00 1999

Cassidy Denman

Sat Apr 17 13:15:25 1999


Sun Apr 18 08:09:43 1999

Sarah Frederickson MATH
You should have a thing that accutaly helps you and not give you a lesson plan cuz i am not a teacher.
Mon Apr 19 16:53:29 1999

Matti Aaltonen,lecturer in Turku Polytechnic,Turku,Finland

Tue Apr 20 06:33:37 1999

Charles Laird 2nd career teacher ed student... U Tex @ San Antonio

Tue Apr 20 08:49:15 1999

Sherrie Hutcherson, 6th grade teacher, Greenbrier Middle School 2450 Hwy 41S Greenbrier, TN 37073

Tue Apr 20 15:51:10 1999

Barbara Olsen - Batavia High School, Batavia, New York
I am looking for practical science lessons for a 12-l-l class. These are extremely helpful.
Wed Apr 21 20:07:56 1999

Fernando Rubino
Your site it's great and very useful!
Thu Apr 22 13:30:40 1999

Steven Tam

Thu Apr 22 19:29:09 1999

Astrid Svensson

Fri Apr 23 06:44:48 1999

James Stoeckl New Mexico State University - student
Would like to see more lessons/activities for elementary school students, otherwise this is a great educational site.
Fri Apr 23 11:16:31 1999

Julia Goodman - Australian Teacher

Sat Apr 24 00:17:05 1999

I think these are great pages for just about anything!
Sun Apr 25 16:41:38 1999

robert e. leal
I will start using this site for help in my homework robert 6th grade student
Tue Apr 27 22:21:24 1999

Sheralyn Cook - New Zealand University of Waikato Student

Wed Apr 28 17:17:41 1999

carole milward, maths teacher

Thu Apr 29 17:30:35 1999

Cheryllyn J Walker - Henderson State University student (Arkadelphia, AR)

Fri Apr 30 10:31:46 1999

Mrs. Colleen Prince

Fri Apr 30 10:48:17 1999


Fri Apr 30 19:20:39 1999

Sat May 1 15:03:03 1999

Jane E. Lombardi

Sun May 2 10:17:16 1999

Tania Gray, Waikato School of Educaiton

Mon May 3 00:40:27 1999

Michelle Lassing(student school teacher) NZ
You have a wonderful web site.It's full of interesting lesson ideas.Thanks Michelle
Tue May 4 02:10:18 1999

Malcolm Sanders - Editor 'Primary Mathematics' UK Maths Association

Tue May 4 16:11:00 1999

Herbert Kleinheinz, Austrian Student Exchange Teacher,

Wed May 5 08:40:49 1999

Laura Rush, Bartlett High School
This is a great resource!!!
Wed May 5 19:21:10 1999

rebecca, university of botswana
Great page
Thu May 6 02:35:17 1999

Jerry Phifer- Monroe Middle School Monroe, N.C.

Thu May 6 15:37:55 1999

Olivia Medina
I am a student at the University of Maryland. I would like to suggest that your grades stay separated. If I click on K-1st grade, all other grades should not appear. Thanks for your help with my studies.
Sun May 9 05:29:18 1999

Ronna Hirsch- DePaul Graduate Student

Fri May 14 23:57:38 1999

Barbara Deines VE Teacher for grades 3-5

Sat May 15 07:49:20 1999

science sucks
Sun May 16 16:16:59 1999

Dora Instructional Assistant

Sat May 22 23:51:48 1999

Keith Turner

Sun May 23 18:44:47 1999

Cecily W. Bressel, M.A. at DataCentral

Fri May 28 17:18:37 1999

Joy Stovall, Lucille Nash Elementary, Kaufman, Texas
Wow, this is a wonderful site. I'm always on the lookout for things that will help bring math alive for my 5th and 6th grade students. Thanks.
Sat May 29 12:46:53 1999

Graham Payne at Skegness Grammar Linconshire UK PE25 2QS
A wonderful resource
Tue Jun 8 17:23:43 1999

Laura, freelance writer
What a great site. I found it while looking for a different site and I have now bookmarked the home page. I'm sending the link to my sister who has a boy starting school in September. Some of these experiments will keep him busy all summer and beyond. What a lot of fun this is for kids and parents. I wish I had found it sooner. :) I added the site to Netscape's Open Directory where I volunteer.
Wed Jun 9 12:39:22 1999

Mrs. Mary Gasch Math Department Nerinx Hall High School
I love your list of lesson plans. I'd like more information on attending one of your institutes. Please feel free to email me at or to send information by mail: Mrs. M. Gasch 974 Whispering Ridge Lane St. Peters, MO 63376 Thank you- Mary Gasch
Wed Jun 9 14:19:40 1999

Tala Jones, Teacher of 8 year olds in the UK
An excellent site, congratulations. So many resources, I never know which to choose! It's good to find a site so useful, even across the Pond :)
Thu Jun 10 15:59:40 1999

Cinda Hobbs @ Brown Elementary School, Lubbock, Texas

Sat Jun 12 12:40:38 1999

Kathryn Smith
like the smilie faces
Tue Jun 15 07:12:06 1999

Marian Cook
My associates and I are busy this summer updating our K-12 mathcurriculum. We have found your site to be a bonus of ideas for some best practices. Thanks!
Tue Jun 15 17:28:32 1999

Mary Atkinson from UTSA

Tue Jun 15 21:54:54 1999

Josep Manel Parra Serra, Dept. Física Fonamental, Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya, SPAIN
Excellent site for science teachers. I like that maths are not isolated from the other sciences.
Wed Jun 16 15:04:58 1999

Kathy Cartee EH Teacher

Thu Jun 17 15:57:13 1999

Yvette Klenner, teacher @ Deer Valley H. S. AZ

Mon Jun 21 12:00:00 1999

Laura Jacobs, Palmer ISD Mathematics Coordinator, Palmer, TX
Wonderful ideas! I will be sharing your website address with my math teachers.
Tue Jun 22 15:12:31 1999

Alan Dookie
Am a MAth teacher from South Africa. Great site!
Sun Jun 27 02:03:49 1999

Van Chase National Sports Youth Program, APSU
Sun Jun 27 15:10:08 1999

garry stephensons

Mon Jun 28 06:02:35 1999

Michael-School Student
Good page set up and had relevant information.
Wed Jun 30 00:38:52 1999

Sue-Ann Krupa @silverado

Sun Jul 4 02:47:32 1999

peter reed iup physics education student

Sun Jul 4 09:39:54 1999

Elaine Linder Austin Tracy Elementary Glasgow,KY

Sun Jul 4 23:23:43 1999

Candace Metz Teacher
I went to this site during a Project Smile workshop. Having a blast!!
Tue Jul 6 13:37:13 1999

jack jones

Tue Jul 6 13:49:11 1999

Yolanda G. Brown Teacher-Clinton, Elementary

Tue Jul 6 13:51:34 1999

Linda Harrison - teacher

Tue Jul 6 20:05:08 1999

Heidi Pickett/ Stockbridge Middle School, Stockbridge, GA
This website seems to be full of extremely useful lesson plans and information. I appreciate the time it has taken to complie such an extensive list of this information.
Tue Jul 13 14:37:55 1999

Bonnie Williams, OSU elementary ed. student

Tue Jul 13 18:26:54 1999

virginia james parkwood middle school monroe, NC

Wed Jul 14 14:19:30 1999

Tiffany Taylor, undergraduate at University of Georgia majoring in Mathematics Education
I was hoping to find information or lessons involving the use of technology as applied to matrices.
Wed Jul 14 21:06:53 1999

Mike Lankert, 9th Grade Physical Science New Albany Indiana

Thu Jul 15 10:29:21 1999

Rudy Losoya; Math Teacher; Mission (Tx) High School
This is one of the sites which I hope will help me in obtaining materials to supplement my teaching (resources) during the school year. It appears interesting and promising. Thank you, and keep up the good work.
Fri Jul 16 12:14:19 1999

Martha Barker - Thomas Hunter Middle School - Mathews, VA
I love your site!!!! I've just been hired for my first teaching job - 8th grade - Algebra. I want some "knock-their-socks-off" stuff, to keep students interest level high, my enthusiasm high, and learning at a high level also. I loved many of the ideas located here and can't wait to try them out!!! Thanks to all who have sub- mitted - you're an inspiration!!!!
Sat Jul 17 00:31:15 1999

Janet Tillman, teacher, Denham Springs Freshman High School, Denham Springs, Louisiana
Delighted to find your site.
Mon Jul 19 12:47:25 1999


Mon Jul 19 16:17:03 1999

Don Alao Teacher Toronto District School Board, Canada

Wed Jul 21 21:37:22 1999

sofy madott

Fri Jul 23 05:29:58 1999

Carlyle Henley
This seems very interesting to me. I think I'll look into this.
Fri Jul 23 13:33:07 1999

nik sri rahayu
i wish to see pedagogy @ teaching theory in teaching math
Sat Jul 24 09:23:41 1999

Ravindra U Rao, N A L, Bangalore, India
I am looking for lessons in elementary physics, to help me teach my daughter. I am exploring the material in SMILE. Looks good! My e-mail address is
Sun Jul 25 23:24:43 1999

Becky Brislin St. Sebastian School Akron, OH

Tue Jul 27 12:32:59 1999

lanie Socorro Secondary School teacher LPENHS High school

Wed Jul 28 19:33:56 1999

Mrs. Patricia L. Marshall, Milwaukee Public Schools
What an excellent website! The variety of lesson plans is overwhelming. I appreciated being able to find lessons tailored for the elementary school student. I will be returning. Thank you!!
Wed Jul 28 23:07:02 1999

Colleen Macdonald Sts. Peter & Paul Elementary School

Thu Jul 29 10:47:32 1999

Becky Terrell; St. Bernard Schools, Louisiana
Appreciate your site. Lots of great new ideas.
Fri Jul 30 08:40:35 1999

Joyce Rawlins

Fri Jul 30 11:04:57 1999

cecil gunraj. 1st year biology teacher at junior H.S who is learning how to write and develop lesson plans. I have found some useful info. here.

Fri Jul 30 21:10:21 1999

Marie, student

Fri Jul 30 23:13:47 1999

Michael Barnabi, JDC Plant Engineering Manager
I though your website was simply wonderfull. I've been searching for internet sites that are educational for my two boys, ages 13 and 14. I can't wait to show them yours. Keep up the fine work. If you have a catalog of offerings for purchase, please send me literature. I am very pro on computer-based learning systems. My e-mail is:
Sun Aug 1 14:38:17 1999

ervin n galera

Mon Aug 2 08:41:12 1999

Hi: Just showing off the SMILE stuff for the people in Seattle.
Tue Aug 3 15:22:49 1999

Jean Kowalski 1st grade teacher
Read some of the math lessons and they were very impressive. Only wish there were more elementary ones.
Wed Aug 4 18:58:33 1999

Fiona .R
An easy and interesting teaching guide.
Sun Aug 15 09:12:37 1999

tere steel -- parent

Sun Aug 15 10:50:44 1999

Cindy Jimenez Taft Middle School Albuq N.M.

Sun Aug 15 18:13:29 1999

Cliff Grosberg chem and physics teacher Apollo H S St. Cloud MN
Just found your site and am having a wonderful time looking for ideas for the next school year. LOVE IT!
Mon Aug 16 00:35:10 1999

Faith Williams, Fairfax Learning Center, Kansas City, KS.
Wow! I'll be teaching at an "alternative" school this year for students who have been suspended out of their regular schools. Our main emphasis will be on literacy. I can see where these plans will really be helpful. I'm not sure of the site address, though . Thanks, F.Williams
Tue Aug 17 19:48:30 1999

Lissa Shepard, Green Valley Elem. Houston, Tx.

Thu Aug 19 15:55:02 1999

Roger D. Surbaugh, Centers For Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia

Sat Aug 21 05:15:04 1999

Tammy Crowder Mt. Washington Middle School

Sun Aug 22 15:29:14 1999

Sandra Swartz Tempe Elem. District Tempe AZ

Sun Aug 22 18:25:59 1999

Dianne R. Milanovich, Ohio State University, MEd. program

Mon Aug 23 09:00:02 1999

Earl Griffith,

Tue Aug 24 08:18:21 1999

nicole greene 4th grade

Tue Aug 24 17:23:13 1999

Thu Aug 26 21:22:45 1999

Huw Leggate: Dar-Es-Salaam Independent Schoool, Tanzania
Great stuff
Fri Aug 27 02:09:21 1999

Duke Schools
Thank you for letting me browse.
Sat Aug 28 15:47:41 1999

pascale levacher central qld university, australia, education student

Mon Aug 30 21:24:56 1999

Roger Salt - IT Advisor and ofsted Inspector

Tue Aug 31 07:03:50 1999

Carol Kirkbride John Simpson Middle School, Mansfield, Ohio
I haven't see it all yet, but it looks great. When I use a lesson I will get back with a comment.
Thu Sep 2 10:28:56 1999

Teresa Caudill,

Fri Sep 3 08:09:06 1999

Teresa CAudill, District Assessment Coordinator, Bath County Schools
Fri Sep 3 08:10:07 1999

Liz Grubbs / Student
I have a question: What are somethings that make the heart rate increase or decrease? Ex: 'Metallica' makes the heart rate increase, sugar makes the heart rate increase and then decrease. Please e-mail me with the answer at :
Fri Sep 3 08:22:45 1999

Elizabeth Eiler
I love your site! I hope to use it with my children as they get older and get into school. What a fantastic resource.
Sun Sep 5 22:48:25 1999

Leah Tully parent

Wed Sep 8 17:34:36 1999

Kathleen Lambert , Science teacher , Ridgetown District High School , Ontario

Wed Sep 8 18:21:54 1999

Butch Grant--Biology teacher at Kellam H.S. Va Beach, Va
In looking at some of the lesson plans, it would be nice if some of the questions were followed up by an answer key.
Wed Sep 8 22:23:32 1999

Esa Prakasa
Your Page is very intersting and usefully. I am a private teacher, can I translate SMILE's text, and distribute to my student? Best Regards!!
Fri Sep 10 23:06:27 1999

Jeanne Lynch - Kindergarten Teacher - Union Parish, LA
I'm delighted to discover this website while browsing for information for a unit on apples.
Sun Sep 12 08:09:44 1999

tina sikora intern teacher
there are not a lot of resources available for the lower elementary grades1 It would be great if there were more.
Sun Sep 12 16:22:13 1999

Courtney A. Eaton - Junior Participant @ Buffalo State College

Mon Sep 13 09:37:10 1999

Windy Ramsey Science Teacher NC First Assembly Christian
Thanks for the help and info. Great web site.
Tue Sep 14 08:11:26 1999

berto barajas
hey your program is pretty cool.
Tue Sep 14 12:37:10 1999

Koleen McLaughlin--student teacher in Sacramento California

Tue Sep 14 19:36:57 1999

Linda White-Kingsbury Science teacher @Carter Jr. High, Arlington, TX

Sat Sep 18 10:47:58 1999

Allan Gilhooley Hillcrest School Dudley England
An excellent site which will be worth another visit
Sat Sep 18 11:09:10 1999

Tom Douglas Teacher -- Toronto District School Board
Your lesson plans look terrific! I am looking forward to exploring their use in my classroom. I teach poor inner city youth (age 14 - 18) with a huge range of skill-level and invariably enormous knowledge gaps, (and all the social challenges of growin g up in a "modern" city. They exhibit great ambivalence regarding education, and science in particular. So, I am keen to see how your smile material works. I'll let you know (
Sat Sep 18 15:31:43 1999

Courtney Gieselmann Student @Chester High School Chester, IL I need some general information about osmosis and diffusion. If you can help me with further info, please let me know. Thanks!
Sun Sep 19 11:14:03 1999

Michelle Peplinski 6th Grade Science Teacher
Thanks for the easy to find lesson plans! I hope to make some of them a hit with my class!
Mon Sep 20 21:21:24 1999


Tue Sep 21 16:02:45 1999

Ginger Long, Student-Mississippi State Univ.
I was just browsing for some helpful ideas for lesson plans. I found a lot of useful information, Thanks!!
Wed Sep 22 20:56:25 1999

Joycelyn H. Brunswick _ Parent
This site has been very helpful in assisting with assignment for my children. My kids are 5 and 9 years old. Thank you.
Wed Sep 22 21:41:01 1999

claire balverde

Thu Sep 23 01:38:02 1999


Fri Sep 24 06:53:34 1999

amy r

Fri Sep 24 08:51:52 1999

Marilyn R. Sacred Heart School, Pittsburgh, PA

Sat Sep 25 13:01:46 1999

Susan Lowe, California State University, San Marcos
What a great resource site! Thank you!
Sun Sep 26 16:36:58 1999

Sheri McGowan - Pequea Valley School District

Sun Sep 26 17:05:13 1999

Kathleen Patterson Student Teacher Setauket Elementary New York

Sun Sep 26 18:01:20 1999

mignonne anderson Marion County Schools
Really appreciate this material.... just found the site and will continue to use it during the year. We really need this help... Thanks!!!!!!
Sun Sep 26 18:04:53 1999

Norm Wright School District #57, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

Sun Sep 26 22:40:18 1999

Michelle Wagener--SIUE student

Mon Sep 27 14:17:21 1999

Shelly G. Hudson - math teacher Green Sea-Floyds HS, Green Sea, SC

Tue Sep 28 08:37:13 1999

Angie Pre-service teacher
I like the site but was looking for information on multiplying and dividing decimals. It would be great if you could search the activites through a search feature.
Wed Sep 29 17:04:42 1999

Sam Macculloch, university student, education, Sydney, Australia

Sat Oct 2 05:36:45 1999

Marisela Baez

Sun Oct 3 11:10:30 1999

Stephanie Stout Unaka High School

Sun Oct 3 13:06:17 1999

Charles Peters - teacher, Hollister, CA

Mon Oct 4 00:35:58 1999

Sara Burckhardt, Fresno State Student

Mon Oct 4 22:24:43 1999

Megan, I am in biology I am doing a science fair project on how ultraviolet light effects growth of maragolds. I read the one on the beans, but that was growing them in the light, and I am doing my by putting the seeds in the u.v. light. I was wondering if you had any thing o n that. Thank you!
Tue Oct 5 21:43:41 1999

Heather Cucuzzella/High School Math Teacher
Thanks for the information! I teach a general math class that is very difficult to reach. I'm looking forward to trying some of your techniques with them...wish me luck!
Wed Oct 6 22:24:07 1999

Dr. Dominic Salinas Caddo Parish Schools, LA Middle School Science Supervisor

Thu Oct 7 09:06:35 1999

Stephanie Wolbert / Smyrna School District ,DE. , Science Specialist
Great Site!
Fri Oct 8 08:31:43 1999


Fri Oct 8 10:07:39 1999

Lavonne Bailey, Indiana University of PA, Early Childhood Education Major

Sat Oct 9 14:39:52 1999

Anne Streater
This is great website because I love smiley faces and it can help me with my maths and science homework which I sometimes struggle with!
Sun Oct 10 11:53:18 1999

Dan Van Velthuizen - QUT Education student
Great site!
Sun Oct 10 21:47:52 1999

Laura Shugrue - Elementary Ed Major, Seton Hall University, NJ

Mon Oct 11 21:37:28 1999

Laurie Stewart @ Sheridan High School, Sheridan, WY

Tue Oct 12 21:26:51 1999

Miss Sharmila Rachael Kalvani Secondary Teacher at Swakeleys School, Hillingdon, U.K.
I think this site is excellent and I will definitely be visiting it really often. What a's outta sight!! Very useful for when I'm tired and can't think of what to do the following week!!
Wed Oct 13 15:00:31 1999

India Babin - Southeastern Louisiana University

Wed Oct 13 22:00:42 1999

Richard Reighard
Parent of 3 Jr High and Elementary children
Sat Oct 16 15:24:48 1999

Sun Oct 17 02:29:00 1999
very thank you for this page. From Chile Victoria y Eduardo
Sun Oct 17 11:46:21 1999

Heather Walton Foothills Academy, WheatRidge, Colorado

Sun Oct 17 13:13:55 1999

Lynda from Australia.
What a great web page! I acessed this page to help my son with a chemistery assignment. Thanks for the information.
Tue Oct 19 16:48:10 1999

Robyn Webb...... Coorparoo State School (Parent) Brisbane, Australia
Thank you for the homework help!!!!!
Tue Oct 19 21:48:46 1999

Wed Oct 20 13:05:57 1999

Steve Brown/ Student/Vol state community college
I was just looking for online tutorials
Thu Oct 21 09:26:21 1999

George Curtis
Thu Oct 21 17:16:52 1999

Angela Jones - Edgemont Elementary School
Fri Oct 22 21:14:31 1999

Vicki Gale Math, Health and Science Teacher, Fernley Intermediate School

Sun Oct 24 20:41:31 1999

Anna R. Moore/Instructor of Math for Cumberland County JTPA, Bridgeton, N.J.

Mon Oct 25 13:38:47 1999

Frank Street (Parent)

Mon Oct 25 19:07:28 1999

Valerie Love Teacher
Mon Oct 25 19:52:02 1999

K.Smith Kindergarten teacher

Mon Oct 25 21:33:26 1999

Vern Schaefer Beloit Memorial High School- Beloit,WI

Mon Oct 25 21:34:33 1999

gillian carroll

Tue Oct 26 06:37:22 1999

Jane DeWitt Spec. Ed./ 7th-8th grade Lacey Twp. Middle School
Tue Oct 26 13:45:01 1999

Karen Cochlan, Northern College, Aberdeen

Wed Oct 27 08:56:41 1999

Jennifer Torrez, student at University of North Dakota

Wed Oct 27 14:38:43 1999

joyce p. johnson

Wed Oct 27 21:34:22 1999

This is a wonderful web page and it is useful.
Fri Oct 29 03:45:13 1999

Miriam Hlawatsch
Sat Oct 30 21:55:16 1999

Jan Beaver Grade 6 Teacher Seneca Hill Dr. P.S. North York, Ontario, Canada

Sun Oct 31 10:18:49 1999

Liz Siordia 6th grade teacher Desert Shadows Middle School, Nogales, Arizona
Wonderful and very helpful lesson plans Thank you
Sun Oct 31 22:00:08 1999

leea mulone glen worden school scotia ny

Mon Nov 1 21:07:47 1999

Dannielle Ray- student Concordia University Portland

Tue Nov 2 00:26:57 1999

Shaun Khan
I hate physics!
Tue Nov 2 12:40:54 1999

A. Alvarez - middle school teacher
i just discovered this great site-- thanks for all the great ideas!
Tue Nov 2 22:21:05 1999

Laurie Pierce - Elementary education student @ E. MI. U

Wed Nov 3 09:08:37 1999

Brian Johnson 33yr.old college student
I have found this site quite helpful in getting me information on lesson plans for my class,which is math for elementary teachers.
Wed Nov 3 14:30:34 1999

Maciej Zawacki physics teacher at Technical School at Torun - Poland
Thu Nov 4 09:20:18 1999

Dave Schoch, Elementary Principal, Mohall ND

Thu Nov 4 18:05:31 1999

Gail Graddon, teacher, Central Catholic HS, Portland, OR

Thu Nov 4 20:22:48 1999

Sharon Olson, Caronport Elementary School, Caronport, Sk, Canada
Mon Nov 8 16:47:56 1999


Tue Nov 9 11:31:15 1999

Chris Gehring - Hubbard High School
Tue Nov 9 15:18:32 1999

Murad Jurdak,Professor of math education, American University of Beirut
Wed Nov 10 06:47:24 1999

Susan Jordan Teacher at Covington High School

Thu Nov 11 21:57:39 1999

Nan Little, Ph.D., Program Manager, Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership (STEP), College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington

Fri Nov 12 17:11:22 1999

Laura Ireland, Antioch Community High School
Looking for lesson for interior design class and also for clothing & textile classes
Sat Nov 13 13:00:43 1999

Laura Ireland, Antioch Community High School
Looking for lesson for interior design class and also for clothing & textile classes
Sat Nov 13 13:01:14 1999

Susan Bailey St. John Fisher High, Harrogate, GB

Sat Nov 13 16:43:26 1999

Wendy Fox Macala, Canton Freshman Academy, Canton Ohio
I have a couple of units that might fit with your format, complete with grading rubrics, student activity sheets.
Sat Nov 13 18:33:27 1999

Jo Ann Bernofsky Clark Fork School in Missoula, MT

Sun Nov 14 16:11:27 1999

Mon Nov 15 04:21:11 1999

Wed Nov 17 10:21:08 1999

LaToya Michelle Lee-Townview Law Magnet

Wed Nov 17 11:25:41 1999

Jan Smith--homeschool teacher

Wed Nov 17 22:13:09 1999

Danielle Nations - Brigham Young University

Fri Nov 19 13:46:31 1999

Rogerio Dalle Mulle

Sun Nov 21 05:42:18 1999

Sonya McLaughlin School Teacher

Sun Nov 21 16:33:42 1999

Joseph Tichy
You have put together a wonderful page with really great ideas. I am attending Lewis University for a Biology degree with certification in secondary education. I found some great ideas that I can apply in my kindergarten classroom. Agian, you have put together many good ideas from obviously talented people. Joe
Sun Nov 21 19:23:20 1999

cami bearden
this website didn't help me at all with my physics homework!!
Sun Nov 21 20:28:18 1999

Peter Luk, Ling Kee Educational Press

Sun Nov 21 21:19:42 1999

Diane Scott - mother
Wonderful site for getting information for lesson plans to help my child with difficult concepts that the school spends 10 minutes on and then expects the children to understand.
Mon Nov 22 10:52:20 1999

Elizabeth Purnell. Chemistry teacher England

Tue Nov 23 14:27:36 1999

Fabienne Duret,Student in high school teaching

Tue Nov 23 20:50:10 1999

Cynthia Marzette, Fultondale High School, Birmingham, Al

Tue Nov 23 22:48:00 1999

vacchino marta

Thu Nov 25 09:37:40 1999

Michelle Wagener SIU Edwardsville
Need to have lessons dealing with Social Studies.
Sat Nov 27 10:50:42 1999

Bobbie A. Boyer, Life Science Palmyra M.s.

Sun Nov 28 19:40:40 1999

Mrs P Ireland
A great idea - the more ideas we share, the better teachers we become. email
Mon Nov 29 13:15:08 1999

Angie Ortiz

Thu Dec 2 01:00:30 1999

Daneice Foster - Cache High School- Cache, Ok
THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I'm a brand-new chemistry/physical science teacher and am thrilled to find your ideas and lesson plans!!!!!
Thu Dec 2 21:38:29 1999

i think that you should have time-lines about what math events happen since 1000.. e-mail me @ about it once yall do it.. i pomise it iz a great idea.. use it..
Fri Dec 3 09:38:08 1999

Ryan Milsom
This was a very useful and interesting site.
Fri Dec 3 10:17:02 1999

Tchiya Amet Vela:Arbol de Vida Homeschool Instructor
So happy to find your site! We shall visit often. Peace, Tchiya
Fri Dec 3 19:04:29 1999

valeta Spain, Higher Power, Inc.

Mon Dec 6 14:43:46 1999

susyQ phillips
nice smiley faces
Mon Dec 6 20:01:30 1999 Special Education teacher

Mon Dec 6 20:05:46 1999

andy fessey
i had a lovely time here.
Tue Dec 7 04:00:16 1999

Carolyn Koehler, Dept. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, University of California, Davis School of Medicine
We will have to do this later . . . Thanks for being there
Tue Dec 7 15:38:30 1999


Wed Dec 8 12:07:49 1999

Cleo Anne Byrne secondary school teacher
Thu Dec 9 09:49:14 1999

s kelly,instructor ulm

Fri Dec 10 19:50:57 1999

Niki Tacon, student, soon to be teacher:)
I like this, very comprehensive adn some good ideas. I'll be coming back for more. Thank you.
Sat Dec 11 10:32:37 1999

How Kum Leng

Sat Dec 11 11:58:47 1999

Ahren Sauld-student at UW-Oshkosh

Sat Dec 11 12:25:33 1999

Thomas H. Czech
Great site, Lots of info for my children and there school projects. Keep up the good work.
Sun Dec 12 09:36:19 1999


Mon Dec 13 17:51:12 1999

Susie Sutej - High School Science Teacher

Fri Dec 17 11:28:02 1999


Sun Dec 19 13:46:05 1999

Bertha Porter, 4th grade teacher Virginia Avenue Elementary

Mon Dec 20 05:10:06 1999

FRAnces H cameron

Mon Dec 20 21:26:14 1999

B.Adamson, teacher

Tue Dec 21 14:55:58 1999

Maurice J Costello; Port Moresby International High School
This is a great resource. I will be using some of the ideas in my teaching. Thank you.
Wed Dec 22 07:28:53 1999

Randy Lee Special Ed. teacher

Thu Dec 23 18:55:24 1999


Sat Dec 25 14:14:14 1999

Sheryl Keim Portland Public School....Ockley Green Middle
Hoping that these lessons will spark me to be more comfortable in an area I'm still growing in.
Tue Dec 28 10:17:23 1999

Trisha Kiel, Elementary Education Major, Conordia College, MN

Thu Dec 30 11:25:17 1999

Marsha M. Flynt Sedge Garden School of Math and Science

Mon Jan 3 13:42:33 2000

Debra Marsh Cub Scout Webelos leader

Mon Jan 3 14:14:53 2000

Betti Delevi, Coordinator of Jewish School, Istanbul

Tue Jan 4 05:42:35 2000

Curtis Matsushige, Science Teacher, Campbell High,Ewa HI
Public educator Any plans on how to make a simple solution conductivity testor with LED, resistor and 9 volt battery?
Tue Jan 4 19:11:20 2000

Francia Marshall - Academy Park High School

Wed Jan 5 13:49:15 2000

BEVERLY BOBB-CUMBERBATCH I will like some spanish lessons done by professional teachers
Wed Jan 5 19:56:13 2000

Erica Holmes Laurel, Ms.
I was looking for some information of frition for my cousins science fair project.
Wed Jan 5 20:06:09 2000

Charles Wolf, Shroder Paideia School, CIncinnati Public Schools, Ohio
Glad to find a resource for lesson plans and some new ideas to stimulate me and my classes.
Thu Jan 6 19:07:38 2000

Chris Sutton - St. Patrick's High School, Halifax, N.S. Can.

Thu Jan 6 21:50:58 2000

Ryan Stubbings- general interest
I found a lot of the topics interesting and very helpful in learning the concepts.
Fri Jan 7 17:18:42 2000

Ms. A. Carr - 7-8 Science;Cincinnati,OH
Exciting cite!! I am a new teacher and any help I receive is GREATLY appreciated!!!!
Sat Jan 8 11:07:46 2000

Alexandra Fidalgo -Portugal
I'm glad I found you. We don´t have many books on Chemistry and Physics experiments in Portugal and your site will help me show my students how Physics and Chemistry can be so much fun.My e-mail is
Sun Jan 9 16:39:49 2000

dough boy
what about the advances in technological biology -11 year old boy
Sun Jan 9 17:43:08 2000

Siedah Beachem

Mon Jan 10 18:04:15 2000

peter o'hare,principal,hasbrouck heights jr/sr hs new jersey
Tue Jan 11 17:34:52 2000

jennifer calford, teacher, sheshegwaning first nation
very helpful page
Mon Jan 17 16:44:27 2000

from california with love.
great site!
Thu Jan 20 04:29:06 2000

imani fischer - benjamin banneker academy for community develpoment

Sat Jan 22 02:32:20 2000

Debbie Shakesheave-Thomas

Sat Jan 22 13:56:59 2000 Marshfield Public Schools Kim Potter
I would like the opportunity to buy your disk with the lesson plans. Could you please send more information to my address on this matter. Thank you.
Sun Jan 23 01:04:00 2000

Arly 01

Mon Jan 24 17:06:02 2000

Blake Sanderson

Tue Jan 25 10:05:03 2000

valerio-augusto franconetti, Frosinone - Italy

Wed Jan 26 16:25:27 2000

Darla Fraley Sandwich High School

Wed Jan 26 18:07:35 2000


Sun Jan 30 01:13:54 2000

John Mc Donald. Physics Teacher, Merewether High School N.S.W. Australia
Congratulations, Thankyou for your site, Great ideas to base lessons. Great for motivation of students. Most activities easily adaptable to suit interest, experience & level of students. Regards, John Mc Donald
Sun Jan 30 07:07:05 2000

Marion L. Johnson Melbourne High

Sun Jan 30 10:55:02 2000

monica marolt preservice teacher lake erie college
Sun Jan 30 11:03:16 2000

Amy Pokerwinski
Sun Jan 30 20:04:08 2000

Laurent Wanner I am looking for more info. reg. paper chromatography of pigments extracted from fruits and/or vegetables, any other means of extraction and separation. Thank you
Sun Jan 30 20:10:05 2000

hifsa riaz. student teacher
I think this site is really great, but you could benefit from puting more lesson plans for high school students (i.e. 11-16 years old), and also put lesson plans which are catered for student teachers, bearing in mind that a lot of us have a fear of class management. but this is not a criticism, i really think this site is useful, and i know alot of students have taken ideas from this
Wed Feb 2 08:15:18 2000

Tammie Harper Biology teacher/SE Lauderdale High, Meridian, MS

Wed Feb 2 16:19:15 2000

Delores Britton, Biology Teacher, Harry Van Arsdale HS Brooklyn, NY

Wed Feb 2 23:23:32 2000

cindy deslaurier polk county fla school system

Thu Feb 3 14:15:25 2000

Maria Lemus
looking for programs available for 5 year
Thu Feb 3 15:41:35 2000

Helena, casual browser

Sun Feb 6 02:38:06 2000

Jan Garcia
I just started a biology class at the University of Phoenix. I was looking for the chemical basis of over the counter antacids. You have a very interesting web site. I will be back. Thanks!!!
Sun Feb 6 22:02:48 2000

Britt Lowe Matson, elementary education major and UNF
Mon Feb 7 20:53:56 2000

candace mother

Wed Feb 9 21:13:38 2000

tommie hagans,building trades instructor ,southampton high shcool
i would like to find information on reading the rule. my e - mail is thank you,t hagans
Fri Feb 11 07:24:50 2000

Gerianne Jarolim /

Sat Feb 12 10:36:49 2000

Gerianne Jarolim / Wondeview Elementary School
Sat Feb 12 10:37:30 2000


Mon Feb 14 16:36:31 2000

Hannah and Isabelle
Very good. Need more information
Fri Feb 18 12:47:59 2000

Michele Brees MJ Christensen ES Las Vegas, NV
This is a great page. Thank you!!!!
Sun Feb 20 14:16:54 2000

Ing. Rudi Rovers
Interesting Site
Mon Feb 21 09:05:03 2000

Kelly Payton
I am a student teacher in Alabama and I really enjoy your website. It gives beginning teachers, like me, good ideas and lessons. Thanks,
Mon Feb 21 11:24:30 2000

lvanderels 1st grade newfieldsnh

Mon Feb 21 19:37:14 2000

Felicia Sanchez-Student
Thank you so much, you are greatly appreciated!
Mon Feb 21 20:44:18 2000

Carolyn Lawson

Mon Feb 21 22:43:23 2000

Bimpe Adeoye Aylwin Girls' school in London England
I have found this website very useful in my science and maths coursework especially on the investigations that you provide.
Wed Feb 23 06:30:32 2000

Sophie Ali
Great lesson plans.
Thu Feb 24 01:24:55 2000

kandi Alvey, 8th grade learning disabilities teacher, Bullitt Lick M.S., Shepherdsville, Ky 40165
You have great lessons and we have found several that will work well with the units we use each year. THANKS
Fri Feb 25 11:30:34 2000

Ahmet Hakan Duman
very well ,go on like that
Fri Feb 25 15:06:56 2000

Mary Hile

Fri Feb 25 17:19:01 2000

Nancy Van Tassel - Student Teacher

Fri Feb 25 20:04:19 2000

Ellen Hoffsten, St. Louis Academy
I need ideas for severely behavior disordered students who are reluctant learners.
Sun Feb 27 07:39:31 2000

Mike Krofchik - Camelback High School - 9th Algebra &Geom.
Sun Feb 27 12:25:44 2000

Ursula Fuery Student Teacher Buffalo State College, N.Y.

Sun Feb 27 13:36:58 2000

Karen Wilson, student teacher, Scotland

Sun Feb 27 14:31:35 2000

A. Perry

Sun Feb 27 22:55:31 2000

This is a good site! It helps us all out. thank you
Mon Feb 28 10:12:14 2000

B.Adamson, teacher
Thanks for this site; it gave me the confidence to face a job interview with sample lesson and I got the job!!
Mon Feb 28 15:36:52 2000

Simon, Ava & Karen Sacco No affiliation

Mon Feb 28 19:56:18 2000

Tue Feb 29 15:23:33 2000

Tue Feb 29 18:47:01 2000

edward j robinson collins high school chicago

Wed Mar 1 01:23:54 2000

Eva Holeman Holeman HomeSchool
I am excited by all the information and suggestions. Thanks!
Wed Mar 1 11:48:00 2000

Karen A. Lee Special Education Student at Western Illinois University
I really enjoyed all of the wonderful math lesson plans available through this web site. I am going to recommend the site to my peers.
Fri Mar 3 14:46:26 2000

Walter Dietens, Navel architect & Marine Engineer

Sat Mar 4 04:25:56 2000

Lacey Robeck
In Biology section, put in dissections of more animals.
Sat Mar 4 12:49:04 2000

Sat Mar 4 14:01:45 2000

Andrew Schroeder
this is a good web site!!
Mon Mar 6 17:29:06 2000

Maggie Teacher Darite Primary School

Mon Mar 6 17:35:38 2000

Detra D. Johnson, Teacher, Pyburn Elem. Galena Park ISD Houston Tx
I have really enjoyed the information that I have accessed this evening. This was the first time I have ever used this Web-site and I truly did enjoy and will use this information beginning tomorrow. I am a first year teacher and this information mi ght prove to be invaluable. My e-mail address is Thanks for your support and information
Mon Mar 6 21:25:42 2000

L. Williams-Brussels High School, Brussels, IL

Wed Mar 8 15:10:40 2000

Belinda Moreno..........elementary science teacher
I like the different lesson plans that are available for references........if there is anymore information I should know or that you are providing to other teachers, please e-mail me at Thank You!
Wed Mar 8 22:57:39 2000

Margaret Gilman Math teacher grades 7 & 8 Martin School East Taunton, Ma

Fri Mar 10 15:57:51 2000

Carlos Cabral
This is a great site for children to experiment and find out how things work. Keep up the great work.
Sat Mar 11 09:37:55 2000

Mary Jean P. Holcomb, Special Education Teacher

Sun Mar 12 15:23:33 2000

Marlene Stevens-No.Tonawanda Public Schools(near BuffaloNY)
Outstanding material for educators. I passed it on to friends! Thank you.
Mon Mar 13 21:03:26 2000

Michelle Scrudder science instructor Dallas Tx
This is a wonderful site full of great ideas and concepts. Thank you for publishing it. I would love to get more information about your program. e-me at
Wed Mar 15 10:57:40 2000

Lorraine Hutchinson- San Diego Fire Dept.
I am teaching a class to new recruits "Chemistry of Fire". As you know visuals are the best teachers. Thanks a bunch for providing this service. It is awesome.
Wed Mar 15 11:31:13 2000

Tyranika :-)

Wed Mar 15 16:32:03 2000

Laly Melody - Math Teacher @ N. Hollywood HS
Is there updated material? Are you going to have a booth at the Chicago Math Conference next month (4/12/00)?
Wed Mar 15 18:12:19 2000

Patricia Vieira

Thu Mar 16 10:38:22 2000

Cathye Fuller - Volusia County schools, Daytona Beach, Fl

Thu Mar 16 15:05:12 2000

nor mariah

Fri Mar 17 02:36:44 2000

joshua zeller
Sun Mar 19 00:38:08 2000

Patricia Harvey Leesville Junior High, Leesville, LA 71446
Wonderful site. I found many different lesson plans to use with my seventh graders. I'm sure they will enjoy all the hands on. Thanks for the super materials.
Sun Mar 19 21:21:57 2000

moyra keane

Tue Mar 21 07:36:00 2000

Debbie Nsefik Science teacher in England
Great site any queations to set the pupils would be nice!
Tue Mar 21 13:31:57 2000


Tue Mar 21 19:02:53 2000

Linda Carter, Region 4- CIPD/ISMHT/CSI - Facilitator
I visited this site in order to preview what is available for some of the schools that are being assigned as a Math/Science cluster. They will be searching for information that will help train teachers for this new instructional arrangement. Many of my colleagues have had great success with their envolvement with SMILE and I just wanted to make sure that the opportunities were still available.
Wed Mar 22 18:01:10 2000

J. McDonald Goddard Teacher of Math grades 6 to 10(ages 12 to 16)

Wed Mar 22 20:25:29 2000

Andrea Bacle, 7th and 8th grade math and science teacher
Thanks for the great site! Keep up the good work! :)
Thu Mar 23 00:53:04 2000

Mark Greenaway - St Alban's High School, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Thu Mar 23 06:12:40 2000

Ragini Patel CSP4
Very helpful website
Thu Mar 23 16:10:27 2000

Susan Williams Jackson Public Schools Jackson, MS

Thu Mar 23 19:23:20 2000

Brandy Crawford --- James Bowie High School
A great site ....... thanks ........ =)
Fri Mar 24 09:21:42 2000

Dan Cashman - Cal State University Dominguez Hills
Very well done web site, a tremendous resource. I wish I had such resouces when I was in grammer-high school. I was looking for some technical answers for a science project for my child's ambitious/ambiguous seed hybridization experiment. What a gold mine you (the plural) have put together. Keep up the good work. Dan Cashman
Sat Mar 25 00:37:27 2000

musa çalýskan
thank you for help
Sat Mar 25 18:59:20 2000

M C Gilbert, Harrisonville Christian School

Mon Mar 27 18:54:29 2000

Rick Champion, please send info about any chemistry!
Tue Mar 28 00:04:40 2000,
I have not seen the entire program however I feel images, cartoons etc. in sessions would really help make the session interesting, I may be wrong as I have not gone thru in details
Tue Mar 28 04:23:01 2000

Tomeka Poe Walker (Geometry and Algebra II Teacher)
I find this website to be very beneficial to me and my students. It has a lot of really good information. If any other information can be sent to me by email, send to the following address: Thank you.
Tue Mar 28 19:28:07 2000

Melodye McBride Deer Park School District
Tue Mar 28 23:25:21 2000

Brenda Jackson, Elem. Science teacher, Willow Springs, MO

Wed Mar 29 06:41:13 2000

vicky webb and sarah griffiths
i think this is fit, but it dosent give me any information i need
Thu Mar 30 03:09:37 2000

Alisa Settles, Specail Education Teacher

Thu Mar 30 08:48:08 2000

Emily Lafasciano Tech Ed teacher Orford, NH
Thanks for the help!
Thu Mar 30 10:40:45 2000

Nadzir Salleh, Technical Director, MSc in Electronic
Congratulation, This web will be very useful for Student worldwide, you need to advertized more, not many people knew the exsisting of this side. My email : ndsalle@ hotmail .com. Thank You.
Fri Mar 31 04:31:10 2000

Sherre Frazier, Biology Teacher
Keep up the good work. This site has really been helpful to me. I have used several of the lessons. Thanks.
Fri Mar 31 13:03:40 2000

pdiem - thompson schools - loveland, CO - ESL teacher (sheltered english) Would love to know the format the teachers were required to follow to plan for teaching to standards.
Sun Apr 2 23:01:14 2000

Mon Apr 3 07:14:13 2000

pg parks,homeschool

Tue Apr 4 10:56:23 2000

Walter McDonald,Substitute Teacher Chicago Board of Education

Tue Apr 4 20:07:33 2000

annette venegas, teacher 5th grade
Awesome site. Thanks. I'll try to add some to it!
Wed Apr 5 18:05:30 2000

Suzanne Farr Student Teacher from College of St. Rose, NY

Wed Apr 5 19:45:23 2000

Ian Michael Deputy Principal {curriculum}

Thu Apr 6 07:37:00 2000

Stephanie Young
Please tell me what ordered pairs are? Stephanie Young
Thu Apr 6 16:37:47 2000

Walter O. McDonald,BS,RT
Thu Apr 6 20:05:47 2000

Behima Majur KMD Mid School Nepal
Thank you severly for your lessons. They have been of greatness of help for a newly installed teacher.
Fri Apr 7 18:01:24 2000

Ricardo Kent
Your curses is very goods and pedagogics and singles
Sat Apr 8 04:33:00 2000

William C. Phillips, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
I have enjoyed looking around. Thanks for the resource.I teach Principles of Technologl & Electronics.
Sat Apr 8 19:44:18 2000

William C. Phillips, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
I have enjoyed looking around. Thanks for the resource.I teach Principles of Technology & Electronics.
Sat Apr 8 19:44:59 2000

Grethe Moody School Teacher, Lincoln, ME
:) :)
Sat Apr 8 19:56:23 2000

Robert Elliott

Sun Apr 9 13:17:11 2000

Deborah Bentley, R.Ph Monroe County Medical Center
This is great!! I am frequently asked to make presentations at area school and this will be very helpful. Thanks.
Mon Apr 10 10:33:21 2000

Mary Jean Harrison

Tue Apr 11 08:24:36 2000

mari tere- physics teacher

Tue Apr 11 19:35:19 2000

mari tere- physics teacher
the site is an excellent one. The activities listed are enormous and easy to understand. Keep on doing it I enjoy it a lot
Tue Apr 11 19:37:00 2000

umar saeed

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Thu Apr 13 14:00:05 2000

Kim Furman
Great site!! I am a home-schooler and this is fantastic for me and my boys love the fun math techniques.
Thu Apr 13 14:02:16 2000

Garline Thomas - Burns Flat-Dill City Schools, Burns Flat, OK

Fri Apr 14 20:11:10 2000

Marilyn Hardesty 6th Grade Math Arbor Hills Jr. High Sylvania, OH
Had fun searching for info to go with a Thematic unit my team is using to study Australia. I pulled off about 6 plans to alter and use. Thank you!!
Sat Apr 15 10:01:40 2000

Laura Balsley UNR

Sun Apr 16 17:58:56 2000

Greg Parsons; Middle Grades Math Teacher
I have browsed only briefly, but my first impresion is that this is a great site. Thanks. I will be back when I have more time to linger.
Sun Apr 16 22:47:51 2000

Mrs. Jeffery's 5th Graders Phillips Elementary School Hampton, VA

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Fri Apr 21 07:43:23 2000

Remy Poon
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Sonja Wilson
Sun Apr 23 19:23:31 2000

Sonja Wilson
Sun Apr 23 19:23:33 2000

natasha patterson-elementary ed major

Sun Apr 23 20:40:17 2000

Karen Wille
What is a simple definition for rational numbers? Thank you
Tue Apr 25 11:01:56 2000

Neil Duggan - National University of Ireland Galway
I'm Sorry I didn't find this site sooner
Thu Apr 27 12:45:44 2000

Jennifer at Manhattan School for Children

Thu Apr 27 18:33:29 2000

Katie Skaats sudent at Dixie Heights HS
I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thu Apr 27 19:57:05 2000

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Thu Apr 27 20:16:23 2000

Raymond Dundee
Great site for new teachers.
Fri Apr 28 16:38:03 2000

Pauline Palmer math teacher jhs/dhs (

Fri Apr 28 19:51:59 2000

meng chhay
it is a very good source of study mterial
Fri Apr 28 22:27:01 2000

Sun Apr 30 14:17:04 2000

Sun Apr 30 14:17:10 2000

Riah Rode Student at Cal. State Univ. D. H.
I really enjoyed your web site. I am working on an interdisciplanary math lesson. I was hoping to get some ideas from your web site. In particular I was looking to get persentages and averages for the Lakers basketball playoffs to use for my lesson. Something simillat to your "Let's play ball". Please reply if you can help or you have any suggestions. Thanks. my email address is:
Mon May 1 23:54:43 2000

Richard Oakley---Beck Middle school Cherry Hill NJ

Tue May 2 08:46:59 2000

Beth Hyde
awesome site - really useful
Tue May 2 18:29:45 2000

Ulker Donmezler - Science teacher at Tarsus SEV Primary School in TURKEY

Wed May 3 05:55:46 2000

Linda S. Marton, University of Chicago
I am currently a research scientist at the University of Chicago. I just completed my student teaching and all the requirements for certification in middle and secondary school biology and chemistry. I plan to change careers and hope to find a teaching position for the coming year. I stubbled onto this site while doing investigative work for my job search. I will definitely be coming back for lesson ideas. Having been a scientist for over 20 years, I want to find the best methods to teach the excitement and philosophy of science to my students. If you're aware of any positions that are open, drop me a line. Linda S. Marton, Ph.D.
Wed May 3 09:41:32 2000

this is a good webpage
Wed May 3 20:02:11 2000

clovice student

Thu May 4 03:03:18 2000

dave smith thorone grammar school uk

Fri May 5 15:30:57 2000

Kelly Lane - 8th grade Science - Douglas Middle School EAFB, SD 57706

Sun May 7 06:00:28 2000

Kimberly James Ogeechee Technical Institute student

Sun May 7 21:15:41 2000


Mon May 8 08:11:11 2000

Paul Dashner Parent-student helper-retired
Thankyou for use of site. am looking for info on (artemia salina) brine shrimp. I will be a class study for my 13yr old son. Thankyou Paul A Dashne
Mon May 8 08:15:57 2000

Jaco Ookken V
none at the moment. Later after offline reading
Mon May 8 10:48:32 2000

Paul Dashner Parent-student helper-retired
Thanks for the great site!
Tue May 9 10:44:40 2000

Jennifer Lovett - Preschool Teacher
Me and my six year old son used this website to answer questions about plants and found it very informative. Thanks for all the useful information!
Tue May 9 18:53:10 2000

Mrs. Sharon Eichinger MSc
What a great site. I am currently studying at Monash University to be a high school teacher. My two methods are maths and chemistry The emphasis from our methods lecturers is on finding ways to make science fun!
Thu May 11 19:18:08 2000

Ian Griffith, Science teacher at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, Llanrwst, North Wales, United Kingdom.
After the initial visit, it looks pretty good with lots of useful and exciting ideas. Many more visits are anticipated.
Fri May 12 05:52:45 2000

Joel Ramones Maltu

Fri May 12 21:43:06 2000

Sandy Todd

Fri May 12 22:57:01 2000


Sat May 13 15:43:50 2000

Sandra Curtis - Physics teacher - Atlantic High School
Mon May 15 12:38:09 2000

Angela Bellante-Wilkinsburg School District Wilkinsburgh, PA 15221
This is a great resource! Thank you!
Tue May 16 17:25:25 2000

Robert B. Jensen, Student, Trident Technical College, Charleston SC

Tue May 16 22:37:48 2000

Rhonda Johnston Kitty Hawk Jr. High - 6th Math teacher

Fri May 19 18:54:54 2000

dave schackmann
I found your site while trying to find an explaination to my 6 yr old son's question..."why do rubber balls bounce?"
Sat May 20 10:08:40 2000

Jodi Sinclair
I was interested in why chameleons changed colors. You gave a great experiment. Thanks! *S*
Tue May 23 15:03:37 2000

It would be nice if you separated your information by grade levels.
Sun May 28 13:09:06 2000

Brenda Brown
I am the proud mom of 2 handsome boys. My boys are little scholars,and I to keep them that way. We are already out of school for the summer and I am interested in keeping their minds sharp on education for the upcoming school year. My oldest son will be in the 6th grade, I want to design some practice mathematical problems that will be beneficial for him in the upcoming grade. Please help.
Mon May 29 17:33:19 2000

Paula Robinson, no affiliation
Thanks for making these great ideas available.
Tue May 30 14:20:53 2000

sarah caruana

Wed May 31 19:19:54 2000

Sofie Reynoso California Elementary Teacher
Wed May 31 21:29:24 2000

Sofie Reynoso California Elementary Teacher
Wed May 31 21:32:44 2000

Alexandre França Tetto
Congratulations. It's important to learn and teach better. Alexandre (Brazil) e-mail:
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Hello my name is Christina. I don't know what affilation means sorry.
Hello my suggestion is that I think that in your web site you should have a search thing so you can type in what you are looking for and it will find it for you. Instead of looking through big long lists of words. Thank you P.S please read my E mail christina
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Chuck Fessenden , Northern Valley High School

Thu Jun 8 11:48:02 2000

thank you
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Fri Jun 9 16:10:22 2000

Thomas Weeks, Third Grade Teacher, TX

Sat Jun 10 10:13:44 2000

Darlene Starr, North Central ESD, Condon, Oregon
Wonderful material! I am the health service instructor with a mobile classroom and I was in the process of getting the curriculum together. Lovely information!
Mon Jun 12 11:38:18 2000

Bian Bolls Fiel Jr. High

Wed Jun 14 04:08:27 2000

amy lee
quite ok but not enough interesting . maybe can add more animation .
Wed Jun 14 08:01:14 2000

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Larry L. Brandon -- Retired ! :-)

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