Integer: Tic-Tac-Toe Four In A Row!

Conchita A. Little Terrell School
5410 South State Street
Chicago IL 60609
(312) 535-1490

Objective: To use a phenomenological approach to the introduction of integers using a coordinate plane and ordered pairs. Materials needed: Chalkboard, color chalk, coordinate grid (drawn on the chalkboard), numberline, and a large visual thermometer. Maps are optional. Strategy: Discuss integers as a subset of the real numbers, including zero (0), positive (+) and negative (-) whole numbers. Ask students to tell other real world uses for integers besides the thermometer. Introduce a numberline; allow students to count in a positive, then in a negative direction starting at the origin zero (0). Discuss with students the meaning of integers. Locate a few integers on the numberline. Emphasize positive and negative numbers. Place a coordinate grid on the chalkboard. Explain the coordinate plane, using the numberline as a basis. Locate points on the coordinate plane first moving horizontally, then moving vertically. Tell students the points found on the coordinates are called ordered pairs. Use the game of tic-tac-toe four in a row to give students practice in locating coordinates using integers. Conclusion: Teams were chosen to play tic-tac-toe four in a row on the coordinate plane. Each team used a strategy to get four coordinates in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Team members located the ordered pairs successfully to win the game. The use of quadrants II, III and IV was encouraged. References: Heimer, Ralph T., Trueblood, Cecil R. Strategies for Teaching Children Mathematics. Addison Wesley Publishing Co., Reading, MA., 1977, pages
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