Mean, Median, Mode, etc.

Charlotte Goldwater Kenwood Academy
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The main objective of this mini-teach is to have students in grades four to
twelve generate their own data and then analyze their information.
Some of the ideas that could be taught are:
mean, mode, and median
bar graph
circle graph

Materials Needed:

A piece of ribbon or rope that is at least 20 inches long
A package of post-its or a bunch of little squares of paper about 1.5"x1.5"
or 2" x 2"
A roll of masking tape
A classroom set of M&M candy bags
A wall or blackboard
A calculator


Hold up a piece of rope or string. Have the students write down the length
of this rope or ribbon on their piece of paper. Then have a number line on the
board. Have the students come up to the board and place their estimates on the
board with their post-its on the number line.
Depending on the level of the students, you could teach or introduce an
appropriate lesson on analyzing the data from a simple bar graph, quartiles, box
and whiskers, outliers, to standard deviation.
This demonstration could also be done by guessing the number of M&M's in a
cup. The results would be similar.
Lower grade students could do circle graphs of the contents of individual

Performance Assessment:

I can tell how much students have mastered these concepts through a
discussion or a written evaluation.

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