The Generation Of Fractions

June Muhammad Park Manor School
7037 S. Rhodes
Chicago IL 60637


To use a unique multiplication grid to help students realize that simple
fractions (reduced fractions) may have many appearances, but have the same
To help students learn how to factor each denominator completely.

Materials needed:

Group of four students Four 5 x 8 1/2 white tag boards
Ruler Red construction paper for apples
Glue Green construction paper for trees
Masking tape Brown construction paper for tree trunks
Black marker Make grids for multiplication tables


Students will select fractions written on cut out apples from a bag.
To begin use only even number fractions.
Example: The fraction 12/24 is selected by the students. Students look
at the multiples of two column, and then count down to 12 grids in the
multiples of two. The students stop on the sixth grid. Ask students to
record where have counted. The students' final fraction should be 1/2.
Remind the students that they must change multiples when the selected
fractions can be further reduced.
The fraction 3/6 requires that they leave the multiples of two.
Students can visualize reduced terms and the final simple term. When odd
fractions are selected students can compare how each fraction is divided by
one and itself.

Performance Assessment:

Students write five higher term fractions for one simplified fraction.
Teacher observes and records results.
All higher terms and reduced fractions are hung on the tree.
Odd fractions are hung on a crab apple tree.

Multicultural Aspect:

Fractions were invented by the Ancient Egyptians.


This activity may be used for small or large groups of students.
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