Working with Cuisenaire Rods In Mathematics

Willis Grace O. A. Thorp Academy
6024 W. Warwick Ave.
Chicago IL 60634


Fourth Grade students will learn the numerical value of each underlined letter
of the standard Rod Code and develop systematic usage for building new units.

Materials Needed:

A set of Cuisenaire Rods for each student or groups of two
Construction Paper
Overhead Projector


In order to effectively develop good skills for working with common
denominators, students must first strengthen and reinforce their basic skills.
These basic skills encompass such concepts as addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division of whole numbers which form a foundation for
fractions. The materials used reinforce concepts further by providing students
with concrete examples of the skills that they practice.

Performance Assessment:

a. Given Cuisenaire Rods, introduced to strategies, and ample
performance time, students will utilize the activity card, "Finding

b. The students will answer 5 out of 7 questions correctly while
playing "Finding One."

c. The students will demonstrate whole fractions (reduced) using
Cuisenaire Rods.

d. The students will demonstrate equivalent fractions using Cuisenaire

e. The students will discuss length, color, and shape of Cuisenaire Rods.

Multicultural Aspects:

Cuisenaire Rods were discovered in Thuin, Belgium over forty years ago by
George Cuisenaire and are now recognized as a basic learning tool all over the
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