Telling Time in Different Time Zone

Borita Khim Stockton Elementary School
4420 N. Beacon
Chicago IL 60640
(312) 534-2450

Objective: To have the 4th grade students learn to tell time in different time zones. Materials: Paper plates, fasteners, crayons, scissors, pencils, pens, markers, 2 different colors of construction paper, digital and standard face clocks, transparency of time zone map and time zone maps for class, funtac, envelopes and card boards. Strategy: 1. Discuss with the students the importance of knowing the time in different places so that people can communicate with each other without having time conflict. 2. Show students a standard clock 3. Have students make their own clocks out of the paper plates. 4. Show students the map of the U.S.A. that shows the various time zones. Show time zone map transparency which explains time zone divisions. Read the time on the map with students and discuss the time in different parts of the U.S.A. Give students the map of the U.S.A. that shows the various time zones. 5. Have students turn their clocks to the current time and ask students if the current time in California is the same as the time in Chicago. Wait for students to respond. Ask questions about various time zones. 6. Group students into six groups. Each group represents a different time zone (Hawaii, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern). 7. Instruct groups to turn their clocks to a specific time in any time zone and have all groups adjust the time to their particular time zones. Then ask them if their time is behind or ahead of the specific time given. Ask questions on various time zones and have groups change zones. 8. Give each group an envelope that contains four state labels. Have the group find the states and the time zones. One of the group members places the labels on the map of the states and tells the time zone and the difference from the time in the Central time zone. 9. Give each group a card board that has two clocks on the top, one indicates the Chicago time and the other one is blank with the word Hawaii on the top. Below the clocks there are questions which ask students to look at the Chicago time and find the Hawaii time and describe what boys and girls would be doing in both states at that time.
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