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OBJECTIVE: To see the relationship between circumference and diameter and how that relationship, called pi, is used in the formula for the area of a circle. MATERIALS: A.Round container lids with varying circumferences B.Metric tape measures C.One graph for wall (label horizontal axis as DIAMETER and vertical axis as CIRCUMFERENCE) D.One chart with four columns for wall (label CIRCUMFERENCE, DIAMETER, C/D, and Lid #) E.Graphics 1.Small square inscribed in a circle inscribed in a larger square 2.Small hexagon inscribed in a circle inscribed in a larger hexagon 3.Circle cut into 16 equal pie-shaped pieces and arranged to form a parallelogram STRATEGIES: A.Assign group activities 1.Make a chart, on paper, similar to the wall chart. 2.Measure C and D to nearest mm. 3.Calculate C/D and record information on group chart. 4.Plot points on large wall graph. 5.Record information on large wall chart. 6.Calculate group average for C/D. B.Discuss results on graph. Points appear to lie on a straight line. C.Establish C/D = pi and C = pi(D) D.Review other area formulas: 1.Area of square = s**2 2.Area of rectangle = bh 3.Area of parallelogram = bh 4.Area of triangle = 1/2 (bh) E.Compare apparent area of small square inscribed in a circle with apparent area of larger square circumscribed about circle with apparent area of circle: Area of sm. sq. (2*r**2) < Area of circle < Area of lge. sq. (4*r**2) F.Compare areas of small and large hexagons, one inscribed in the circle, the other circumscribed about the circle. Relate to apparent area of circle. Discuss how an increase in the number of sides of the inscribed and circumscribed figures approaches the shape and area of the circle. G.Show how the area of the parallelogram, made from 16 pieces of the circle is equal to pi(r**2): A = bh = 1/2 (C) (r) = 1/2 (pi*2r) (r) = pi (r) (r) = pi (r**2) H.Discuss values on wall chart. Calculate average. Compare average with actual value of pi. I.Calculate area of circle using pi formula. Relate to figures in graphics.
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