Wilburn, Delores B. Shakespeare School

Objectives 1. Motivate students to understand classification. 2. Decision-making and how certain objects relate to the number system. 3. Learn the meanings of words used to express mathematical ideas. Materials Bag of groceries Recommended Strategies 1. Teach counting ideas or skill to be applied in activities. 2. The number system is a method of arranging units into groups so that quantities may be comprehended easily, and then used in computation with accuracy. 3. Teach and build meaning for abstract mathematical ideas that are concrete and representative activities. 4. Teach basic facts. a. order b. sequencing c. arrangement d. rearrangement e. sorting. This activity enhances decision making and classification the student will have to think where does cucumbers belong? How about cereal? How about mayonnaise? What about tuna fish? By answering these questions, your students will be forming foods- that-belong-in-certain place group. Some foods are similar, like orange juice and grapefruit. Some are different like hamburger and ice cream. But they have something in common when it comes to classifying groceries. As each food group is put away you can ask how many items were put in the refrigerator? Cabinet? Closet? This is how counting began.
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