Turner, Emily Joplin Elementary School

Objectives The student will: 1) Understand the concept of probability and the basic probability formula. 2) Will be able to predict the possible outcomes of an event. Materials Six golf balls: Paper plates 3 yellow Plastic lids 2 white Paper fasteners 1 orange Colored marker Recommended Strategies Review the definition of probability. Use golf balls to demonstrate the basic probability formula, which is, the probability of an event is the fraction of the total number of outcomes that cause that event to occur. For example, if there are 3 yellow golf balls, 2 white, and 1 orange, what is the total possible outcome or set of choices that can be selected? (6) What is the probability of selecting a yellow ball? (3/6) A white ball? (2/6) An orange one? (1/6) The number wheel, which is made by using a paper plate, a piece of plastic for the pointer, and a paper fastener, can be used to demonstrate the probability of a particular outcome after a number of trials. It can also be used to show the probability ratio, the number of outcomes, the ratio of outcomes to trials, and the percent of outcomes to trials for each number on the wheel. To further enhance the learning of the above objectives, the student can complete an experiment at home which involves tossing a coin fifty times. The same information that was found using the number wheel can be found in the coin experiment.
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