Forming, Measuring and Labeling Angles

Essie Lee May May Community Academy
512 N. LaVergne
Chicago IL 60644
(312) 535-4325

Objective: Students will be able to form angles, measure angles and label angles. Materials Needed: 1. protractor 2. angle patterns 3. apparatus for forming angles Strategy: Forming Angles 1. Provide each student with items needed (see materials needed) 2. Explain the vocabulary words: point, ray, line segment, vertex, and angles 3. Demonstrate how to form angles 4. Observeration by students Measuring Angles 1. Explain the purpose of a protractor 2. Demonstrate how to place the protractor on the angle on the student's paper 3. Explain how to read the number scale on the protractor 4. Explain that angles are measured in degrees Labeling Angles

1. Explain that angles are commonly labeled by using letters but they can also
be labeled by using numbers
2. Explain that an angle is labeled with three letters, but it can also be
labeled with one letter only or with one number only
3. Show the symbol for an angle
4. Explain which of the three letters or which of the three numbers should be
placed on the vertex
5. Demonstrate how to label the angle
6. The students will practice measuring, forming and labeling angles

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