Austin, Sarah Mary Bethun

Objectives 1) Students will learn that each part will be equal to its counterpart or parts. 2) Students will learn that all combined parts will equal one whole. 3) Students will learn that any shape can equally be divided into parts. 4) Students will learn to draw shapes and separate them into equal parts and write them in fractional form. Equipment and Materials Overhead Projector Plastic Overlays and Transparencies Pies, Knives, Apples, Cubes, Paper shapes shaded in 1/2's, 1/3's, and 1/4's Plastic shapes Recommended Strategy 1) Show the students models of shapes. 2) Have students name the shapes. 3) Have students cut the shapes into parts. 4) Have students switch around the parts. 5) Show the student that each part must be the same size, or equal to each other. 6) Use phrases like: is equal to, or the same as. Evaluation Have the student cut a pie in equal parts, and name the part they receive to eat.
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