Money Sense

Marie Bijou Wong Joseph Warren Elementary School
9239 South Jeffery Boulevard
Chicago IL 60617
(312) 535-6625

Objectives: 1. To identify and know the value of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. 2. To use a variety of coins to show the value of a dollar. 3. To count the exact amount of purchase. Materials: ziplock bags, paper, pencils, paper coins, plastic coins, plastic store fronts, doll clothing, markers, books, folders, clay, cars, crayons, kites, coloring and activity books, glue, paint, puzzles, cars, candy, cookies, canned goods, cereal, scissors, sidewalk chalk, posterboard, store signs, and any items of interest to your class Strategy: 1. Identify penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. 2. Give value of each coin. 3. Count to a dollar using: a. nickels; b. dimes; c. quarters; d. various combinations of denominations 4. Instruct students to come to the front of the room to observe the items which are for sale. They are to choose as many items as they can for the amount of money they have on the shopping spree work sheet without going over the amount. 5. Have a student from each money group ($ .49, $ .60, $ .75, $ .83, and $1.00) come to the chalkboard to list the items they chose and discuss the reasons for their choices. 6. Tell students to come to the class store to purchase one item and take the item back to their desk. They must be able to count the exact amount of the item. Conclusion: Use of these activities should familiarize students with counting various combinations of denominations of coins to a dollar. Evaluation: Give quiz consisting of ten problems which will demonstrate the student's ability to count various amounts of money less than or equal to a dollar.
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