Chess Math

Louis C. Jackson Lincoln Elementary School
141st. Honore
Dixmoor, Il 60426
708 596-4160


Students will be able to reinforce their knowledge of angles by becoming chess
pieces on a floor chess board.

Materials needed:

Chess game, masking tape, twine string, rulers or yard stick, poster board or
tag board, scissors, black markers and a hole puncher.


Prior to the class session, the teacher should mark off a large chess board on
the floor of the classroom with masking tape (A chess board has 64 equal squares
with half black and half white).

Each chess piece should be cut from the poster board and marked to identify two
kings, two queens, four bishops, four knights, four rooks and sixteen pawns.
One king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks and eight pawns will be
designated as black and the other half will be designated as white pieces.

Holes should be punched in the sides of each piece near the top to put the
string through, so that the pieces can be placed around the neck of each person
involved in the game of Chessmath.

The legal moves that each piece is allowed to execute must also be printed on
the pieces of poster boards.

The game begins with designated players stationed on proper squares. The queen
must be on her color. The moves will be called by the teacher. After each move
the player must call out the angle that was made and the degree of that angle.
The player will look on the piece around his neck and try to move accordingly.
Points will be given to players according to the degrees they make.


This lesson has reinforced the knowledge of angles and their values via

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