Mixture Problems

Alphonso Kennedy Lindblom Tech. H. S.
6130 S Wolcott Ave.
Chicago, Ill. 60636


Ninth grade students will be able to write the equation and solve mixture

Equipment and Materials:

1. Overhead Projector
2. 100 red and 100 yellow beads for each group of 4 students
3. 1 container for each group
4. 1 calculator for each group
5. 5 small cups for each group

Recommended Strategies:

1. Students will count out 4 cups of beads that are 40% red (a cup contains 15
beads) and place the beads in a container.
2. Students will count out 2 cups of beads that are 80% red and add this
mixture to the container until the beads in the container are 50% red.
3. Students will complete the following table.

Original Mixture Add New Mixture
(Percent)(Amount) (Percent)(Amount) (percent)(Amount)
________________ _______________ = _______________

4. Students will solve the next two problems by repeating the steps above.
a. Change 8 cups of beads that are 50% red to 60% red by adding 100% red
b. Change 4 cups that are 20% red to 15% red by adding yellow beads.
5. Student will solve additional problems by letting x = amount added.

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