Logic and Reasoning

Pearline Scott Greeley School
832 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, Il 60613


The student will use logic and reasoning strategies to classify blocks by their

The student will be able to recognize one, two and three attribute differences.

The student will use Venn diagrams to form sets and show their intersection.

The student will use the attribute blocks to form ratios.

Materials needed:

Attribute blocks: The blocks used in this lesson may be commercial
or teacher made, with these attributes:
Color-red, yellow and blue
Shape-square, circle, hexagon, rectangle and triangle
Size-small and large
Thickness- thick and thin
loops, color chalk and worksheets


1. The students will work in cooperative groups. First let the students examine
the blocks, freely playing with them. Direct the students to classify blocks by
their attributes: color, shape, size and thickness.

2. Ask the group to place one block on the center of the table and find all
blocks that differ by one, two and three attributes.

3. Use the loops to form sets in a Venn diagram. Example: in one loop place a
set of triangles and in another loop place a set of blue blocks. Students will
notice that these sets must overlap, forming the intersecting set of blue

4. Write ratios to show the comparison of two sets of attribute blocks.
Example: write the number of red circles to the total number of circles, thus
forming a ratio.


The students will use logic and reasoning strategies to process information and
solve problems.
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