Make-and-Take: Staff Development

Pintozzi, Joan Curie Metro. H.S.

Objectives: 1. Demonstrate some materials which can be used to provide a phenomenological approach to math 2. Show how to construct the materials Apparatus Needed: 1. Manila file folders or paper 2. Acetate sheets for overhead projector 3. Sewing snaps 4. Paper circle 5. Handout on curves of constant width 6. Wooden model of wagon with Rouleaux triangles for wheels 7. Plastic cube 8. Colored rubber bands Recommended Strategy: 1. Demonstrate Materials: suggest uses 2. Explain how to make demonstration models for the overhead using manila folders, acetate sheets and sewing snaps. 3. Use wooden wagon model and clear container of liquid to show that the strange looking wheels work very well 4. Fold the paper circle to create many different polygons and solid figures and to study their properties
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