To Classify Beans And Peas

Gwendolyn Williams Adam Clayton Powell
7530 South Shore Drive
Chicago IL 60649
(312) 535-6651

Objectives: The students will be able to record information on their bar graph and interpret the information given. To identify five different kinds of beans and three different kinds of peas. Materials needed: ruler bag of mixed beans and peas data sheet pre-labeled bar graph sheet paper plate box of crayons or markers Strategy: Divide the children in groups of four. Ask the children to sort the beans by size or shape to get a feel for grouping. Hand out graph sheets and have each group record their results. Make a bar graph with the whole class and put the beans or peas on it according to type. Use the following questions in a class group discussion: 1. What does it mean to observe something? 2. What does grouping mean? 3. What does it mean to record something? 4. How many different kinds of beans or peas were in your bag? 5. Which bean or pea did you have more of? 6. Which bean or pea did you have the least of? 7. How many beans and peas did you have in all? 8. What are the differences between beans and peas? 9. Which two beans or peas did you have equal amounts of? 10. What is the difference between the largest amount of beans or peas and the least amount of beans or peas? Conclusions: The students will realize that the skills they have acquired will be useful in many areas besides mathematics. Other disciplines that utilize graphs are science, geography, economics, and computers.
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