Finding Area and Perimeter in a Miniature House Using Standardized Units 

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Finding area and perimeter in a miniature house using standardized units of
Students are able to conserve and understand that the length of an object
remains the same regardless of the changes that occur in its position.
Students experience hands on measurement in finding perimeters, width and

Materials needed:

Glue Masking tape
Staple gun Medium heavy white tag board for tile
Corrugated small size furniture One television for each house
One box for each house Cotton for stuffing felt pillows
One chair for each house Index cards
Thread Pencils
Utility knife for teacher only Scissors
Measuring tape Rulers
Felt for covering furniture Stars
Sample carpet pieces


Children are separated into groups of four students. Each group is given a
medium size box. Two students are to measure the walls and two are to measure
the floor area. These measurements are double checked by other team members for
accuracy. The measurements are given to the "General Merchant" storekeeper.

If these measurements don't agree with the storekeeper's measurements, then the
students need to rethink the formula for finding area and perimeter. No goods
such as carpet, wallcovering, glue, brushes or masking tape will be exchanged
for incorrect measurements. Students who measure accurately the first time
receive a star on the far end of an index card or next to their measurements.
(Please allow a small margin for error.)

As an added bonus, students will receive free furnishings.

Furnishings: Corrugated television sets, couches, felt pillows, chairs, tables
and felt area rugs.


This activity is a cooperative effort as well as cooperative learning. Students
will marvel at the successful outcomes of finding area and perimeters upon
completion of their miniature house. We can also assume that students will
internalize the formula of width times length for area and addition for
perimeter by doing this hands on activity.
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