What's My Area?

Karen L. Mickel William Carter Elementary School
5740 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago IL 60637
(312) 535-0860

Objectives: To cover an area with uniform tiles and count the number of tiles needed. To recognize rectangles, triangles and squares. To review basic colors. Materials needed: One inch multi-color square tiles Rectangular tiles Triangular tiles Worksheet with different-sized shapes Strategy: Each student will be given some square tiles. The students will find a space on the floor to play with their tiles. After the children have played with the tiles, tell them it is time to learn about area. Distribute papers with different-sized shapes. Tell children to cover the shapes completely with their tiles. After the shapes are covered, ask how many tiles did it take to cover the shapes. Repeat the procedure with rectangular and triangular tiles. After the first concept has been taught you may introduce a new way of finding area. You may give the students different square patterns. Some patterns may require the students to use rectangular and triangular shapes. As a follow-up activity, the students can make up their own worksheet with different-sized shapes. They would trade worksheets with one of their group members. The group member would use square tile, rectangular tiles and triangular tiles to cover the shapes on the worksheet. Repeat this lesson until concept is mastered.
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