Effective Use of Living Space

William L. Brown Parkside Community Academy
6938 South East End
Chgo., Il. 60649
(312)-535-0940 or 0941


Students will be able to measure the area of a room.
Students will be able to measure various objects in this room.
Students will be able to place scale model furniture in a room and
determine the area occupied.
Students will be able to calculate the percentage of space used.

Materials needed:

Students will need a yardstick, scissors, glue, scrap paper, quad paper and


Students will use the yardstick and measure the length and width of the room,
table, teacher's desk and cabinets.

Instructor will pass out sheets of paper containing shapes resembling living
room furniture that has been drawn to scale. The students will place certain
pieces on the quad paper and measure the area occupied by the furniture.

Students will determine the amount of the space used and compare it to the total
amount of space available and calculate percentage.


Students will find that they are able to place furniture in a room with the use
of scale model drawings.

Students' understanding of length, width and area will be reinforced.

Students will find that the actual amount of space they can effectively use will
be less than fifty per cent.
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