Equivalent Fractions

Williams, Flora O. A. Thorp

Objective: Students will be able to recognize fractions of equal value and that name the same amount (number). Materials: Paper strips, circles, scissors, paper Recommended Strategy Have students fold strips to show halves, fourths, and eighths. Next have students cut circles to show thirds, sixths, and ninths. Students will then tell fractions that name the same amount by taking the fraction strips and measuring. Teacher will ask questions like, "How many of the parts on a fourths strip are the same or equal to one half"? Have students work in small groups to find equivalent fractions given by the teacher. Students will take circles, cut sections and match equivalent fractions. Give students worksheets with strips and let students shade areas to show equivalent fractions. To reinforce fractions, let students play Fraction Bingo. Fraction Bingo is played by giving each student a game card. A game card has ten squares and each square has a fraction. A student may cover a square when the fraction in that square is called or an equivalent fraction is called. The regular rules of bingo apply thereafter. Another game that can be used is Fraction Rummy. Teacher will prepare 40 cards (index cards are very useful) by writing either a fraction or an equivalent fraction picture on each card. Each of two to four players is given seven cards; the rest are placed in a stack faced down. Turn one card face up. A player may take the card that is face up or a card from the stack. Every time a card is matched, a player may lay the pair down. The object is for one player to play all of his or her cards.
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